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Quest For Pizza

We posted a photo on Face Book and got so many responses we have to share.
the caption read: The show went great but we must admit it's a little lonely on the road.
Here's the shot:

Here are a few of the responses:

Poor guys

Nice !!!

looks like you're miserable 

You're both under arrest!

I hope you enjoyed the french fries!

Judging by the photo.... I should be so lonely!

i can imagine,NICE-a! save them both for me too. I didn't know you were fond of chips.
Er ps do you wanty me to send the pic to Camila&Suzenne? Who r those beautiful young girls?

That should be me over there at your shows!   Miss you. nice plane

You shouldn't be lonely with those little girls to babysit :-)

You bastards, it is my new harvest ha ha  

"Man I would love to be this lonely...."

I saw the shot of you and bobby with the two blonds...Could you find out if one of them would
like to move to the states,

"the guys are good lookin but who are the beautiful ladies???"

"you both still look the same---"

Yeah I can see how lonely you are! Schtup one for me. LOL 

"you guys are still the best looking guys in the biz...."

"i those cheekbones came from you,, mama mia"

You don't look too lonely in this picture! Who are the girls?? 

Now i'm jealous! (-; I will start a course speaking Russiona now! Great stage and was the
"Friet" nice? And ehh...   Next time I   will cancel my concert and come along!

(-; "boy, it really sucks being you two, doesn't it!".

Lonely at he top!!  

Hey that excitement
and thrill you give people should warm your soul. We would love to be there. Music is absolutely
everything, your feeding the world with love!!

Yeah ,,,, I should be so lonely ! Glad you had a good show, knew you would.

You call that lonely?

Keith wishes he was that lonely too!!

And the winner is!

If that's lonely, sign me up!
Fred Appel

Check out the Fly On The Wall video from our show at the Boulton Center.
Fred Appel's photo gallery of the Boulton '09 show



We are very happy to announce that we have new management along with our new label,
Home Of Jazz
Adrie and Angelique have really made us feel we're in good hands and look forward to this
exciting new adventure.
We're still good friends with Louie van Der Stuyft and he's doing all he can to help this new release
in September a success.

A blast from the past, this is a review of our first album on A&M records from Crawdaddy Mag.

We had an amazing trip to Holland for the taping of our first ever "Live Concert Alessi DVD"
We have so many wonderful talented people behind us that this will no doubt be a milestome in our careers.
There was also a camera man following us, documenting the rehearsals, DVD shoot and even our down time.
It will be included as an extra feature on the DVD called "The Making Of The Alessi Live DVD"
Of course we brought our video camera and soon we put together our own:
"The Making Of The Making Of The Alessi Live DVD" in our own Fly On The Wall tradition.

Stay tuned for lots of photos and video from this fantastic adventure.
Here's a FOTW audio clip from rehearsal, check out Joel Scannell, our sax player.
Click To Play Big Deal Audio Clip
-Poster for live DVD shoot-
We have a new fan site in Holland, check it out.

New Release from France!

We're proud to be part of this great compilation, California Groove, released by Warner France.

The benefit "Rockin For Autism" at Mulcahy's was a great success, check out the
Photos & Video

(English translated web page)

Here a link to a nice interview that just came out in Glory Daze Music

Over the years Billy and I have heard about another pair of Alessi brothers,
Mike & Jeff, who are both very talented and well known in the Motocross world. If
you search for "Alessi brothers" on the internet they come up right along side us. We were
contacted by writer, Bryan Stealey, of "Racer Illustrated" who did a nice article on us in the December issue.

click on article to read.


Thanks to Georges and everyone at RTL, radio France for having us on the show.
It was very exciting to be in Times Square on such a historic night. We look forward to
seeing how the future unfolds, for us and for our country.

We were honored with a music award by the Long Island Music Hall Of Fame. Check out the
Fly On THe Wall Video and photos plus a video of our opening, "Do You Feel It (Live)"

The other night Billy performed "Little One" at our friend's daughter's wedding with backing vocals by
the fabulous ElkTones (Bobby's Doo Wop group) here's a Fly On The Wall Video.

We've gotten quite a few emails about a concert of ours at the Bottom Line in NYC on Feb. 25, 1978.
The show was recorded by WNEW's King Biscuit Flower Hour. The entire show can be heard on
WoulfGang's Vault


Click here to check out the video sampler of the new Barnaby Bye album, "Thrice Upon A Time"

Click here to check out the audio sampler of the new Barnaby Bye album, "Thrice Upon A Time"

Dec. 12,'07
Our website can now be viewed in 5 languages, click your choice on top of the news page.
Nosso Web site pode agora ser visto em 5 línguas, estala sua escolha no alto da página da notícia.
Notre site Web peut maintenant être visualisé dans 5 langages, cliquent votre choix sur la page de nouvelles.
Unsere Web site kann in 5 Sprachen jetzt angesehen werden, klicken Ihre Wahl auf die Nachrichten Seite.

(This is from Louie, our Euroanager, who just got back from Paris.)
The Gino Vanelli show was introduced by the RTL dj George Lang and he also mentioned great shows before this one with Michael Mcdonald and the
Alessi Brothers the highlights.
He also told the audience that your album is still in the RTL playlist .

We'd like to also thank California-101, The West Coast Radio in France for their support!

This just in: The latest issue of Wired, on line and in the printed version. Thanks guys.

We just put together a new video of us performing 'Just Like That' with Barnaby Bye at the Boulton
theater, click here to check it out.

-----------Oh Lori Remix----------------------------------------Oh Lori Sofa Mix
Check out these cool dance tracks done by our friends at Soundfighter.

Sample of our CD, audio -- video clips --- video sampler of 'Just Like That'*** audio only
(click here to see what they're saying about it)
Official Barnaby Bye website!

Barnaby Bye Sampler

Oceans Tour Travel Log - Oceans Travel Log Photos
Fly On The Wall

Short video of our pad in Wageningen
Short video from our balcony in Amsterdam

We're lookin forward to the show this Sunday at the Brookhaven Ampitheater, we'll
be receiving an award honoring us for being part of the Long Island music scene.
The weather is supposed to be beautiful, lot's of great bands including our pals, Orleans!
Come on out it's gone be fun!!!

A few words from our new friend Jim Smith:

..this coming weekend for a very special occasion; the Concert & Induction Ceremony for the yet to be
built Long Island Music Hall of Fame. have a click..the list is staggering!
The Jokester is headed back to his musical roots and it should be memorable.
The Long Island music scene has always been fertile and
more true Legends have their roots on that over-taxed parcel of land that is East of Queens. (ok, technically
Queens is part of Long Island....but there are a few notable distinctions and
you have to know the turf to appreciate them).
I'll be covering the gig in a journalistic capacity and as a friend and fan of folks onstage,
backstage, in the crowd and those who secure the crowd.
here are a few links that pay homage to some friends and inductees; simply
some of the best people you could ever hope to know!
1st up...let's get the wild man outa the way. Believe it or not, I did "suit & tie" security at this lead singer's
wedding at a LI wedding "factory" in Huntington, with the dearly departed Trobes many a moon ago.

Twisted Mothers, Twisted Brothers?

Nah...Twisted Sister!

He's a wild one, that Dee! and, as it happens, a very bright, calculating businessman. But to see
him dressed up as a "lude" to start the 3rd set on any given Thursday @ Hammerheads...that was special :)
Most of you know my affinity for twins, especially the boy twin varietal.

The original Twin Tornadoes - Billy & Bobby Alessi...
(of Barnaby Bye) and solo fame were the rage of the Long Island Club Scene
(quite a money machine) once upon a time. These days, they've written and performed more jingles for Mickey D,
Coke and a gazillion consumer brands than you can imagine (also, ironically, another well funded cottage industry).

Mike and Pepe are no slouches either; both master craftsman, originally from bands called
The Illusion (have you seen her eyes) and The Blues Magoos (We ain't got nothin yet) fame.

Beatle-esque harmonies? For my money, these are among the purest
vocalists ever to grab a microphone. Had a chance to reconvene
with the boys back in April and some of the footage follows. But, 1st...if anyone thinks "TastyCakes"
of Boondoggle Fame is the poster child for incurable cuteness....get a load of this relic....
Never been to a sound check? Scotty, house guru @ The Boulton runs thru the basics,
pre-flight. Notice Mikey doing is best Dino Danelli drum stick twirly deal....

a clip from the April 5th show at the fabulous Boulton Center for the Performing Arts,
located in re-gentrified downtown
Bayshore..this clip comes complete with typical, Long Island, goomba/fraternal love, pre song ball breaking.....

A run thru nuggets from the reunion concert @ Dave's Downtown in ya, Joycie!

and...the Jokester would be remiss not to include this last Alessi nugget. It's a way of life...

Lastly, for my Long Island Inductees to be.....comes Orleans.

Listen as Larry Hoppen (father of twin girls) and the voice of Orleans describes touring
with the aforementioned Barnaby Bye in Amsterdam and Belgium back in April.....

"Dance With Me", "Still The One", "Dancing in the Moonlight"....the boys had a string of hits way back when.....

here's an archive with original Band member John Hall (one of the early
No-Nuke co-conspirators) who now is serving time in
Congress and working his ass off to be a catalyst for positive change. All he need's is
Al Franken and about 100 other grounded folks...or so)

this is somewhat of a theme song.....

and least we forget....

that's the news; I'm outa here.

smile on; rock on



This just in:
*a show has been added for our Holland tour next month..
25th of October:Fundraising Night Sporthal "De Biezenwei" Opheusden Holland
*There will also be an Auction for the Fundraising including Alessi Brothers Collectors items*

We'll be performing on Saturday Sept. 6th at the
Brookhaven Ampitheater

The release party at Crash Mansion was so much fun, it was great seeing so many old
friends we haven't seen in a long time. Crash has a great vibe and sound thanks to
Andrew Gerardi and his excellent staff and crew. Here's a Fly On The Wall video of the show.

FOTW video clip at Erwin & Julya's house.

We're back from Europe and it was an amazing trip on so many levels.
We loved seeing our friends that came out to see us. We'd like to thank all the people that
supported us:
We'd like to thank Rob from GMS Drum Co.
who hooked us up with Willem in Holland and made sure
Mike was playing the state of the art GMS drums during this tour.
Of course none of it could happen if it weren't for our fearless leader, Louie and his right hand man
The Level is an awsome club thanks to Rogier, Bjorn & Jan-Maarten, they made us feel welcome.
Reno and Lorraine from Lore Audio
We'd like to thank: Lisa, Chantal, Percy, Osker, Jay-T, Kees, Erik, Igor, Maart
en, Aalt, Jean-Luc and Arnaud
who did a nice video intervi
ew with us.
We'd also like to thank Julya and Erwin. We performed with them at the Wakker Home Of Jazz
in Eemnes. Andrie and Angelique always make us feel at home. Victor kept our heart beat.
Also thanks to Orleans, they are a class act and true gentlemen.
We made a bunch of videos while we were there, we can't help ourselves.
Here are four of them, more to come.

Here's a Fly On The Wall video from the Save The Children Polo event.
special thanks to Terri Muran, Emily Johnson and Erica Babcock.

The ElkTones show was a blast, thanks to all of our friends who came.
For all you Doo Wop fans,
Bobby will be shoo-bi-doo-wopp-in' with the
Fabulous ElkTones
Saturday, June 28th at the Soundview Cafe in Glen Cove
this place rocks, it's always a
fun night when the ElkTones are there.

aturday, June 21st, we'll perform for Save The Children

check the Save The Children
website for more details.

We'll be doing an instore performance and meet and greet in West Babylon, NY
7:00PM Friday, June 13th, at:


We had a great time at Bodles last night, thanks to everyone who shared it with us.
check out the photos from The Boulton, Crash Mansion & Bodles

Nov. 23, '07
It's getting to that time of year again and we'd like to wish everyone a very happy holiday, here's our
video of 'Bluegrass Christmas' and the MP3 of 'Very Alessi Christmas'
A new show has been added to our tour in April on the 17th. at the
Motown Cafe in Venlo, Netherlands.

Check out the drawings done by Marco Paulo from France, nice work Marco!

We have a dart board outside our studio and our friend and cameraman Basje has a new dart invention
and it looks pretty cool. Check it out. Our friend and major fan, Carol created two websites for friends of Alessi
You can see them from our Contacts page.

Hi all! Forgive me for it's been almost a month since the last update but it's not that we weren't busy. We've
been pushing hard working on the new Barnaby Bye CD which is just about done and well worth the wait.
We are very proud of this one, it's got 12 new original songs plus two bonus tracks, 'Just Like That' and 'No Gettin
Around My Love' live.
We just set up a show at the Boulton Theater in Bay Shore, we love playing there also we'll be promoting the new
Barnaby Bye CD with a tour in Europe, we have a few dates where we will share the stage with our old friends, Orleans.

Bobby did a show with the Fabulous ElkTones at the Beautiful Nassau Country Club, it was too much fun.
The elegant ballroom had 30 foot ceilings so the Doo Whop sounded amazing. We're gonna try to get the ElkTones to do a
few songs at the Boulton show on April 5th.

Our friend and fan Carol sent me a beautifully framed vintage ad of the 1955 Thunderbird, thanks Carol, I love it.

This just in from brother Louie:
Guess who was in the TOPPOP special about songs with girl's names:
It is the most popular TV show for Popmusic in Holland for 30 years.
They also mentioned that we recently performed live.


Our good friend and percussionist has a brand new website here's the link:

The Elktones show was a blast, thanks to all our friends for supporting us.
Billy said the Reach For The Stars talent search was a great production and had some amazing talent, congratulations to the winners!

Photos from our annual week at the beach in Montauk

---The news archives containing all of our recent & past events---
---here are some of them---

Alessi Bros Tribute Gallery Thanks Carol!

Click here for all the details, reviews, fly on the wall clips, videos and photos fromthe Boulton show 5-19-07
Arno van Nieuwenhuizen photos from the Ocean's tour, check 'em out. 'Do You Feel It Live' West Coast Rendez-Vous
Jean-Luc and Arnaud video taped an interview with us in Paris the day before the last show of the Ocean's tour.
Check it out.

Great review of our show in Paris: click here for the English translation

Billy & I put together a 4 minute video to a song we wrote with Julya and Erwin,
"I'll Remember"

YouTube video by
our friends at Soundfighter,

Oceans Tour Travel Log
- Oceans Travel Log Photos
Fly On The Wall
(shot by Bobby during the performance)

Short video of our pad in Wageningen
Short video from our balcony in Amsterdam
Marie-Jose Eldering gave us these great photos Thanks Dorina!

New Alessi T-Shirt available in Limited supply

Great review we received from

Web Page featuring your photos is your Back Stage Pass

"Just Like That" till in heavy rotation on WRTL in France!
Our long time friend and fan, Carol of has set up an Alessi Bros Tribute Gallery with all of her photos she's collected.
Thanks Carol!

We came across a batch of photos taken by Kees who was the lighting designer (MeijerLight&Design) for the Oceans Tour.
We're proud to say 'Just Like That' is still on the playlist for nine weeks now in France, we look forward to going back.

Just in from our new Dutch friends, Mariette, Jelle, Steyn and Koos, thanks guys!

We had a slammin time at the Boulton Center on Saturday night, the show was sold out and it was a night we will always remember.
Click here for all the details, reviews, fly on the wall clips, videos and photos!

Our drummer and good friend Arno van Nieuwenhuizen sent us a bunch of his photos from the Ocean's tour, check 'em out.

'Just Like That' is added to a heavy rotation play list on one of France's most popular radio stations! Georges Lang, also one of the
most popular DJs in France came to our show in Paris and now he's playing our record, thanks Georges. Check it out.
We recorded most of the Ocean's tour on a nifty little Zoom H-4 feild recorder. Here's an mp3 audio file 'Do You Feel It' our show
opener recorded at Hoofddorp theater, Sunday April 8th.
'Do You Feel It Live'

Our good friends at West Coast Rendez-Vous
video taped an interview with us in Paris the day before the last show of the Ocean's tour. Thanks Jean-Luc and Arnaud.
Check it out.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
check out this great review of our show in Paris: click here for the English translation

Hope your journey to Paris went well and the band and
crew were all well rested to hit the stage in Paris.
The concert in Arnhem was great. It is amazing how two
islands can merge into one without losing ones
Oceans of music is a tribute of mutual respect and
love for music.
Simply Great, Thank you.

Much love,

Thanks Dorina...well said..Julya, Erwin, Billy & Bobby

Billy & I put together a 4 minute video to a new song we wrote with Julya and Erwin,
it's titled "I'll Remember"
We're back! It was great playing with such an amazing band for all our friends and fans. Erwin, Julya,
Arno and Sven are a great compliment to our music. There will be tons of photos, comments, videos
and all kinds of goodies from the tour just as soon as we can get it all up. Here's a link to a cool YouTube video by
our friends at Soundfighter, Nice Igor. Here's a little travel log
of the tour. We call it, the
Oceans Tour Travel Log - Oceans Travel Log Photos
Fly On The Wall
(shot by Bobby during the performance)
Check out this short video of our pad in Wageningen
Here's a short video from our balcony in Amsterdam
Marie-Jose Eldering gave us these great photos Thanks Marie-Jose
Mariette & Koos not only gave us some of their photos, they also scanned the great review we received from
Patrick van den Hanenberg of the Volkskrant newspaper. Thank guys!
Dorina Sedoeboen also took some great shots Thanks Dorina!

Brand new Alessi T-Shirt available in Limited supply
click on shirt for details

Check out the great review we received from Thanks Brian.

Feb. 12,'07 our new Web Page featuring your photos is your Back Stage Pass
Hey friends, in case you haven't noticed, we're adding a brand new page to our site. It's a great idea suggested by our friend,
Mimi from Illinois.She sent us photos of us opening for Andy Gibb on the Shadow Dancing tour back in '78. She said, "Why don't
you ask your fans to send their photos"If anyone has any photos of us, us with you would be great, or even photos of you, now or then,
we'd love to put them on this special page where we can connect a little more with the people who have supported us for so long. You are in
our hearts and now we want you on our website, if it's OK with you. Think of it as our Fans/Friends/Family photo album. So please...if you have
any old photos, new photos even drawings of us,... us and you.. or just you,... your cat,.. whatever. If it's appropriate we'll post it. We're working
on a cool token of appreciation for anyone who comes up with anything. Feel free to add a caption or comment. Thanks for your love and support
and thanks again, for keeping our music in your hearts! -b&b



Click below for a sample of our new CD, there are two links, one is just audio and the other has video clips from our March '06 trip to Holland

video sampler of 'Just Like That'***click here for audio only
(click here to see what they're saying about it)



Check out the official Barnaby Bye website!


Here's a vintage clip of Billy's Cat riding the dirt bike.

Jenifer on Bike movie

Barnaby Bye Live in '05 DVD now available! It's the first time ever we've been captured on video. If you were at the show, you know what a special night it was, if you weren't, you'll feel like you're there. It was also one of the last shows at The Downtown before they closed their doors. The Downtown will forever hold a special place in the heart of Long Island music history, I really think we captured the magic of the evening. We're sure you'll agree. Check out some of the rave reviews.

Billy will be one of the judges at the Reach For The Stars Teen Talent Search on August 11, at Eisenhower Park, which starts at 7:30 PM
Bobby was supposed to be there also but he'll be performing with The ElkTones (a Doo Wop group he sings with)

The ElkTones will be at the Soundview cafe Saturday, August 11th.

Nov. 2, '06
Billy and I had the honor of being part of the Long Island Music Hall Of Fame's inaugural induction ceremony last night and we presented an award
to Neil Sedaka. We ran into a lot of old friends, thanks Sharyn, for getting us involved.
Our good friend Harry shot some video of us.

Here's a preview of Julya with the brothers

August 14, '06

Our good friend Milton from Sao Paulo, Brazil hooked us up with some vintage videos, one we've been searching for a very long time, thanks Milton. 'Sad Songs' the video was shot with our friendsat our home before moving to LA, also there's us performing 'Oh Lori' on Top Of The Pops in the UK. The vocals are live, pretty cool, we make all the high notes!
Classic Archive Videos
"Sad Songs" Music video
"Oh Lori" Top Of The Pops



It's time for the Dutch and Belgium Alessi fans to vote on the Yearly Radio 2 Top 2000:Please go to this link and vote for
your all time favorite song "Oh Lori" which in the list, we've been in the list before and we need you to help us keep it there. (Alessi Bros. 'Oh Lori' is #85 on the voting list)
Thanks for your support!

Oct. 14, '06
We had a blast at BB Kings this past Saturday with Barnaby Bye, check out the photos and video. We're starting to prepare
for the Oceans Tour with Julya and Erwin this spring. We became good friends and they will be coming to our side of the pond
next week for some preproduction.
Louie brought this to our attention, it's a vintage video on youtube, I love the comments.
Hey Guys,
This was in the most popular Dutch music charts show TOPPOP at AVRO
Most of the artists play- backed but you played it live (like always)

July 24, '06
We hope you're all having a good summer, (unless you're in south Africa, then it's a good winter) We just finished our two shows with Barnaby Bye and
it was a blast.
Check out the photos.



August 5, '06
Hey everybody, We just got back from our annual week at the beach in beautiful Montauk, LI. We had a great time, just the place to be during a heat wave. We always run into old friends on the beach. They'll be an update and lots of photos as soon as we can get it all together. Check back soon! Thanks. Check out a recent interview we did with Bluedesert. Billy & Bobby

Oct 7, '06


Tickets are on sale!
The 7:PM Barnaby Bye show at the Bolton theater July 15th '06. is sold out, a second 9:30 PM show has been added.
All March 4th tickets will be honored.
The Boulton Theater has numbered seats although there's not a bad seat in the house.
Tickets for the July 15th 9:PM Barnaby Bye Show are available at the Boulton Center box office (631-969-1101)
and at
Berger-Bros.Camera (Brad 631-264-4160)

September 19, 2005

Greetings!      This will be 2 updates in 1, we've been up to our eyeballs this summer but now, looking back, it was a great one. We played one of the largest festivals in Holland, Nijmeegse zomerfeesten. It's a festival in Nijmegen that lasts almost a week. We played two shows for Festival promoter Ben van Vueren. He treated us real well. We performed an unplugged version of our show in a beautiful cathedral founded in 1273 called Stevenskerk with the help of Jeff Patty on percussion, he was great, also we had our old friend Harry Tumansery playing guitar and helping with background vocals, that boy not only plays his ass off he sings like a bird!   We received a standing ovation, that was cool! Later that same day we played with our Dutch band on the big stage located next to the river. We could see the barges going by during the show. There we're a few hundred thousand people in the city for the Festival so there were people every where. It was definitely one of our best trips yet. Brother Louie and 2freeangency outdid themselves yet again. We've got a bunch of new photos check them out in the photo gallery      While in Amsterdam this past July we had a meeting with Hans Kik from Kik productions in reference to a theater tour with Erwin van Ligten and Julya Lo'ko. They came by to say hello and it was obvious, we hit it off right away. After a few laughs (and a few beers) we found ourselves recording Erwin on a new song of ours "Living With A Broken Heart" he rang the bell! We asked Julya to honor us with a duet on "What A Way To Go" at the unplugged show in Cathedral Stevenskerk. She's got a lot of soul. We're looking forward to doing future projects with them.     On August 19th we played a reunion show with our first band Barnaby Bye. It was completely sold out and we would like to apologize to all the people that got turned away. We'll be back.    Berger Bros. ( camera shot the whole show, (Thanks Brad) we're putting together a DVD, which will be available soon. We would also like to thank Stephen Marcuccio and all our friends at the Downtown for helping to make it such a special evening.        We have lots of goodies coming up, you can see the photos but soon (again as soon as I figure out how to) clips from the shows we did this summer including the Barnaby Bye show. Also samples from our new CD, not yet titled. There's even rumor of a new Barnaby Bye CD! Thanks for stopping by and keep in touch.                                                                                 Peace & Love,

Billy & Bobby



August 9, 2005


07/10/2005: Here's a cool promo our friend Fred made:

Also don't forget these shows coming up real soon!

The 20th of July:         Alessi Masterconcert Stevenskerk Nijmegen
The 20th of July:         Alessi&Band 11.00 PM Waalkade Nijmegen

Billy and Bobby Alessi


07/24/2005: EMI Records/South Africa is release"Anybody" as the first single on July 25th.

06/03/2005: New show Dates including Barnaby Bye at the Downtown August 19th!
Dear friends, (or ladies and germs, as Peppy would say) We hope your summer has kicked off to a great start.

We spent Easter in Holland and had a blast playing with our Dutch band. We'd have to admit that it wasn't easy to find the Hall we were playing,(surprise) but in the end, Louie always comes through..

    We did some TV shows and that was a lot of fun, there are photos thanks to our good friend Antoinette who made the collages, you go girl! One of the shows we did was a cross between Soupy Sales and the Man Show plus all the beer you could drink. 

        We were treated to a real home cooked Moluccan dinner on Easter thanks to Louie's beautiful wife, Lisa. THAT WAS AWESOME, especially those little fat balls filled with cream. We call them cream puffs over here.

    The Alessi DVD has received some great feedback as you can see in the update of "Your Kind Words".

    We told you that we were thinking about doing a real Barnaby Bye reunion show and here it is. Barnaby Bye will be appearing Friday, August 19th. at the Downtown located in Farmingdale, NY. 

Click here for a bigger Image

    We've been getting ready for the show and having a ball playing the old songs again. (sometimes we can't believe what we said in some of the lyrics) be young and wild!! It brings back some great memories and we're looking forward to this magical journey back in time. Steve tells us that the tickets are selling like hotcakes! 

We've got some fantastic news. We have a new management affiliation with Worldwide Entertainment Network. Selwyn Miller has taken us under his wing and he's already signed us to a 3 record deal with EMI Records in South Africa. We hope to go there this fall to promote the new record. We've never been there before so it's an exciting new adventure for us. EMI feels there's a market there for our brand of music.. Yay Selwyn!!

Here are the performances we'll be doing this summer in Holland.

Confirmed Tourdates:

The 20th of July:         Alessi Masterconcert Stevenskerk Nijmegen
The 20th of July:         Alessi&Band 11.00 PM Waalkade Nijmegen
The 25th of August:    Hofplein Veenendaal Alessi Unplugged
The 26th of August:    Gigant Apeldoorn Alessi & Band&Tony Spinner
The 28th of August:    Roerpop Roermond Alessi & Band

More dates will be announced soon, thanks for checking in.

-PS: you'll be happy to know that we can now do our own news updates so you can expect much more frequent updates. Krzysztof who designed our site has been carrying the ball all by himself up till now, for that we are forever grateful.

Billy and Bobby Alessi


04/11/2005: New DVD For Sale!

   Hello everyone, we're happy to announce that our new DVD is available for sale at the Online Store.

It features live performances of All My Life and All For a Reason; new music videos for Anybody and Just Like That; archives of Oh Lori, Put Away Your Love, Jagged Edge; as well as Alessi Advertising jingles and short films.

Billy and Bobby Alessi


03/17/2005: New Show Dates!
     Hello everyone, here are a couple of show dates we have coming up! We hope to see you there!

Friday 25th of March *Alessi Brothers & Band.
"Venue Benang Radja" Leerdam doors open 21.00. After show: The
funkAlicious collective.

Saturday 26th of March *Alessi Brothers "Unplugged"
"Venue Masohi" Deventer doors open 20.00.
Support-Acts: Masohi Jams & The funkAlicious collective.

Billy and Bobby Alessi


02/19/2005: New Photos, Vidoes, Section
     Hello everyone, (pardon the pun) Well here we are, 2005 has rolled in. We've been busy promoting our latest release "Hello Everyone" The last time we were in Holland we performed at a beautiful theater that was part of a Museum called, sedjarah Maluku. This museum is dedicated to the Molukkers in Nederland. We were touched as we learned about these wonderful, warm people who originate from the Moluccan in Indonesia.
     We loved meeting them face to face and getting a chance to thank them personally for their support. On that trip we also performed live on Radio 2 in Belgium, that was a lot of fun! We also performed live in Amsterdam TROS muziekcafe Radio 2. Also lots of fun! We got to meet Sandra Vanreys and we are working on some music with her, and possibly doing some backing vocals on her new CD. Our pal Stevo came with us and we documented the trip that we call the Museum Tour. Basically it's a home movie of our trip that you can check out.
     We also performed in New York at The Downtown in Farmingdale on December 3rd 2004, and we also performed at the Cutting Room in NYC in November. We had the pleasure of having the beautiful sisters, Amy and Elaine Goff help us with the harmonies. They have sung on countless commercials and records and you might have seen them if you ever caught a Meatloaf concert. It was great seeing so many familiar faces. At The Downtown show, we were joined on stage by our former band members of Barnaby Bye, Peppy Castro and Mike Ricciardella, Peppy did an amazing job performing "Jessie Girl". Did we mention that it was a lot of fun? The show at The Downtown was video taped by StreamRing Productions, a great video production facility located on Long Island. We spent the day there with Scott and Diva where we were givin the Red Carpet treatment. Soon you'll be able to view parts of The Downtown show through their web site When we did The Downtown show, our extended family from the Nederlands came to offer their support, We'd like to thank Louie, Lisa and Chantal for being there for us. You can check out Pictures of the show thanks to Berger Bros. Camera.
     We are also planning a Barnaby Bye reunion show for this summer. That should be a blast and yes we will play "White Tornado".
Our good friend Louie is working on a bunch of shows in Europe starting around April with our Dutch band. We'll keep you posted when and where as the dates are confirmed.
     We're working on a DVD we hope to release soon which has a combination of new and old footage. Our old friend Bones Howe, (who produced our first Alessi album), sent us back our demos which enabled us to complete the long awaited "Ruffin' It" CD now available. It not only has the demos of songs like "Oh Lori", "All for a Reason", "Joanna" etc.. it also contains some never released jewels from our song writing history.
     Bobby turned out another video for our enjoyment called "Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Bob. He's having fun with his video editing program. Check it out, and while you're at it you can check out the video of the "Jessie Girl" performance at The Downtown. You can find them on our download section.
     Finally, we would like to mention that we are very grateful to all of you, who have takin the time to come and meet us or write us and let us know what our music has meant, and how it has touched your lives. We've posted some of them on a new web page: "Your Kind Words". We have noticed that everyone of you have a certain kindness in your eyes, sincerity in your words, and warmth in your hearts. This may sound a little sappy but it's true, and we thank you.

Billy and Bobby Alessi


10/29/2004: 'An Intimate Evening with the Alessi Bros'
     Hi again! We're playing a show on December 3rd at The Downtown in Farmingdale, New York. Make sure to come and check us out!

Billy and Bobby Alessi


10/09/2004: Huge Fall Update (October show information)!
     Hi all, hope you had a great summer! We sure did, very little work and lots of play. We did a bunch of appearances in Holland and Germany with our good friends Louie and Jack. We'd like to thank all of our fans who made their way to our shows from all points from England to Germany, driving through the rain and snow, (maybe not the snow). We performed with our slammin Dutch band, see photo update, we had a great time with them and we'd like to also thank Pink Records for getting behind us.
     We have the pleasure being the opening cut (Oh Lori) on a new CD released by Sony Records titled "Guilty Pleasures". It is a collection of some of our favorite artists of that era, including ELO, 10cc and Andrew Gold to name a few.
     Last summer we posted a song for download that we wrote on the beach titled "Here's a song we wrote on the beach". This year we wrote a new song (on mandolin) that expresses how much we don't want those summer vacations to end titled "It's Over". You can download the song, with or without the home movie. We hope you like it!
     We have some tentative plans to do some appearances in the UK, Belgium and Holland, we hope to see you there. Check out the new photo gallery. We'll keep you posted on any new developments and thanks for stopping by.

Here are the Alessi Unplugged show dates and information:

October 23rd Alessi Unplugged (SOLD OUT)

October 24th Alessi Unplugged
Theater Moluks Museum Utrecht
Alessi Unplugged (extra show)
15.00 hour
Ticket info

Billy and Bobby Alessi



06/27/2004: Blue Skies Tour dates!
Here is the mailer to our upcoming tour:

We hope to see you all there!

Billy and Bobby Alessi


05/26/2004: New "Best Of" Cd!
We have just put together a collection of 20 of our favorite recordings, plus a personal message on a CD titled "Alessi Brothers, Our Best of."


The track listing is as follows:
Oh Lori, Seabird, All for a Reason, Sad Songs, Driftin, London, Joanna, Don't Hold Back, Avalon, You got the Way, I was so Sure, Do you feel it, You can have it back, Forever, What a way to go, Tell Her Tonight, Words and Music, As Long As I Still Have You, Make It Last, Farewell, and Personal message.  

It is available in our online store.

Billy and Bobby Alessi


Hello Everyone,
      We had a great time on our trip to the Netherlands. Ahh Holland, Ahh Amsterdam, ahh... I'd better stop there. We made some great new friends and saw some great old friends. Louie van Der Stuyft has become a new associate and represents Alessi in Europe. He dragged us all over the Netherlands doing radio interviews along with faithful companion Jack, who always insisted on carrying our guitar and keyboard and loves our jokes. We had the opportunity to play a welcome back party promoting our new CD. The band was great! There are photos in the gallery of our trip, at radio stations and with DJs from all over the Netherlands, plus photos of everyone in the band except our Sax player Emiel, (who is a phenomenal musician). We also thank Ray (drums), Jay-Tee (bass), Lars (guitar), Linda (vocals), Erwin (vocals), and especially Jeroen (keyboards and music director).

     We'd like to mention the people from the radio stations who gave us the opportunity to promote Hello Everyone. Thanks to Ron Bulters, who we met at the party. We'd like to thank Conny Kraayeveld at RadioM, she's a doll. Also thanks to Arnoud Pleket from Omroep Gelderland. Thanks to Chantal Schouten and Hans Schiffers at Radio2. We had a great time on our interview with Hans de Vries at Radio Rijnmond, he's a very funny guy. That interview is available for download. We had a great lunch with Ewald and Erwin when we were at Omroep Brabant with Ewald van Liempd. The interview was fun too! And finally thanks to Jan van Stralen up at Rtv Noord-Gert-Jan van Stralen, we look forward to seeing them in July. All in all it was a great trip! We will be performing at the Summerjam music Festival in Nijmengen on July 3rd and 2 shows in Groningen on the 5th and 6th of July in the Jazzclub "De Spieghel" (The Mirror). Most of all we'd like to thank you for your wonderful support and hope to tour the world again, so we can see all of you. Till then, let our hearts lead the way, peace.

Billy and Bobby Alessi

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04/02/2004:Summer concerts and Fall Tour!
Hello Everyone!

      We’re happy to announce that our new CD “Hello Everyone” has just gone wood! It has been well received by Alessi fans all over the world and the reviews have all been great!

     We’re very excited about going to promote our new CD in Europe this Spring. We’ll be in Amsterdam in the end of April doing radio and press, maybe some TV appearances. WE can’t wait to see all of our friends and fans in Holland.

     2freeeurope is planning some concerts for us this Summer and a tour in October/November. We’ll post the dates as soon as they’re confirmed.

     We would like to ask for some help, since we are beginning to select the songs we will be performing in our live show, it would be great to get feedback on what songs you think people would like to hear us perform. We look forward to your response.

     We’d like to thank everyone for their love and support. We hope to see you soon.         

                                     - Billy & Bobby Alessi

P.S. We're going to be having a welcome back party at the AKHNATON in Amsterdam on the 25th of April, and we'll be performing a live set.

12/21/2003:Hello Everyone out now!
We are happy to inform you that our latest release, Hello Everyone, is available for sale at our online store. We're very excited to bring you this release for the holidays and hope you love it.

The tracklisting is:
All My Life, Hello Everyone, I Like Your Smile, A Little Sorry, Love's Insane, Loosin You, Forever Together, Standin Tall, Under Blue Skies, The Only One, Little One, Looking Thru Your Eyes, You're My World, 99 Reasons, and It's Your Birthday.

Once again, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!
                                               - Billy & Bobby

12/13/2003: Holiday Makeover!
Welcome to the new! We hope you enjoy the new layout. Big things are on the horizon and we are really excited about the upcoming content. Check back often for updated information about new features! Happy Holidays!
                                               - Billy & Bobby


1/6/2003: Website Redesign
Happy New Year everyone!

We've made some slight changes to the Alessi Brothers webpage. There are three new bars on the left menu: Old News, Ordering Info, and Audio. The Archived News page and the Ordering Info have been around for a while, but now they should be a little easier to access. The Audio section is a new page where all of the audio files we've made available through the site are grouped together for easy downloading. Right now there are four songs in that section.

Unfortunately, as a result of the expanded menu bar, if you try viewing the site in a resolution lower than 1024x768 it will look very ugly. Don't worry though, this problem shouldn't affect many people and everyone can still visit all the pages.

Thanks for the continued support and kind emails! We hope everyone has a wonderful 2003!

-Billy and Bobby

12/7/2002: Happy Holidays
Dear Friends,

We just wanted to make a quick update wishing you happy holidays! We're still hard at work trying to release the new album.

In the meantime, a new Alessi Christmas Song is available for download. We hope you enjoy it!

-Billy and Bobby


8/21/2002: Summer Update
Dear Friends,

Please forgive us; it has been quite a while since our last update. Time flies when you're having fun, and we've had lots of it this Summer!

We're back from our annual vacation to the beach in Montauk, L.I. (we're Cancerians so we love being near the water). We used our little digital multi-track recorder (Zoom PS-02) to write a Sherwin Williams commercial from our hotel room, and the clients loved it! Almost everyone in our two families plays at least one instrument so there was lots of music. We even wrote a song on the beach called "Here's A Song We Wrote On The Beach." There are also some pictures of our montauk trip.

As far as "Hello Everyone" is concerned, the attorneys are still playing phone-tag endlessly. We're afraid that our CD will become an antique before it is even released. I still don't think you'll be disappointed though; a good song never dies and there are a lot of them on it. We're probably going to bypass the record company and offer it on our site and other sites as well. I promise it will be done by November, just in time for the holidays.

Thanks for all your loving support. We love you back! Bye for now!

7/2/2002: Nostalgia plus new album info
I was cleaning my basement and came across a box filled with our songwriting pads among other nostalgic treasures. We could trace our lives with them. Reading the words immediately brought back all the feelings and emotions that inspired us to write them. I also found the original draft of "Oh Lori". It's almost embarrassing to read the lyrics that didn't make it in final version. I scanned it so you can see how lame we can be.

I have a friend, Stephen Bishop (the songriter/artist), who has a wonderful book he's compiled called "Songs in the Rough." It's got all the original drafts many of the songs we know and love, so when I found "Oh Lori," I thought it would be a good idea to share it.

Update: it looks like we may make "Hello Everyone" available through our web site since the record label and our lawyer seem to be getting nowhere. I guess you could call it a pre-release. I'd appreciate any feed back or suggestions.

Billy and I have been busy with the jingles, but did manage to squeeze in building a tree house on Billy's property. We've built them before, but nothing like this. Our first tree house was nothing more than a piece of plywood sitting on a couple of branches. It was a little scary when the wind picked up. The new tree house is 22 feet off the ground, has a rope bridge, a front porch and air conditioning. Check out the photos.

We wish you all a great summer.
Thanks for all your support.

Bobby and Billy

3/21/2002: More lyrics available
The lyrics for Alessi and Long Time Friends have been added to the discography page. Driftin' and Words and Music are also available. You can access an album's lyrics by clicking on the cover picture. We'd like to thank our friend Vincentia again for transcribing the lyrics for us. Keep checking back; more should be available soon.


1/14/02: Lyrics available on website
To view the lyrics for songs from Words & Music and Driftin', visit the discography page. You can access an album's lyrics by clicking on the cover picture. More lyrics should be made available soon. We'd like to give special thanks to our friend Vincentia who is helping us out with making the lyrics available through the site.


11/30/2002: Benefit album and another MP3 sample
Billy and I are proud to have been part of a record project for the ADD Council. They've asked songwriters who have worked in advertising to donate a song and production to possibly be part of a benefit CD titled "Songs of a New New York." All profits will be donated to the 9-11 victims' families. We were honored to say that our song, "In The Eyes of a Child," will be on the CD. We couldn't have written the song without the help of an amazing lyricist, Barbara Newman, and producer Micheal Goulb.

We are also glad to announce that another song sample, "I Like Your Smile," is available for download. We were very happy with the ammount of feedback on "Forever Together." Thanks for all the support, and remember to let us know what you think!



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