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The Alessi Brothers Biography


 Billy & Bobby Alessi make up a recording act known as The Alessi Brothers, or Alessi (a.k.a. Barnaby Bye). Alessi has sold over 8 million records worldwide.

  Alessi has recorded 7 albums on major labels as well as 1 independent release. Alessi has enjoyed sales in the US as well as all over the world. Alessi toured with Andy Gibb on his Shadow Dancing Tour, which was the highlight of Gibb's career.

  Over the past few years Alessi has arranged, produced, and/or written releases for many artists including Sir Paul McCartney, Deborah Gibson, Frankie Valle, Richie Havens, Olivia Newton John, and Christopher Cross. Alessi's songwriting and performing has been placed in such films as, "The Main Event," starring Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal, and "Ghost Busters," starring Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver.

  Both Billy and Bobby Alessi currently enjoy the excitement and status of writing many of the hottest jingle campaigns in the United States. They recently created spots for Ford ("Caught You Lookin"), Twix ("Chewy Chewy...it's all in the mix"), and the Slim Fast campaign featuring country star, Joe Dee Messina.  

  Billy maintained the Diet-Coke theme for 14 years running and has worked with such greats as Elton John, Michael McDonald , and Whitney Houston. Other successes include Kentucky-Fried Chicken, Dr. Pepper, Sears and Seven-Up: All household hooks known by everyone!

  Bobby has also achieved great recognition in this industry by winning the National ADDY campaign for Greyhound with B.B. King and a CLEO Award for Lifesavers with Lady Smith Black Mambazo. Other familiar themes include J.C. Penny and the worldwide Blockbuster Video campaign. Also, Alessi sang background vocals for Sting on a new Disney soundtrack for "The Emperor's New Groove."

  The album Alessi released in 1982 on Warner Brothers Records was originally titled "Roughen It," and for good reason. As Billy states, "We're lovers of music and can't help but write songs." With that, a compilation of "rough" demos found its way to Michael Ostin at Warner Brothers who felt it would be the perfect material for Quincy Jones' new imprint, Qwest Records. With Michael and pop star Christopher Cross at the helm, the songs would become thoroughly produced and released as the album, "Long Time Friends, " featuring a duet with Patty Austin and Billy Alessi.

  Released in 2003 the Alessi album, "Hello Everyone," has a different focus than anything approached before by this musical duo. This creative feat was a self-produced, self-fulfilling project. "Our goal," explains Bobby, "is to let the music speak for itself." The sound and timbre are described as "pure Alessi," melodic and progressive with strong focus on vocals. Saxophone great, Bob Magnuson, as well as guitarist, Jeff Southworth (Hall and Oates), are featured players on the track "All My Life." All material was composed by both Billy and Bobby, and shipped across the world.

The most recent Alessi Album, "Just Like That" released in 2007 has remained on the RTL radio France playlist for more than a year and has sold out of the first pressing. The second pressing is now available.

The Alessi Brothers are preparing to release a Live DVD that will be recorded at the Wakker Home Of Jazz in April of 2009 and will be released along with their new album "Pure Alessi" (working title) and possibly an EP CD which will include the Soundfighter Alessi Dance remixes to be released in September '09.

 With a worldwide fan base of 10 million people, The Alessi Brothers explain, "This kind of love makes you want to make more records." The talents, "Alessi," are like their melodies, timeless and ever expanding into our future.

Discography & Lyrics


"Just Like That"
released '05 '06
Label: Pink records
Produced by Alessi

Barnaby Bye

Album: Room to Grow
Label: Atlantic
Credits: Producer Baranby Bye, Ahmet Ertegun
Lyrics: Coming Soon!
Album: Touch
Label: Atlantic
Credits: Producer Jack Richardson
Lyrics: Coming Soon!


Album: Alessi Brothers, Our Best of (NEW RELEASE!)
Label: Eden Roc Records

Album: Hello Everyone
Label: Eden Roc Records

A Little Sorry

All My Life

Hello Everyone

Under Blue Skies

Little One

Label: A&M
Credits: Producer Bones Howe
Do You Feel It
- You Can Have It Back
- I Was So Sure
- Big Deal (Live Without You)
- Don't Hold Back
- Too Long To Forget
- Sad Songs
- Oh Lori
- Joanna
- Seabird

Alessi continued

Album: All for a Reason
Label: A&M
Credits: Producer David Lucas & The Alessi Brothers
All for a Reason
- Love to Have Your Love
- Farewell
- Avalon
- Air Cushion
- London
- Hate to be in Love
- You Can Crowd Me
- Make it Last
- Here Again

Album: Driftin'
Label: A&M
Credits: Producer Louie Shelton
- Dancing in the Halls of Love
- Driftin'
- Believer
- Rainbows go on Forever
- Space
- You're out of Love
- That's When She Touched Me
- I Don't Wanna Lose You
- Not Tonight
- Just Can't Stop It

Album: Words & Music
Label: A&M
Credits: Producer Bob Gaudio & The Entertainment Company
Gimme Some Lovin'
Lover Boy
- Words and Music
- As Long As I Still Have You
- Midnight Low
- Evil Man
- Wait For Me
- I Wish That I Was Making Love (To You Tonight)
- Hot Fun in the Summertime

Album: Long Time Friends
Label: Qwest
Credits: Producer Christopher Cross, Michael Ostin, Quincy Jones, Duet w/ Patty Austin
- Jagged Edge
- You Got The Way
- As Far As I'm Concerned
- Rise Up
- I'm Gonna Tell Her Tonight
- Put Away Your Love
- What a Way to Go
- Still in Love
- How Long, How Much
- Forever
- Long Time Friends
Other recordings
Album: Ghostbusters
Label: Arista
Credits: Composers, Vocals and Performance: Billy and Bobby Alessi (Saving the Day)
Album: Fate for Breakfast (Art Garfunkel)
Label: Columbia
Credits: Background Vocals Billy and Bobby Alessi
Album: The Main Event Soundtrack and Single (Barbara Streisand)
Label: Columbia
Credits: Background Vocals Billy and Bobby Alessi
Album: Fourever (The Four Tops)
Label: Hip-O
Credits: Composers, Billy and Bobby Alessi (Hot Nights)
Album: Milk and Honey (John Lennon & Yoko Ono)
Label: Columbia
Credits: Producer, Phil Ramone; Background vocals, The Alessi Brothers
Album: Hard to Hold (Rick Springfield)
Label: Razor & Tie
Credits: Background vocals, The Alessi Brothers
Album: Breaking All The Rules (Peter Frampton)
Label: A&M
Credits: Composer, The Alessi Brothers
Album: Making a Good Thing Better (Olivia Newton John)
Label: MCA
Credits: Composers,The Alessi Brothers ("Sad Songs")