Paris review translated:

Alessi in the Bus Palladium Who had believed that one day, Alessi Brothers would give a concert in Paris? This is however what occurred Friday April 20, 2007 with the Bus Palladium, become for one evening (and which marvellous evening!) the temple of the music west-coast.
The Bus Palladium is a mythical club of the Parisian night, especially known for its festivals disco music. But this evening, the place was dedicated to the music west-coast thanks to WWL Productions. The experts had come in a number to attend this concert event. They did not have to regret it bus Alessi levelled. The twin brothers, Billy and Bobby Alessi are always also fringants and kept a small youthful side in spite of the last years. Very friendly and happy to share their music with the public of Paris, they delivered an interpretation right and perfectly controlled, with the height of their recordings studio. Their voice hardly changed, in particular that of Billy always also moving. And groups it levelled us with its songs, resulting from the new album, very successful Just Like That ("Livin' With A Broken Heart", "Just Like That"), or coming from older albums ("Will You Be There", "Phonecall", "What A Way To Go", "Joanna", "Avalon", "Forever", instrumental "the Mandolin" played the mandoline by Bobby, "Under Blue Sky", "Sad Songs", "Seabird", "Across The Ocean" and of course the standard "Oh Lori" which caused the passion One knew the Alessi brothers for their talent of type-setters and interpreters, but one was unaware of that they were musicians of scene except par. It should be said that Billy (synthé) and Bobby (guitar) were accompanied by an excellent group of Dutch friends, composed of a drummer, a keyboardplayer, a guitarist and a singer.

These two last were far from being simple musicians, since this couple, on scene but also at the city, interpreted several of its compositions during the show. Erwin van Ligten, the guitarist sang a reggae very involving and played the electric guitar "Sunrise", instrumental planing with the Stalemate Metheny. As for Julya Lo' KB, charming singer of Asian origin, it subjugated the assistance by its powerful voice, halfway between Aretha Franlkin and Ann Wilson, and its interpretation moving on three songs "I Was So Sure I Could Never Love Again", "Soulmates For Life" and it dynamic "Love Is A Good Thing" in recall. One thinks that the couple brought as much to Alessi as Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham brought to Fleetwood Mac in their time. A true rejuvenation. One hopes for that these musicians will collaborate still together thereafter only for the pleasure of hearing again Bobby Alessi and Julya Lo' KB to sing in duet "What has Way To Go", undoubtedly the moment more moving by the evening. Richard Benhaim who organized the concert made it clear by introducing the group on scene, which Alessi would return to Paris and one awaits already this event with greatest impatience. Other spectacles chroniqués on Rock'n'roll Highway High return of page.