I’m listening your cd, (now the second time) and it’s an incredible cd, amazing melody, great arrangements, i love your vocal harmony (a la Beach Boys...) with your brother... It reminds me some great souvenir... Great work, i think all your fans will love this cd.
I just got your new CD and when I finally had a moment to myself and played it. WOW! Powerful. Beautiful. I haven't stopped listening since, (can CD players overheat?).
Hi Guys,
I wanted to let you know I got a copy of the new cd two weeks ago and I haven't listened to anything else since. All I can say is WOW!
I absolutely love it and I can't get the songs out of my head. You guys outdid yourselves on this one.

Hi Guys ................... got your CD Just Like That a few days ago and I've been playing since. Needless to say I love it, so I thought I'd give you my thoughts song by song. Remember these are just my thoughts, by no means an expert critique.
Just Like That .. Deserves to be the first song ..... I play it over and over .... easily the best song on the CD ..... I love the repeating vocals.... it should be on the radio.

Oh .... I love the fact that you guys still take chances ..... cool guitar sound on the intro ....great phrasing ... great chorus ... except for the voices, it sounds like a different band.

Livin With A Broken Heart .... Well .... you gave this one to me a few months ago ..... it still makes me cry .... absolutely the most beautiful song you've ever written. Oh and you brought the hand claps up in the mix ..... sounds better.

Anybody .... Am I the only guy (besides you two) who knows who Emitt Rhodes is? :) I love it, especially that guitar break .... so Beatles-ish.

No Goodbyes ....... Just what I've come to expect from you guys ....a well crafted song with great vocals.

Over And Done ..... Reminds me of Paul McCartney ..... Love the mandolins,the words, the vocals. Oh, and "seabirds"? love it.

Hold Me Close ...... This is such an "Alessi" song ..... you make this sound so easy .... I love the chorus, the acoustic solo ... and the flow of this song.

You Don't Know What It Feels Like .... I Love this song ..... It has all the elements that keep me interested ... great piano, guitar, vocals ( I love that low voice behind "switching for a test,making all the rules, in the end getting what you're after"). Very cool song.

Another Last Time ....... I've been reluctant so far to say this is "Billy's" song or "Bobby's" song but this has got to be Billy's ...... and Billy at his best. The middle reminds me of an old song of yours but I can't remember the name.

Stow Away ...... I love the simplicity of this song ..... Great vocal melody and harmonies, acoustic guitar, solid bass, piano and drums, Great sounding guitar lead, it just feels so effortless, I love when you don't "overproduce". And such a killer "Beach Boy" ending, terrific.

No Getting Around My Love ..... This just makes me feel like I'm sitting watching "Barnaby Bye" play. Such a real "live" feel. I have a feeling this will be a great song when you perform it on stage.

Louieville ..... I love the "sound" of the vocals on this track .... and that line " I wrote a song for you, I don't know what else to do" ....just great.

Hope you enjoy my thoughts and comments a fraction of how much I enjoy your music.
You are great song writers and have perfected your recording and producing style to the max. I'm so glad you are still making music, you should be very proud of this work.
Hello Bobby & Billy!
Yesterday I recieved you’re new album. I was very surprised.
I’ve listen to the cd today and it’s great. You’re voices didn’t change in al those years.
It’s a album with lovely compositions. Louie asked to give him response for a new single.
It’s difficult. Also song 1 and song 3 are very in charge.
Hopefully I meet you 2 on the 25th of March in de studio of Omroep Brabant.

Greetings and best wishes from
Edwin van Loon
Producer Radio

Dear Bobby and Billy , I listened to your new cd and
think is completely something different than the old
songs you made but some of the lyrics I like very
much! I think it,s a great album!

Barnaby Bye DVD rave reviews

Hi Boys,

What a blast I had watching the DVD! Thanks so much for getting it out so quickly. It was in front of my door when I got home from work/the gym on Wednesday night at like 9:30 ... so by the time I sat down to watch it, it was 10:30 & I said, "I'll just watch the first song or two & then watch the rest over the weekend when I have time ..." Well, once I heard the first notes of "Can't Live this Way," I forgot all thoughts of going to bed early .. it is SO much fun to watch I couldn't turn it off!

What a great memory of a wonderful night .. I said it that night & I'll say it again, you guys can still rock with the best of them - don't ever stop! The music, your voices .. have only gotten better over the years, & it's so obvious from watching you all on stage what a great time you were having, & how much you all love what you do - believe me, we were all right there along with you, there was a ton of love in that room. Hope you do it again soon.

Thanks again, & enjoy the rest of the weekend --

Luv ya,

P.S. - where the heck was I when they were interviewing the audience? There must have been a long line in the ladies room!



Holy S#!t! How does it feel to look as good as you did 25 years ago.....AND share the stage with your beautiful daughter!! I laughed, I cried, the memories came back in a flood. Watching the DVD, I actually felt like I was there. The music brought me right back, having not listened to it since my last turntable crapped out! It was much tighter than I ever expected. The best part was that you can see how much you guys were enjoying playing together again......as if the time lapse never even happened. By the way, nice job with the bass....you continue to impress me! You and Billie sound better than ever, and Peppi and Mike just blend naturally with you two. Darla did a fantastic job...it brought tears to my eyes just watching how you were looking at her across the stage....it's a Dad thing!
I couldn't have enjoyed it more. To be able to feel the love that was in the room that night through videotape is nothing short of amazing. I wish I could have been there with you. Next time!
Give my best to everybody, and congratulations on another huge success!

Best with Love,




I got both DVDs Wednesday and watched them that night. It has been many years since I lived on the island and since I've seen you perform. The Barnaby Bye took me back. Both were great! Thanks for the music!!





I just got the DVD and it's GREAT!!! Man, Brad shot his ass for you guys and it shows. Great camera angles and closeups, and the way you pieced it all together is the icing on the cake! I felt like I was back there again, and this will be a DVD that I'll wind up playing till the laser eats through the other side. Just a wonderful piece of work for people to enjoy over and over again, just a great piece to commemorate the reuniting of a great band! Can't wait till you guys do it again!



Great job on the DVD!

Just wanted to let you know I saw the new DVD. What a blast! I really enjoyed it. I think it was even more special having been there when it was recorded.
The only down side was that it had to end.
Hope you guys will be playing around here in the near future. Can,t wait to see you live again.
The 30 year gap was a little to long.
As soon as you have set, I'm sure I'll find out from your website.
Once again, what a blast!