Here is a compilation of some of the nicest e-mails that we have received from you, friends and fans. We'd like to share them with you and thank you for all your support and kind words. - Billy and Bobby

Updated June 2, 2008

Hi Bobby & Billy

I can't believe I have found you guys again after so many years.

I have wondered what you are both doing now, and hoping that you are still making music. Unfortunately although I have checked stores here and in the US they don't stock your CDs and although I still have my vinyl collection I no longer have a turntable on which to play them!

I finally found your website, which led me to the YouTube site and I have spent hours watching videos and reliving the music and enjoying your recent visit to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Any chance you might plan some UK concerts? We have some great venues, particularly here in the south east (I research entertainments for publication in the local paper), I'm sure you would enjoy England as much as I can see you do the Netherlands.

Love you guys loads.
Dear Bob,
i heard rumors that before barnaby bye you and your brother were in a late sixties garage rock band. Is it true?Had that band ever recorded something?
Thanks for the answer and best regards!

Hi Andrea,
Yep, we had a garage band in the late sixties. We were very young and got a record deal on Mainstream records at age 15. We practiced in our parents living room though so I guess that makes us a living room band. Billy wrote the song, 'Saturday night' which was the single, on the flip side was 'For You' The band was 'The Country Gentlemen' The song was released a few years ago on a copulation CD titled, 'Garage bands of the Sixties' Thanks for stirring up some nice memories.

Wow!! This is a rare case of searching a song that one already owns!! In fact i've just found that "Saturday night" of the   Country Gentlemen is on my CD copy of the comp "Mindrocker" vol.12! I'll listen to it with a different perspective, now.
Thanks and bye.

Small world.

Bobby I have always loved your music, but for some sad reason here in the UK
they seem to play Oh Lori but no many of your other fantasic tracks....
My personal fav's are 1. Seabird 2. All for a Reason, was Seabird released
as a b side to a 45 single?
As for "Thanks for keeping >our music in your heart". Thats the place it
will always be my friends..
God Bless you both


Oh my God! I have been transported back 20 odd years! Thank you guys so much. I had visions of me sitting with a glass of cold wine and luxuriating in the memories. However, I have popped the cd on the stereo and am enjoying the fantastic music with my 8 and 10 year children - another generation can now enjoy your wonderful melodies. You have made an English girl in a sleepy London suburb extremely happy! (can't wait to give my present to Ruth also!)
Cheers guys!
Colleen x
Hi Bob,
I don't know if you remember me - we met at the BBKing show. I'm with
(married in) Strawberry Fields. I was heart sick to miss the Boulton
Center show, I had to go to Fort Lauderdale that weekend for my sisters
50th surprise birthday party. I keep checking your website for new
shows. When and where can I buy your new CD? I play your 3 CD's I
bought at BB's constantly; can't get enough of your sound! I have been
promoting you to everyone I know. I know your fan base is more centrally located on Long Island, but here
s a charming restored theater, the Vail-Levitt, in Riverhead.
Strawberry Fields has played there a couple of times. It would be great to book that venue with Barnaby
Bye. Any fan of Beatle music would flip over your music. They could
open for you and "a splendid time is guaranteed for all" ! Especially
me!! Just a thought...At any rate, I'm dying to hear you play again. Do you have an email
list for announcing any up and coming gigs? If so, please put me on it.I hope your European trip went well and look forward to hearing from
you soon. If you ever have time to catch Strawberry Field's act, they
are at BBKings every Saturday morning and we would be honored to put
your on our guest list there, or at ANY of our gigs - for a list of all
shows go to

A forever fan,

Dear Billy and Bobby:

This is Fabian and Daniela, we saw you at your last show in Paris, on the
Palladium Bus.
We enjoyed so very much with you and just wanted to thank you for letting us
live a night
we dreamed about since we were teenagers.
Your music is and will always be part of our very personal love story.
One more time, thanks and we hope to see you again in Spain.

Fabian Blanco.

Hello Billy and Bobby,

I remember I know you with All For A Reason song.
when I was twelve years old. I also remember the first photo I saw
where you barefeet walking.
In that moment I really admired you. I left my hair like yours style
and I wished to have your masculine attraction.
Thank you guys for the great songs. The radio Antena Um FM plays your
music always, more then ten years I heard it.
Thank you guys for all pictures
You on my mind and I love you guys. God bless you always.

Gumner from Brazil

Hi there Alessi Bros!
Thank you,thank you very much for your new cd "Just like that".
It was the best I`ve heard in a long time.Your voices is great and your new songs sounds really good.
And thanks for signing the cd for me.I`m looking forward to hear some more great stuff from you,and maybe you will come to Sweden someday.
Have a great summer wishes Tommy ,Sweden.
Keep on rockin`! Best regards

Hi Bobby,

Thanks FOR THE GREAT CONCERT. After so many years knowing you via the
first interview and after that with communicating each other, it was a
dream came REALLY true.
Thank you so much for your friendship. Thank you a million times for
this wonderful concerts and i have seen in the eyes of the french fans
the real joy of seeing you both and the band singing and playing live.
I am sure there will be opportunities in the future in France and in
South Europe.
The video interview will be soon online and it will be featured on You
Tube so you will be able to grab it for your website.
The best,


Hi Bobby and Billy,
First of all I’d like to thank you for a great tour with Julya and Erwin.I saw the show 6 times and enjoyed it every time.
Marie-José Eldering
My name is Martin Urionaguena, a.k.a "Vasco"
I can't believe it I found this your site............
I fell in love with you music in the 80's
I made love for the 1st time with "I wish I was making...." playing by the bed....
I was a DJ here in Buenos Aires here in Argentina in those young years...
Now I'm 39, married, two kids, and I'm a pro drummer for this band "Mad" (, but my heart always have a warm room for you guys ! Thanks for these news: you're playing live !
I'll be buying your "Long time friends" and "Words and music" album via online.
Someday you have to come to Argentina.
And if I go to the U.S. this year to see RUSH live (I'm also the manager and creator of the Intenational Rush Fan Club), I'd love to meet you and take a photo with you guys.
Thanks for your endless music.


Thanks so much for replying mate. I didn't realise I was actually sending you an e-mail directly.Absolutely brilliant!! I have been a huge fan for years, beginning obviously 30 years ago when I first heard 'Oh Lori' on the radio. Did I just say 30 years, unbelievable! I bought the first three albums on vinyl and loved them all. Epic albums for my mates and me especially during the brilliant summers of 76 (married the lovely Joyce) and 77. I still have 'Long Time Friends' which I came acoss a few months ago when looking through my old record collection discovered hidden in a cupboard but appear to have lost the other two over the last few decades. I have tried to buy them several times over the last 10 years or so but have never been able to find them in any of the large retailer outlets like HMV and Virgin. Every so often I would search through the 'A' section in each store just in case they miraculously appeared but they never did. I bought a triple 70's compliation cd recently and was amazed to find 'Oh Lori' on it and it was fantastic to hear it again. That fired me up to try and search for the albums again. Went to the main stores again and no sign of them but this time I was so determined that I asked the assistants to do a searcg on their system pc. They told me that although the original cd's were deleted they could order me up the 'Best of Alessi' if I wanted. I would have taken that but the more I thought of it I was more determined to try and find a supplier who could sell me the complete original albums that I fell in love with all those years ago. I actually use the internet a lot at work as an architect and at home to buy cd's and dvd's from web sites like, etc but for some reason hadn't thought to cast my search a bit further by simply typing the band name into google to see what came up. Perhaps sites on the band themselves and that's how I found you. I'm so glad I did. Firstly because I know I can get the albums on cd and secondly because I've had an e-mail from Bobby Alessi telling me I could. Fantastic!! Thanks so much for getting back to me mate. Really appreciate it. Can't wait to get the albums now to take me back to the halcyon days of 76'. (Sorry I sometimes drift off into cliche' world every now and again).
Best wishes,
Dear Alessi Brothers -- 30 years ago me and Cathy would sit in her room in Flushing, Queens and listen to your albums, staring at your beautifully chistled faces on the covers. We waited for you to come and take us away. I guess you couldn't find the bell? Anyway, all's forgiven. Thanks to your website, I was able to catch up with you again. Life has treated you well. Those vacations, those cars and that tree house. Who has it better than you? I'm 51 now and this wanna-be groupy is droupy and most days I smell like Bengay but I would love to come hear your music and surprise Cathy with tickets when they are for sale. Will you be playing in the New York City or Long Island area anytime soon? I could see from the webside that you'll be playing in Europe. I'm a big fan but I was hoping you'd be someplace I could drive to. Let me know. Love, Gail (still in Queens)
Hi,guys,great to see you still composing music.I thought your music was top class and your songs deserved greater recognition here in Europe.You used alot of interesting sounds before other acts, any way I'm sure you know all this already.Thanks for the great music and memories over the years.An irish fan. Kieran
Hi Guys
Thanks for you prompt reply. I must admit I'm still in a state of shock in finding out that my email was answered by your good self, so much so that I've been forwarding copies of your reply to all the friends that I introduced to your music way back when the first album was released. I have all the albums, except the new one and 'Hello Everyone' album and I've recently been playing them all over again, scratches and all.
I've even succeeded in converting my teenage daughters into becoming Alessi fans. For me, its always been the hamornies, melody and lyrics that I could empathise with and your music captured my imagination as a youth and inspired me. Listening to yor records again and hearing the sampler of the new cd has again reminded me of how much I enjoyed those times, and the music.Good luck with the Paris gig and the 'Oceans' tour next year
Derek & Jean
Hi Bob : )
Thank you for my wonderful Willow scarf and for the fabulous signed
copy of 'Just Like That'. I was and am thrilled with the package you sent, with very speedy delivery
(got it just a few days).
Been living with the CD for a few weeks now. Really enjoying it. Love the opener, great harmonies really nice chorus.
'Oh' is a really up lifting number never stops soaring.
One of my faves is the marching simplicity of 'Anyboby'. It superb with it Beatles-like beat and the lush floating section they sandwich. Can't stop listening to it.
'No goodbyes' is a very stylish number, very conteporary in its lyrical delivery but still very Alessi.
'You don't know what it feels like' is an incredible, lush, album anthem.
Sort of sums the album as a whole. So listenible. Really love it.
'Stow away' contains the really reason I bought the album in the first place. Lovely song, but the last 30 seconds are such bliss to listen too, is such an original sound, signature Alessi Brothers. My only negative point is that this bit it is too short! What I would give to hear that last section
formed into a longer track (a b-side piece). Would make a great intro piece for your website. Such a classic sound to greet visitors at!
What do you say Bob ;)
'No getting around..' is a great burst of Alessi pop still to come on the album. This is really radio-friendly for the likes of BBC radio2 in UK. really nice. great harmonies again. Is this the Barnaby Bye track??
'Louieville' is just a really nice way to close the album and leads nicely
to 'Just Like that' when play on loop.
Incase you can't tell, I really love the album. Looking forward to future
works and if you ever get round to coming to the UK, I would certainly be in
the queue for a seat.

Take care - James

Hi Bobby, it's Serge from Guadeloupe. I want to tell how happy i'm
now that i can listen again to your so beautiful songs.I play them
non-stop in my car. It brings me back 25 years ago when i was a
teenager and we were playing your record on and on with all my
friends. What a pleasure, it's fantastic to see they're not "has-
been" or "old-fashioned" at all, but simply and purely romantic.
That's why, they will always have success. Thanks again for your
special dedicace. I appreciate. I wish you and your brother and your
family only the best. I hope one day i will have the pleasure to see
you in New York or in Guadeloupe. Very best regards, Serge
Hi !

This week-end, we listened and watched your DVD et CD and my family would like to thank you too for your music, great moments for us all !!
On the photo, you'll see, on the left, my sister and her husband, at the middle, my husband and I, on the right, my niece !!! We knew your music for a long time !


Dear Billy and Bobby

I am writing to thank you for your music that has inspired me throughout my life. Many years ago "Oh Lori" and "All for a Reason" were my two favorite tracks, played on the radio in Salisbury (now Harare in Zimbabwe).
At 15 I moved to Western Australia and after being many years later since those times in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) I stumbled accross three secondhand audio cassette tapes of yours (ALESSI, ALL FOR A REASON and WORDS AND MUSIC) at the Fremantle Markets. Thinking I would probably never get the opportunity to find your stuff again, I promptly bought both and played them to death till they all became unplayable. For years now I have tried to obtain your albums on CD through my local stores, and it was quite by accident that I came across this site. I will be obtaining all your albums on CD to continue playing your incredible songs in the future.

I am now a musician/songwriter and local pianist beginning an exciting career in the music industry.
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou again and again, for it was your music that was my inspiration, bless you both.

Yours forever
Hello Bobby,

I've listened yr Cds non-stop since I received them, what could I say
wonderful job and I still don't unsderstand why we can't neither hear your songs on radio
nor see you on TV show. Is that the same in the states ??
You could have made "Hello Everyone" just after "Long time friends" or vice versa.
I mean, your music being timeless it 's quite surprising to see that these two albums
have been made in 20 years period.
I got the same feeling when I listened it for the first time, voices are still the same,
magic is still there.
I guess you wanted your new Cd "Just like that" totally different than the others, I mut say
that you've succedeed.
This album is more "rock", having in the same time your music touch.
I like very much "No Goodbyes" and "Another last time" on which we have two different
rhythms.The drums part looks like the one in "Africa" played by Jeff Porcaro, being a also
a great fan of TOTO (not the last period but the one with Jeff) I had the feeling to hear him
playing for you.
It is so good hearing you again.
Looking forward seing you somewhere, someday



Hi Bobby,

just got the cd and dvd today. The dvd is funny, you have good sense of humor. Nice to see some old videos. Good to hear the new live stuff.
Boy, your voices still sound the same! (Do you play "Do You Feel It"
live, that was one of my favourites?). Do you play "Seabird" and
"Joanna" live (sorry, joke! ha, ha.....)?
The new cd I like much more than "Hello, Everyone". I think it's a
better musical production. A bit Beatles kind of thing, and it reminds
me of "Klaatu", remember them. "You don't know what it feels like" is
far out my favourite, that song is so strong and the production of it,
surprising! Then again, it's my opinion and thank god for it: everyone
has a different taste. Anyway, it's nice to see you guys still going
strong and on the road. Stay well!!

Cheers, Paul.


Dear Billy & Bobby,
Thank you for the autographed CD. All 12 songs are wonderful. Your best work. A real masterpiece.

Hi Bobby, thanks for your answer.
You are a part of my life you and your brother Billy, because when i was 18 / 24 years, every summer when we were in holidays with my friends, we listened your music in cars. I made a compil on two tapes with your best songs (your 5 albums 76/82). And at 5am when the discotheque closed, we went on a beach with your music and girlfriends... You know what i mean... Hahahaha...
Amazing souvenir...Thanks again, all the best from France.



Hi Guys,

I wanted to let you know I got a copy of the new cd two weeks ago and I haven't listened to anything else since. All I can say is WOW!

I absolutely love it and I can't get the songs out of my head. You guys outdid yourselves on this one.
I finally got a call from Brad Berger at 5:30 last night and ran right down and got tickets for the 9:30 show on July 15. Needless to say, my wife and I can't wait to go.
Looking forward to seeing and hearing you on the 15th.


Hi Bobby & Billy
I feel so happy for your response. I`ve got 39 years old and so much music
in my ears, but your music is so good so like to listen it continuously, is
my prefer, the best that I heard before, from your old to the news songs.-
That song driving me for deepest feelings, clears and softly that they fill
to me of peace. Really I`ve must to thank to you for that songs.
I live in Comodoro Rivadavia city (in Patagonia) a little city from South of
Argentina, so you understand, in my country, my city, so far, so little is
very difficult to obtain all your music, just some of compiled or added to
other music cd... I could heard your music by some friends and radio
stations musics.
So if I can to get your music in your web site, much better... Thanks for
your music. God bless you and give you more inspirations!!!
Hi Bobby and Billy,

Today I received your DVD, thanks for sending it, and for signing it, it becomes very personal this way!
Well, I had to see it before I started cooking, just couldn´t wait! I came out of my work, and saw that the DVD had arrived, and I decided to look at it immediately.
My kids and husband got a bit hungry, but they know I´m a big Alessi-fan, and they all understand. And my husband is a big fan as well, so we sat down together, and we enjoyed very much watching the DVD. Very well done, it´s a nice mix betwen the old and the new songs. Also we loved the movies and pictures, especially about your tour in Europe and your holidays on the beach. (How long did you had to wait before the sun showed??)

Well, what can I say more, I loved it all, and I was so very touched by your music and movies, so I really hope that you go on with your good music making, and of course with giving concerts!! Hope to meet you soon again in Holland.

Love, Brigitte and Hans

Dear Alessi Brothers, Billy & Bobby:
I want to tell you that my sister Lori (Laura, like your song Oh Lori) and I, have been your fans for many years, but in México we never found your CD's and it saddnes to us that in nowhere Web page like Amazon, Yahoo, VH1, etc have examples of your music, and your discs aren't available, will be nice that you can do something about that, because must people must to know you and your beautiful work and songs. We admired and love you very much.


Hi Bobby,
I first bought your first two albums back in 1975. I moved from the UK to Bahrain in the Middle East to be an air stewardess with Gulf Air and took these albums with me. After 5 years I returned home and so did the albums and they still play just as well today. I never thought I would be able to buy the CD's until I stumbled upon your web-site. What a find! It is a really good website and you have clearly put a lot of work into it. Thank you very much.

Chrissie B

Dear Bobby & Billy
I received the rest of your CDs last Wednesday. Thank you so very much for sending these and for signing them. I appreciate you taking the time to send me a lovely note too- I even cleaned out my glass cabinet so I could stand your cards up in a nice safe place where I can see them- and I don't clean that cabinet out very often I can assure you!!

I had heard of Barnaby Bye before, but until I got the DVD & CDs I hadn't realised exactly who they were and what a massive part of Barnabye Bye you are. It's like discovering hidden treasure- beautiful songs that have been there all this time & I've only just found them! It's a good job that I've got CD players all over my house, I've got some catching up to do!

The cut from your new CD was an extra surprise and it's absolutely beautiful. You both looking stunning in those bright t-shirts, and the song is lovely. Almost everybody gets lonely every now & again, and I'm sure that songs like "Livin with a broken heart" make people feel that someone understands, makes them feel less alone. I can't wait for your new CD to come out in spring.

You've not only got a place in my heart- you've filled it!!

Millions of love



I just wanted to say that for over 26 years I have thought that you and Billy are the most talented singer/songwriters on the planet. Everyone who knows me knows your music. That is from the heart.
And I don't know if I ever told you that I saw Andy Gibb's Mom a few years ago in Florida and she said to tell you hello. She said I adore Bobby, please send him my regards.


Hi Bobby,

Wow, I didn't think I would get a reply from you
personally. I am listening to Long Time Friends at
the moment. I just cannot take it off my cd player.
Your music is just excellent and why you guys are not
top of the charts is a mystery to me.

I was a DJ back in the 80's and I used to play Oh Lori
and All Foe A Reason constantly. As I said, I just
recently rediscovered you and I am so glad I did.

My favourite songs on Long Time Friends are Still In
Love and I'm Gonna Tell Her Tonight.

Financially, I doubt that coming to Ireland would be
worth your while but maybe a tour of Europe soon?

Bye for now and I will be in touch shortly to get some
dvd's and cd's I I'm waiting for pay day!!)





I would just like to inform you that I am an English Lady who from 1977 decided if she had a daughter she would call her Lori. I absolutelutely adored the song from the moment I heard it.

In 1998 I had a daughter. Yes I did call her Lori.

Unfortunately over here in England I have been unable to obtain a copy of the track. I wonder if you could help.

Kind Regards


After all these years, have I forgotten about Bobby and Billy I finally found the way to access you two.
I only have four album of yours which I started listening to from my high school days, all of them are so worn out from being played on the turn table for thousand times. It's funny I never thought of replacing them with CDs. These albums have lived as good as over 20 years with me and they will do so for the rest of my life. It was great to see you two as of now and I may just check in your new release at HMV soon. 20 years ago, who would expect to have such a thing like e-mail.

I clearly remember that I saw you in a TV programs by the national broadcasting network, I believe it was when you first came out to Japan. A good old time which is still rolling within our generation!

Now my daughter listens to your records. Our favorite one is 'Too Long to Forget'. A real good one. Hope to meet up with you when I am NY the next time!

With warm regards from Japan.



Billy & Bobby...  
     Guys, it was great seeing you perform last Friday night (I was the guy with the slides from 1975 of Barnaby Bye that I had taken at Community Gardens). It was like being sent back in time...your vocals were perfect and sounded just like they did at My Fathers Place those many years ago. If anything, they sounded even better! I guess some things do get better with age.....
     I have a copy on cassette when WLIW broadcast you live one night from My Fathers Place. A friend made his sister stay home to turn on his reel-to-reel tape player and record it all while myself and a bunch of friends went to see it all live. Man, it seems like yesterday.
      Hopefully you'll be returning to The Downtown soon, or for that matter, any another place. I'll keep my eyes ears open and check your website for any updates.
Thanks again!
Fred A.


     My wife and I thought the show Friday night was great. You guys still sound and look great. I has been a long time, but worth the wait. God bless you and your families, and enjoy the holidays. Thanks, Nick.


Hello Billy and Bobby,
     It was great seeing you guys perform at the Downtown after almost 30 years!  I was one of your biggest fans in the 70's and it was so sweet of your sister Lynn to introduce us to you afterwards.  You signed my Touch and Room to Grow albums back in the days of Barnaby Bye.
     I hope you will do more performances in the NY area!  It brought back many fond memories seeing your guys perform again.  As usual, you sound awesome!
Nancy L.




Billy & Bobby,
      I just wanted to let you know that I got the new album and like a fine wine you guys get better with age.  If there is a single from the album it is "Under Blue Skies".
      Hope you enjoyed Amsterdam.
Dart E.


Dear Bobby,
     This message is just to let you know the cd has arrived safe and is wonderful. A new precious piece to my Alessi's collection. I am very glad with this purchase and hoping you can release anything else like a video for example.
Thank you very much and regards from Brazil,
Eduardo H.


Dear  Billy  and  Bobby,
     Thank you  for  sending  the  Cd  so  quickly, I  was  expecting  a  long wait.
     We  love  your  new  album  and  our  favourite  songs  are " All My Life", "Under Blue  Skies", "The  Only  One". My  favourite  Alessi  song  is "That`s  when she  touched me."
     I  am  taking  a  short vacation tomorrow  to  Brighton, which is  on the  south coast of  England-about 30  miles  from  London, so  i  have  a  whole lot to  pack (I will  be  taking  the  album  with  me  of  course).
Best  wishes  from
Chris, Faith, Heather, Lance  and  Carl.


Dear Bobby,
     I just got back in France, and I'm still jet-lagged but I really wanted to write you a couple of lines to wish you an amazing evening tomorrow night at the Downtown.
     I wish I could be there, but my thoughts will be with you guys at the club and I'll be here in France playing my albums.
     Things have been crazy to plan my trip back and all, so I didn't get a chance to tell you how much I love the CDs.
     The Best Of is a must have for everyone who wants to discover your music, and every music fan should own it.
     As much as I love to listen to those songs on LP, its great to have them with CD sound as well!
    As for the new album, it was a long awaited one, but really worth the wait. It's nothing less than FABULOUS. It's a wonderful work, the songs are great, and the production is amazing. I LOVE it!
     I hope we won't have to wait too long for the next one...and what about a live recording?!
     Again thanks for everything, I'm still tired and I have to look for my words but I really wanted to wish you guys a great show tomorrow night.
I hope I'll be lucky enough to see you perform live very soon.
Take care,


     Last saturday I enjoyed your concert in Utrecht. In one word it was fantastic!! Great music performed by two such nice guys.
     More than 25 years ago (time flies) I was a fan of your music.
Allthough I moved more than 10 times in several countries in the last 25 years, I have always moved the records with me.
     Funny enough I did not have a recordplayer anymore.
     Today I found your records (5!!) and borrowed a recordplayer.
I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon listening. Especially the lyrics of the song "Here again" (LP - All for a reason) overwhelmed me.
     Thanks a lot Bobby and Billy,  I hope to see you in Holland again.
     The above text in this mail was made by Tina, but she hesitated in sending it. So I did it without her knowledge (again!!!) Maybe you might remember: I was the guy asking you to surprise my (shy) wife Tina on saturday evening by making a photo of her with the both of you.
I very much appreciated your support in this matter.


     Eeeeh , alltså... eeeh .... ööhum ...var ska jag börja..?
Jag hatar att hitta ursäkter när man gillar något man inte ”borde”, men det är bara sååå inte mig att fastna för sånt här. Vi snackar en typ av överproducerad smetlyxpop som för tankarna till Christopher Cross, Michael Franks, Michael McDonald, ja t.o. mToto. Alltså så nära en frän rockjournalists vakna mardröm man kan komma. Men jag kan inte annat än att kapitulera inför de här smörsjungande bröderna.
     Billy och Bobby Alessis namn har tillbringat de senaste åren med att skriva musik till tv-serier och reklam för produkter som Diet Coke, Twix och Ford, för att nämna några få. Jag ska inte sticka under stol med att det hörs. Det är så mjukt och insmickrande att man bara väntar på att bröderna ska brista ut i ett asgarv och rocka igång på riktigt. Men det värsta, eller det bästa, är att det är gjort helt utan ironi och, faktiskt, med mycket själ och hjärta.
      För under all polish och glatt yta finns också mer eller mindre tilltalande inslag av 10CC, Lionel Richie och Hall & Oates (vars gitarrist Jeff Southworthy f.ö medverkar), och gott om själfull sång med utomjordiskt snygga körarrangemang . Det finns många bra låtar också, både romantiska västkustballader och smådansanta hålla-handen-på-stranden-tryckare av Careless Whisper-typ . Smörigt så in i helvete, men Kersin vad bra det är när allt funkar.
     Ta titellåten t.ex., som mynnar ut i ett komplett galet syntsolo och en Kenny G-sax från helvetet, men som dessförinnan har varit i himlen och hämtat sin sångmelodi. Och på I Like Your Smile (nej, inte Shanices hit från 1991, men minst lika charmig och smittande) har man hittat Autotunern och använder den så det nästan blir absurt. Men bara nästan, för det konstiga är att det bröderna kommer undan med det också, helt enkelt därför att låten är alldeles utmärkt. Fast på Forever Togehter och en handfull låtar i mitten hjälper inte några tekniska underverk i världen. Då är det bara att plocka fram spypåsen .
     Jag kan hitta tusen skäl att INTE gilla Alessi Brothers, och bara ett enda för att göra det: de är bra. Och det får väl nästan räcka som argument?
Betyg; 7/10
Ola Karlsson
ALO Text & Musik
Editor, Country/Rock - La Musik Magazine (
Digfi ( www. )



HI Guys..found you on myspace great!! i usually go to for any info, a fantastic site by the way..I bought your cd "just like that"   which i love and   dvd which i play a lot.(love the old tracks) I really do think its wonderful to be able to get intouch with people like you who i would normaly never imagine getting intouch with. hope you can add me to your friends to you both Kim Uk
I must admit that I was in love with Bobby & Billy's faces before I
ever heard their music. LOL I saved their pin-ups along with Donny
Osmond, Ian Mitchell (BCR) and Leif Garrett. I made a scrapbook, too,
but since I was a little younger than Mimi, mine was a bit more
juvenile...using scotchtape and glue. I finally had to toss it when
my family moved from NH to NC in 1990, but I did save my pin-ups and
I am glad that I did! My love for B&B was made very apparent in 9th grade when I was in
studyhall with no homework. I wrote a torrid little story
called "The Twin Thieves." As the story went my character had
befriended these two young handsome men that had latched on to a life
of petty crime. I lined up jobs for them in hopes they would go
straight. The Bobby BOBBY took me up on the
challenge and tried his best to do good. On the other hand the Billy
character didn't want to wait to earn money the honest mad
at Bobby and shot him! And lucky me...I just so happened to be a
nurse and I was able to take care of him and nurse him. I really
don't remember much more about the story and, yes, I did destroy it
after graduating high school...because it really was AWFUL!!! But as
I look back and see that Bobby has the nickname 'Bad Bob' now, the
roles should have been reversed...NOT! Bobby has ALWAYS been my
favorite, so...history can't be changed...THANK GOD!!!

I collected all of their albums on vinyl except for "Long Time
Friends" which I got on cassette (and wore out in my walkman). Sadly
I only have one vinyl album left...the first one. After we moved we
put a lot of our record collection maybe 500+ albums in
storage...later to find we had an infestation of termites and they
showed no mercy. They even ate the paper labels off the vinyl!!!
I've been slowly adding the CD versions to my collection thanks to
B&B's website. I still need a few more and hope to buy them with
whatever I make on eBay after my surgery...

For more about how I came to re-discover the 'boys,' you can read
about it on my site for them:

I look forward to continued conversation about Bobby & Billy...this
is what I'd hoped for the first time I formed the group, but maybe
that just wasn't meant to the boys' song's "All For
A Reason."

Take care,

Dear bobby and billy
At the afternoon of today, a CD and DVD arrived by mail. I was surprised at fast arrival very much! It is a dreamlike feeling. A signature was in all CDs kindly! Tears flowed with thanks for a heart errand for joy. I all bring it and just write an email now from an apartment of Shinagawa of Tokyo because I received it right before I go to Tokyo. I work carefully carefully. I think that two singing voices will tell a Japanese fan to be a homepage and net live broadcasting from now on. I think that it is important to have a Japanese fan know activity. It intends to get along in various ways that I can do it. The CD before BARNABYBYE did not enter, but will arrive in an in a later letter this time? Because I entered, I hear it from now on, and the new CD comes whether it is an impression! I really thank you while I am busy. Because I support activity in the future, please continue singing forever. I am really full of the feelings of thanks. Please give my best regards to all of you. Thank you very much.I e-mail the impression again!
FROM kyoko love always

I always try to convert any of my friends when they visit me to your unique sounds and amazing original
harmonies, and after all these years, with a now increasingly growing CD collection, your albums remain
as my most played and my absolute favourites - such brilliant original song-writing!! I just love your
tunes and work, and look forward to listening to some of the CD's you sent over the weekend, some
of the ones I haven't heard before.

Thanks again and good luck.

Would love to know what you are both up to now, and thanks for the memories.

Sincere good wishes


.... I had written you a while back  in fact before you had the website etc..  think  we had corresponded about me doing an article on you both. I have done articles on a bands in the past, that dont really have a band bio thats indepth write up as far as recording careers. I touch on more than just the regular stuff. Such as your bands before Barnaby bye, like country gentlemen etc and how although in the UK Alessi had one hit you had 4 albums so there is more to it than "oh Lori " etc and your tours etc.  Alot of people like to know the whole charted history of the band not just the few hits etc.  Im also sure many stories behind the songs that never get known.
I'm English and moved out here  and Lori was huge hit and back then no internet so hard to find anything on what happened to you. Then discovering BB, and other great stuff etc  Marina del rey is great, quiet and clean and warm for an englishman!   By the way loved the track" London" off all for a reason, has a huge impact for me of course...looking forward to new cds , the old albums on vinyl that i still cherish!      Jason

To show you how much your music meant to me when I was young, in 1981, I made a small clip of "I was so sure" during my cinema years. Nothing to show around but I needed then to express the feelings about the song, and a girl, with pictures; For me, you truely are amazing composers, along as writers. You songs make people fly on air, but there's more than flying involved. Actually you rise a spirit in your melodies able to lift people from the ground, to tear them up off the ground. Songs that make you believe in greater things. And most of all, they made me happy, simply happy. And in the line of romance, only Burt Bacharach and Hal David can compare to you. Twenty-five years ago, I was happy when Christopher Cross, at his higher moment himself, came to work with you and helped you to get a new chance, but I guess it hadn't been enough. I saw you slowly disappear from the stores, and in a way, your music, your kind of music, faded. Even if I was a big fan of the English New Wave, I never forgot your melodies and it took me many years, getting to now, to find again your work on cd. You forever have a special place in my heart, and like you wrote, forever really means until the day it ends. Since "I was so sure", I never stopped looking for you and I will be soon rewarded of my patience and obstination, so the day finally never really ends. I will be pleased that you sign the cds for me, but there's something I'd really like much more, if you could write me a short note, for a long time friend   You are great artists Thank you
Sincèrement, Fabrice

hello Alessi bros,
just wanted to send a message to say we're huge fans of yours. I must admid that the odd "Alessism" has crept into our songs from time to time (I hope you don't mind).
It would be a great thrill if you would take the time to pop over to our myspace for a quick listen.
Anyway Take care

Hey Excecs,
Very nice and smooth on the vocals there. We love the writing too. Class act! Thanks for the compliment.

Hi Guys
Firstly thanks for putting a photo of yourselfs and I on your website a while back. Can I ask you...have you ever had an album that when you played it,it was so good, you straight away played it over again?...well thats what I do with "Hello Everyone"...I've had the album about a year now and every song on that album just gets better the more I listen to it. I thought I had to tell you that,but I was emailing you to ask when the new Barnaby Bye Album will be available? Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you from England.

ALAN (Coventry).
Hi Alan,
Thanks for the nice compliment, I just listened to 'It's Your Birthday' and it got me a little emotional. We're trying to get the new Barnaby Bye CD, Thrice Upon A Time released by February.
Happy holidays to you!



HI Guys..found you on myspace great!! i usually go to for any info, a fantastic site by the way..I bought your cd "just like that"   which i love and   dvd which i play a lot.(love the old tracks) I really do think its wonderful to be able to get intouch with people like you who i would normaly never imagine getting intouch with. hope you can add me to your friends to you both Kim Uk
Hi there Bobby and Billy,

How are you?

First of all I wanna let you know how much I loved being at your concert in April this year in Utrecht together with Conny and Monique! It's been a while, but still....
The photo's I made there are all very fuzzy. So that's why I did not send them to you.
But.......... what I did do...... was that I put all your albums (5) (with your signatures) in frames and hung them in my hall! I think it looks great!!!
I'm sending some photo's of it herewith.

Hope to see and hear you again next year, here in Holland!

Lots of love,


My sister introduced me to your music back in the 80’s . I am married now but your music got me a lot of (romance) back then. I used to buy up all the copies of the cassette of “Long Time Friends” that I could get a hold of and give them to my friends and romantic interests. You guys helped provide me with a lot of good memories. I haven’t heard any of your other music since “Long Time Friends” but I sure tried to find some. I’m not sure why more of your albums didn’t make it down here in Texas but they should have. Just so you know, I was really bummed out when my cassette player ate the last copy of “Long Time Friends” but thanks to the internet, I found your site and can see if your music still has it – I’m going to try it on my wife. Have a good one and thanks again.

Dear Bobby,
The CD arrived this afternoon safely. Thank you so much! I'll make sure I'll keep it safe this time.
The music is just as wonderful as I always remembered, and amazingly I can still sing all these songs( not even Karaoke quality, though)!
It's great to listen to high quality music done by such great names as well,which I never came to realize when I was a teenage girl since I was totally blinded by your good look.
I had a lovely evening having friends over for Sushi,listening to your songs, and you know, they can still cheer up these Japanese girls who were screaming their heads off 20 some years ago,isn't that amazing?
Please keep us informed if you have a plan for tours or gigs on website. If that's in Europe or Asia, I would definitely come!
I hope you had a great day like I did.
Thank you again.

Kindest regards,
from Hong Kong

Wow, I had no idea I was actually emailing YOU! I simply thought that "Bob" would be just this marketing person. I'm really thrilled - I was just a little girl when All For A Reason came out (I was under 10) and it was my big sister who had your album. It was played all time in our house and I would lie in bed at night listening to her play it with her friends in the next room - I grew up with your songs and, of course, would endlessly stare at the album cover!
Oh well, I'm 39 now and so so pleased All for a Reason is on CD. The vinyl copy inevitably got scratched from repeated playing. I think I should also buy your new CD because you are so proud of it. Thank you so much, not just for the CDs but for the many, many memories your music made for my sister and brothers when we were kids.
Best wishes
Hi Bobby;
I just had to email you & let you know how much I enjoyed your show last night! You were all awesome! Boy was it ever worth the 30 year wait in seeing you again!!! My daughter is now even a Jesse Castro fan (I had to buy her his CD first thing this morning)!! It was so nice to finally meet you! It was a dream come true for me! I was happy that a lot of your fans made it there last night for you!
Hopefully I'll get to see you again sometime! Thanks for a wonderful show last night & for some wonderful memories!!!! The pictures that we took came out awesome!

Hey guys,

We saw you play on TV Gelderland. That's when we decided that we had to go
and see Oceans of Music in Doetinchem. The show was amazing. The six of you
complimented each other perfectly. In fact, we got hooked and went to see
you again in Arnhem. Before the tour, we only knew two Alessi songs. Now we
got your "Our best of" and "Just like that" CD's and we're singing along
with each and every song. We sure hope that you won't wait too long before
visiting Holland again. We'll be there!

Sonja and Arjen

Hi Bobby (and Billy), boy, I'm still living in a dream. I just had one of the best days in my life. Thanks to you guys! See you soon! Best wishes, Paul (skipper Paul Says hi).


Well hello there you two, very long time ago since I first met you both, my name is Cathrine and I met you over in England in the 70's you was visiting Preston, Lancashire and you was the support group to David Essex at the time, my friend and I met you in the lift of the Preston Crest Hotel and you asked us to take you shopping, this we did, Billy purchased a brown cardigan and scarf and then Billy and I had our photos taken in the booth at the shop, he kept one and gave me the other three, no wonder, I look bloody auful! anyhow as a lovely gesture you wrote on the back Hi beautiful I love you!, I know you didnt mean it but it was nice at the time, you also gave me a lovely picture of you up a tree wearing a black jumper and white trousers, on the back of this you wrote my dear cath, I hope to see you in the states soon, you are always welcome in our home, always Billy Alessi. again in those days I would never have got to the states but it was a lovely gesture and I have kept them all these years as sentimental value, well anyhow I was chatting the other day at work and you two came to mind I was asking if anybody rememberd you or your songs as I was listening to you on my I pod and I had been asked what it was I was listening to, one lady did remember you I was telling her that I was one of the lucky ones back then having had the opportunity to meet you and was informing her of all the lovely things you did such as invite us to your concert in Preston and how you invited us up for champagne afterwards you kept taking photos of me asking if Ihad a nose job which of course I had not, you was explaining that people in the states would pay thousands to get a nose like mine I found it quite ammusing, anyhow we then met up with you again in Manchester you were at the Apollo theatre here where you took us for dinner in the hotel with David Essex and then you invited my friend and I down to London to see you at the Rainbow Theatre in your own concert, we did this and also won tickets via radio luxembourg, again you kindly mentioned us in your concert and we felt honoured, after this one you invited us back to the Kensington Hilton on your bus, I remember that bit as I found it very terrifying with all the screaming fans knocking on the bus window, again we had a lovely evening with you just chatting away it was all just sureal, I wanted to send the messages as an attachment but I cant get the computer to do it so you will just have to take my word for it until I get to know how to send them,she asked me if I ever did visit you and I said how could I turn up on somebody's doorstep 30 years later, you would probably think I was a nut case. I wanted to find out what you are doing these days and here you are on the internet with your own web site which i was not expecting at all, anyhow I thought i would drop you a line, why I hear you say, well actually I would love to meet up with you just for old times sake to see if you do remember me or indeed my nose and now as I do get to come over to America a lot I just thought it was worth asking you so that I can say thankyou to you for all the kindness that you showed me back in the 70's, how I hear you asking well I was thinking of a starbucks and a reminissing chat over the good old 70's, just let me know if you are up for it, having said that if you are still as well recognised as you were n the 70's then you probably dont do public places you will have to let me know, if you are up to it we could always meet in a non public place. Anyhow let me tell you a little about myself I now get the chance to come over to the states a lot as I am cabin crew for British Airways, I have been with them for twenty years now and out of all the flights I have done and all the celebrities I have carried I have never had the privillige of you ever being on one of them, my next trip happens to be to JFK not once but twice I get there on Monday leave Tuesday then back again on the Thursday, having found your web site I thought would be an ideal time to get in touch and if you happend to be in the area then as stated I would love to try to meet back up with you to remminise about the 70's, I will leave this with you for your consideration and if we dont meet up just let me take this opportunity to say THANKYOU for everything you did for us all those years ago love and best wishes Cathrine x.
Hey, Alessi Brothers...
My name is Chris and I spent a good chunk of my life producing my own
HOT 100 singles chart, much like Billboard's. Over the past few
months, I've been compiling these old weekly lists and figuring out
my highest-ranking songs of all time. "Put Away Your Love," which was released when I was a senior in high school, remains one of my
all-time favorite songs (six weeks at my #1 in the spring/summer of
'82), and the album "Long Time Friends" one of my favorite albums,
producing two other hit singles on my chart: "Jagged Edge" and "As
Far As I'm Concerned." I recently played the LP straight through, and
it brought back many great memories. My dad used to bring home Billboard when I was a kid and I grew up following/memorizing the charts. I grew up in Manhattan so I
frequented Colony Records and had the people there play for me all
the new singles each week, many of which didn't fare well on the
charts. Those lost and undiscovered treasures, much like "Put Away
Your Love," which I remember briefly hearing on the radio here,
remain many of my favorites to this day. I even remember when "Oh
Lori" was a smash in England in '77, and I have a 45 of that, too. I'm so glad you guys are still making music, since it's high quality, melodic stuff. Just thought you'd like to know how much "Put Away Your Love" affected one kid's life some 25 years ago.
Chris Granozio


Hope you are enjoying the holiday season. I just received your CD Just Like That and I have been playing it ever since. I must say your music is as relevant and great as ever. It has evolved through the years and is better than it was " back in the day". I am having a tough time deceiding which song I like the most. From "Just Like That" to "Livin With A Broken Heart" to "Hold Me Close" ,"Louieville"and "Another Last Time" each song is better than the previous.
Looking forward to seeing you guys in April here in the Netherlands.
Hi Bobby,
Firstly thanks for the CD`s and I`m amazed that they could get here in 4 days (I presume from the US)! What can I say? They are brilliant!! Its great to hear the old sounds from your first album and it certainly brought back the memories! However, the new album is something else. It`s absolutely amazing. I can hear all the things that I like about songs all wrapped up into one. Being a drummer, I thought that I would be disappointed not to hear a `live` drummer after hearing the first number but that did not happen as I thought it was very well programmed. The strings, and of course the harmonies are exactly right (sorry if that sounds a little arrogant as I`m sure you know this) and for me creates a sound that is unique to the Alessi brothers. Your voices sound as good as ever! But, but, but, what I love about the songs in this time of predictable melodies, is that the songs are unpredictable. The chord changes along with the way they are structured just keep taking me by surprise! Thats what i really love about this album - its not predictable. Hey maybe thats the title of your next album "Unpredictable"???? (sorry). They just keep on changing direction. I do really love these albums Bobby and thanks again.

Dear Alessi Brothers,

Wow! I found you guys. Don't ask me why I didn't Google you sooner. I've been looking for you on
iTunes, Amazon, B&N, and ebay for years. I don't understand why your great albums from the 70s
aren't there. I used to love them. Seems like songs have no melody and harmony anymore. Not like you guys anyway. No wonder 'Bad Day' caught on like wildfire. Alessi brothers should get a single out there! I still don't understand why you aren't in the top ten all-time greats in pop music! (Along with the Beach Boys and other great harmony pop groups)I'm from L.I. too, (born 1950) but had to move down to Florida for a graphic design job after 9/11. Of course I miss it. NY will always be home. At the end of our stay there, we lived on the Hudson in Jersey City right across from the World Trade Center. My best friend saw it happen from our apartment window. It was a devastating time.
I'd like to order your new CD (I keep playing the audio clip again and again, it's so addictive) plus 2 older ones that I fondly played in the 70s! I can't wait to get them on my iPod!
• Alessi
• Long Time Friends
• Just Like That

Thanks again for all the great music!


Hey Bobby!

'How you dune'?
Well, needless to say, I received the CDs the other day and I just can't stop listening.
I love the new CD so much! It's addictive. Just like your others.
Thanks for the autographs. A nice bonus.
But the music is soooo amazing! Better than I remembered if that's possible.

Thank you thank you thank you for everything. You made my collection complete.
Please keep making great music and keep me on your mailing list to let me
know when a new CD comes out.
Bye you guys.
Love you both lots!



Received package over the weekend, thanks for the speedy response. I' ve been in seventh heaven ever since, it's great to hear the old tracks again, but the newer ones are equally as good, especially the new single. If there is any justice it will be a big hit over there and over here, as long as it gets the airplay. The dvd is brilliant and I don't mind admitting that I have played it over and over again and the sentiments and that guitar riff brings a tear to my eyes. FANTASTIC.

Thanks again and a very HAPPY JULY 4th to you all



I just wanted to thank you for getting the cd to me so fast.I received it today and have listened to it 4-5 times already.It's become my favorite Alessi cd so far and I have them all.I love the "Hold Me Close" and "No Getting Around My Love" songs the best.The songs and the sound of the cd are terrific.The both of you keep getting better and better.And the Barnaby Bye team on the one song sound great together again.Peppy does a great solo on that one.Thanks again and best of health to you and your families.


Dear Bobby,

I just got your new CD and when I finally had a moment to myself and played it. WOW! Powerful. Beautiful. I haven't stopped listening since, (can CD players overheat?).

It must be a burden knowing your fans have an insatiable appetite for your words and music.




Sou um fã Brasileiro, adoro as suas músicas e desejo que façam sucesso ainda por muitos anos , pois suas canções não morrerão jamais.

felicidades a todos voces,

Idalecio Leite Rodrigues

I am a Brazilian fan, I adore its musics and desire that still
make success per many years, therefore its songs will not never die.

Hello Bobby and Billy,
Thank you for sending the picture, i now have two from you with me, so it was very nice to meet you in my own city , i work also in the building where you performed, so this was a dream for me, that i could meet you just 2 minutes from my house, i enjoy your performance, your voices haven't changed, so thank you very much for coming to Holland and i enyoy your dvd, it was also nice to see old archive material , when you had your big hit "oh lorrie" like all girls at the age of 16 years, i was a little bit in love with you hahaha, than i saw my husband he looked a little bit like you, so i fallen in love with him, and now we are already 22 years together and we have 3 children. So he was also the one , when he heard i could go to your concert last year in Amsterdam , he said you must go, because you really like them and because of them you met me. haha. So i wish you good luck and have a nice tour and hopely see you again, bye bye.
Thank you very much
Hey Guys,

My name is Marsh, i am a 24 year old Filipino Pharmacist working in a hospital here in the Philippines and i am a fan.
I fell in love with your song "I Wish That I Was Making Love" when i was even too young to understand your lyrics, and i've been loving it through the years. Recently i bought a CD compilation of Love Songs and my favorite song was included in it, and would you believe i did not even listen to the other songs in the CD? I had your song on repeat all day long and i was driving my room mate crazy.
You're the Greatest!

Lotsa Love,
Marsha H.

Hello Boys, I just wanted to let you know that I got the CDs last Wednesday. It's wonderful to have the "Best of" collection, with so many favourites, including a few I haven't heard in some years, but still know all the words! Your latest CD is absolutely beautiful. I've only had chance to play it on a couple of evenings so far, but love it loads, there's a lot of songs about feelings of the heart which I find very lovely & moving. Thank you millions & millions for signing them, it makes them extra special. It is so lovely to have got in touch with someone I've loved so many years, and though I only know a little part of you, it's a very special part, and you have lifted my spirits and made me very happy. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Love always Noeline


Dear Bobby

Thank you so much for your E Mail. I could hardly believe it when I got the E mail a couple of days signed by you- I thought that maybe all of the E mails sent were automatically signed "Bobby Alessi", but now I think it really is you!!

I've was intending to send you a really good reply to explain how much your music has meant to me over the years- I can't quite find the right words, but hope you know what I mean. I have loved you since I was 14/15, which was around 29 years ago!

I think that "Oh Lori" saved me from going mad when I went on holiday on my own for the first time at age 15- it was played on the radio loads of times while I went to stay with a family in France who I'd never met before- the holiday was very scary, but that song kept me going and I bought all your records after that!

I did have all the Alessi records on LPs, except your new ones, but no-one has record players much now. I think the LPs may still be somewhere in my mum & dad's garage! They did get rather scratched- I taped some of them, but it's not the same as the real thing.
My favourite song for a long time has been "Seabird". It's about "that road" I know I should go on!! It helps me a lot to try and get things going right. I looked you up the other day because I had got "Driftin" on my mind, and was so happy to find your website and details of what you're doing now.
Sorry I'm rambling on a bit much- I just wanted to let you know that I love you very much and am very excited to have heard from you.

Love & best wishes



Hey Billy and Bobby,
Your new album is excellent! I listen to it often. Sometimes one of the songs pop in to my head out of nowhere. So when's the next one coming out? I also like listening to your more progressive earlier songs like "Make It Last". How about putting that type of song on the next album?


Bobby -
A late note to thank you for the CD's and especially for signing them. Life has been even brighter in the last few weeks having your music in my home and my car. The vinyl collection sits in my parents basement for 13 years now, so anything I can't find on CD I haven't heard in that long. What a thrill to find all your songs hitting me the same way, with the added sweetness of having waited so long making it all sound even better.
I heard "Tumblin' Inn" on WLIR, probably in '74 because I had the album in my junior year of high school, and have been a fan ever since. I followed Peppy to Balance, and you guys to your stuff.
I'm sure you've heard this too many times, but every girlfriend or romantic situation of my teens and early 20's featured you guys as part of the soundtrack. I STILL have old girlfriends tell me they either still have the first Alessi album, or they MISS it (now I can let them know it's available right from the very creators!).
The bottom line is - music has been the longest standing and most important relationship of my life, and the music that touches me deeply is part of my heart and who I am; I've had a pretty eventful life and close friends often ask me if I'd ever write an autobiography and my answer is always - "My record collection is my autobiography."
It's an honor to be able to tell you "in person" after all these years, but I want to just say thank you so much for all the incredible music.
Please pass it along to your brother as well (unless you are both sick of hearing it!).
All the best and I'll be in touch to complete the CD collection!


Hi Bobby,
     I know you must have gotten tons of e-mails today, so I wanted to add my two cents & tell you again how great it was to see you & Billy last night ... watching you two take the stage, it was like time stood still & we were back in 1970-something at My Father's Place - you haven't changed a bit!
      It was a magical night in a room filled with lots of love & good cheer - please don't wait 20 years to do it again, hope to see you soon!!
Will send pics when I get them back ...
Love to you both,


      As I sit here and try to explain how I feel about last nights show it's hard for me to put in to words.. First off I had the opportunity to say hi to Camilla before the show and introduced her to Barbara real quick, because she was very busy...Camilla was very sweet and I was worried she might have forgotten who I was because it's been a few months since I saw her..She didn't forget...Bobby, last night should have been a wake up call to you guys...The crowd loved you guys dearly and I saw the smiles on there faces.. It isn't just your family that loves your music there were many other people smiling especially me.. I am so honored to know you all. First off, I sensed a little worry in you early in the week which made me worry a little bit because I am Italian also  lol..You would have thought it was me going on stage instead of you..As the week went on I kept saying hey, this is the Alessi Brothers this is what they do for a living. They are all about sound- Harmony and wonderful songs and you proved it last night. I give you a 10 for the show out of 10 and it's not because I know you, it's just a fact. It is some times hard when you know people personally to try to say to them how much you appreciate them for what they have acomplished.. I only hope you truly understand how I feel about the music of you guys and how it has touched me through the years...I have more to say but I think you have heard it all before so I won't ramble on..WHEN IS YOUR NEXT SHOW? Gona watch the DVD'S NOW...Thanks B..


      I made the show at The Downtown last Friday and really enjoyed it. Good mix of old and new songs. Barnaby Bye and the commercials were a nice surprise. Hope to see you guys out again soon. John


Hi Bobby,
     Hope all is well.  My CD's came in the mail during the week (thanks so much), but I didn't get a chance to listen to them until Saturday.  I LOVE "Hello Everyone!"  It hasn't left my CD player since Saturday - you know, your voices sound every bit as good today as they did 25 years ago, & the songs are beautiful ... I've always said nobody writes a love song like you & Billy, & that's still true ... when music makes you feel emotions (I smiled ... & had a few tears on "It's Your Birthday," I must have been in a really sensitive mood on Saturday!), then it's doing what it's supposed to do ...
     And it was great hearing "Dancing in the Halls of Love" again after all these years!
     Hope to get to see you do these songs live sometime -- my best to Billy & your family, & have a great Valentine's Day!
Luv ya,


Hi folks!!!!
     I'm your fan, I've already wrote for you before, do you remember!!! My name is Marcos, I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil...It's a great pleasure to write to you again, I would like to know, when you'll come to play in Brazil, are you on tour currently ????
     Curiosity: Did you know that your most known song here in Brazil, is "All for a Reason"???? I love this song!!!!! and the songs that you played with Cristoffer Across.....
     Bye!!!!! I hope news!!!!!!!
!!!!!! I'm sorry about my English!!!!!!!


Hello B's,
      I just want to thank you for one of the sweetest happiest most loving moving songs in my life..
It's been in my life for a long time and I recently, much too late I am ashamed to say, discovered the writers. You both look like very real and lovely guys. (Websites are wonderful eh?!)
     Bless you for Oh Lori and I can't wait to hear a gig sometime.
Much love, Jan Allain.(English singer /songwriter now living in Germany due to my culty music career that developed here).


Good Morning Dear Bobby,
     Nice to know someone that has made the world a happier place. There has been a lot more positive words said about you and Billy's music through out the years then negative words. So glad to have shared all of the great feelings with you and Billy. Sorry we have not spoken , I have been home with a cold/flu since Friday today will be the first day out of the house and back to work I am feeling much better now. Hope all is well I will call you sometime today.


Hello Louie,
     Many thanks for the CD.
It is excellent...I love it. The new songs are outstanding.
Best Regards,
Brian M.


     I just received your cd, I really love it. It reminds me of the good old days... thanks a lot...
Best wishes from France,
Jean P.


     Thanks for sending out the new(ish) CD Hello Everyone. What a great record! I'd say it's probably your best Alessi release yet. I like the occasional middle eastern influence, the lush harmonies/melodies/choice of instrumentation. A definite musical growth. I'm glad you guys put this out despite the hassles along the way. Good to hear Jeff Southworth on this too who I knew and worked with when I lived in NYC. Hope to be hearing more!...


     I just received Hello Everyone. I had to let you guys know it is great. It is from the heart. I shared you're music with my children many years ago, and they love it. Now the question is when will you be appearing in the New York area. PS good luck and thank you for the music. Nick B.


      I'm truly sorry for not getting back to you earlier, but real life's
got in the way.....
     I've lived with your two new albums for a couple of days now
(at home, in the car and at the office), and I must say they're
both an  incredible piece of work! Very strong songwriting, remarkable performance and a truly inventive production!
Simply put: The best music I've heard in a long, long time! I've played the album for famous Swedish DJ Kalle Oldby at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, and he went through the roof.....  He would very much like to do an interview with you, when he'll be in the U.S. after the summer  -  Would
this be possible???


Hi Bobby,
       Thank you so much for your e-mail back. It's great to hear from you after all those years being a fan and listening to your songs.
      I grew up listening to your music, and it has been closely linked to my life for all those years. Not only do I love your songs because they are great, but also because they have been part of my life and remind me of things. They have their special meaning to me.
     Now that I had a chance to hear from you, it takes another dimension. Next time I'll be listening to your records I'll have a smile on my face, knowing that I got a chance to say "thank you."
     It is so frustrating to know that I'm flying back to France on November 27th, just a couple of days before your show.
     I've already been to the venue where you'll be performing, and really liked it.
     It would have been a dream come true if I could have make it there, unfortunately I am on a tourist VISA, and I am not allowed to stay more than a certain period of time. You should really come to France, or Belgium. Belgium is a great place to play, there's a lot of music/festivals there.
       I was wondering if you are planning on doing more shows in the US/ NY soon? I read on your website that you're back from a Euro Tour, but have you been touring a lot recently? Can we expect more? I might be coming back to the US at the end of January, it would be awesome if you were to play more shows. I enjoy your website a lot, and I'm going to order your CDs from there. I have many of your records, but only on LP and 7inches. I even have some australian pressings, I hope someday I'll get a chance to get some albums autographed.
     Now I can finally get everything on CD from your website, and get your latest album, and compilation. I can't wait!
      I loved the downloads I got from your official site, and particularly enjoyed the live songs. I knew I was missing out not seeing you guys live, but now I know that I wasn't even close to reality.
You just sound FABULOUS live.
Thanks again for your words, it truly means a lot.
Thomas G.


HI Guys..found you on myspace great!! i usually go to for any info, a fantastic site by the way..I bought your cd "just like that"   which i love and   dvd which i play a lot.(love the old tracks) I really do think its wonderful to be able to get intouch with people like you who i would normaly never imagine getting intouch with. hope you can add me to your friends to you both Kim Uk
Hey Bobby,

Hope you had a great show last night! (still waiting for ElkTones music!lol)It is awesome that the Bottom Line show from 1978 is on the Wolfgang Website. I listened to it last night and it brought back great memories. I was there for both shows (my mom, god bless her never said no to me) I was just 14 and I brought you and Billy giant Candy Kisses (always brought presents for you) and your manager Steve took them from me and said I would not be able to see you guys but he would bring them to you. I was crushed and he ended up coming back and taking me backstage(guilt can be a wonderful thing) I believe that was the night that Paul Stanley was there and I got to meet him.
Thanks for posting it. So many will enjoy it!

Love, Laurie


Hi Billy & Bobby,

I have searched and searched the internet for many years now trying to find this song that I kept hearing on the radio. That song was 'Oh Lori' - I have searched for Hello Lorrie, Hello Lawrie and many other variations, never fully understanding what the title of the song was after just listening to the song. Hey I know I am dumb and in the lyrics it is quite clear that the song is 'Oh Lori' - I just sing the song in my own version which is helloooo lorrie. I know this is wrong, but this is all I can remember about the song after being mesmerized by it.
I have heard the song many times on the radio, but never heard who sang this great song.
I would just like to thank you both for giving this world the greatest song I have ever ever heard.
The search is over, I now have the song in my collection to listen too at my leisure.
Thanks again, I love it and hopefully, if my wishes are met, it will be played at my funeral (I am only 33 now, so hopefully, not too soon).
A big fan from England
Best wishes to you both and your families.
Dear Bobby and Billy,
30 years ago, I met my husband in The Hague, Holland. As I stepped into the car on our first date, your record , "Bid deal, I'm not over you" was playing on the radio. This became our record!! On April 11, 2008, we will be married 24 years - I hope you will play this record for us.
With very best wishes,
My brother and I
have both been fans of your music since the early days (I saw you perform in Glasgow,Scotland in 1977) and we both still love the music now.
Many thanks once again.
Best wishes,
Scott & Kirk.
Hi Scott,
We remember that night in Glasgow, and we will never forget it. Right after the show, A&M records had a party at the Spaghetti Factory restaurant where they invited every pair of twins from a hundred miles around. It was freaky! We'd really like to play in the UK again someday. Maybe we'll get to meet you and Kirk one day. Thanks again.
It's great that you still remember your time in Glasgow , even down to the name of the restaurant! I seem to remember a newspaper article about the "twins" party you mentioned, i'm glad that Glasgow has good memories for you both. It would be fantastic to see you perform in the UK again, i see that you are playing in Holland again next year so maybe if you are not able to get to the UK we could come over to Arnhem. It would be an absolute pleasure to meet you both.
I'll keep checking on your website for any news.
Thank you once again. Have a great Christmas and a happy and successful New Year.
All the best to you both,
Billy and Boby :
I love your songs (especially "SAD SONGS" and " I WIS THAT I WAS MAKING LOVE TO YOU TONIGHT").
I have 43 years old and i am a loyer. I live in Buenos Aires City, Argentina.
My family love your music.
Where do you came from Argentina to play your songs ?
Capelle aan den IJssel,
Dear Bobby and Billy,
Hi, this is Esther from the Netherlands. I saw your theather tour Oceans
of Music with Julya Lo'ko and Erwin van Ligten in Capelle aan den
IJssel, the Netherlands. The first time with my sisters, brother and
husbands. And the second time with my husband and son who studies
composition en Musicproduction.
The first time I saw your show I loves the quality of the musique, the
combination together with Julya and Erwin and I was so sorry I didn't
took my son of 22 with me. I wanted him to hear the music too because I
was SURE he loves this music (besides “his” music) too. He is also a fan
of Hall and Oates and loves a lot of “our”music especially of the
“70”years. So, thats why I went to see you for the second time in
I've bought the DVD and your latest CD with “just like that”. I like
this song very much, because I've been in San Jose. I'.ve an aunt living
in Mountainview close to San Jose. We've been several times there and
also in Chicago and other places in the USA because of my husbands work.
When I see your DVD you show us a little of your life and family.
Especially with the song “over and done”. You've have a nice family!
Just like you we're going once a year with the whole famile 1 week on
ski holiday, We do that with parents, brothers and sisters, nieces and
nephews since they were babies. With your songs I feel the “American
Since I've seen you in the theatres in Holland I listen almost everyday
your CD. It was very nice I had the possibility to speak with you!. I
could never imagine that when I bought your album in 1977 “All for a
reason”that, so many years later, I could met you. That's I think very
special! Especially because you're are telling me about my “beautiful
eyes” behind my glasses! That's wat no one has telling me even my
husband he's always looking into my eyes! So my evening was very
special! A compliment of the Alessi brothers isn't someting you overcome
every day!
Bobby was telling me about his son not to go into “ the music” and that
he is going to the university. At the same time he was telling my son to
keep on. I think myself the music world is an uncertain and difficult
world, especially in this time with so many good musicians and singers.
On the other hand music also brings so much good feelings, energy and
healing. I've always thought , if it's your passion and you have the
talents and the possibility, you must certainly try to follow your
dream. I have always stimulated him and we shall see what future will
life without music! I'll hope for you that the end of the tour in Paris
was unforgetable!
Thank you for your music and making me feel beautiful. A lot of succes
in the USA and when you come again in the Netherlands we'll certainly
come to your show.
Greetings and love from me and my family.


Last saturday I witnessed Laurent Voulzy playing your title "Oh Lori" as his second song during his sold out show at the legendary Olympia in Paris. It was a great show and he managed to hit all the high notes...All the best from a long time Alessi fan in Germany,Henning

Hi Bobby,
Very nice. I haven't heard London for over 20 years! This got quite a bit of airplay in Los Angeles on a very popular eclectic rock station, KNX-FM. I have a very clean copy of a promo LP All For A Reason, however, I have my high-end turntable taken down right now, since we are rebuilding our media room. Did the A&M release of London contain the studio folks conversation at the beginning of the track? I don't remember that.
I am in the technical broadcast business working on audio signal processing (compressors and limiters), and most recently high performance audio codecs for high quality Internet audio streaming. We are the guys responsible for fixing the audio quality on the Internet. I personally think the Internet is where most artists can get exposure these days, since the large corporate broadcasters will no longer take any chances with their terrestrial radio properties. We can now reach computer desktops and mobile phones with very good audio quality.
We have a free Windows Media Player Plugin to play AAC and aacPlus formatted files and streams. This Plugin will also play unprotected iPod files.

Dear Bobby and Billy,
I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that my Alessi goodies arrived safe and sound and it was a great surprise to receive them from you. That was a really nice, personal touch and thanks also for signing them all for me. Thanks for taking the time andtrouble.
It's great to know you guys are still continuing to make such super, melodic, tuneful music especially as today's contemporary pop music - to my ears - sounds so aggressive and extreme in some cases and noisy and unmelodic in others. I'm especially enjoying your recent albums.
I've been trying for years to get your classic albums on CD as my original vinyl album's have got a bit worn over the years. I've tried all the major stores in London to no avail, not even a "greatest hits"! I hadn't thought of using the internet until I was at some friends recently and they'd found this amazing site that when you type a band or artists name in, it downloads footage of them performing. So I put in your name and there you were in your glory days. Then we googled you and found your website - "Alessi heaven!" My vinyl copy of Driftin' was in bad shape so it's nice that I can replace it with a CD.
I was interested to see on your "Best of" CD the photograph of your album Long time Friends. I've never seen that album before so I'm wondering if it was only available in the USA. I'll have to see if I can track down a vinyl copy.
One last request; could I be cheeky and ask you for another photograph of you both and ask you to sign the front this time as I'd like to frame it and put it up on my music room wall. I've got a space between my autographed photos of Peggy Lee and Eartha Kitt!! You guys haven't changed a bit. A good advertisement for good, clean, wholesome living, eh?
Thanks again. Take care. With all good wishes to you and yours.
Even if I was mostly listening to hard-rock when I grew up in the 70's there was something about you guys. The songs, the arragements, the musicians, you voices and not to forget the lyrics. Some people sneer at light pop but I say fuck 'em. There is cheesy music in the "genre" but there's also class. I think you two made your own space, and actually "Space" was the first Alessi song I heard. It was on the nightradio here in Sweden and it hit the spot there in the dark. I was probably in love or something.
Anyway it's good to see you're still going strong. New album and all.
Thanks from Jan up in cold Sweden.
Thanks for your quick shipment of the CD "All For A Reason.". It indeed brings back awesome memories. It remains one of my favorite all time recordings. Thanks guys.
Hello Bobby and Billy .
How are You !
I'd like to say that the dvd that you sand me came here in Brazil .I'm so glad and I don't know how to thank you for this gift .It was a gift that I will keep with so much affection .I wish so success for you .Best Wishes


Dear Billy &Bobby

Many thanks for such a fast delivery of my Cd & Dvd.really hve enjoyed them both .Your Cd is brilliant and the Dvd is a fantastic watch. thanks again love Kim from england XX


Hi Bobby,

You guys did a great, great job on your latest CD! I've been listening to it in my car and enjoying it very much.

I've been a fan for a long time. I first started listening to you back in the mid 1970's when I worked at a radio station in Monterey, California. I was 19 and working at a local station, but it was another station (KWAV I believe) that was playing "Oh Lori" quite a bit. Great song!

After hearing "Oh Lori" on the radio, I picked up your first album and have been a fan ever since. It's great to see that you and your brother are still making music all these years later. And from what I can hear on the CD, it sounds like you're really enjoying yourselves.

Thanks again! I'm glad I found you after all these years.



Hey Bobby,

I’m listening your cd, (now the second time) and it’s an incredible cd, amazing melody, great arrangements, i love your vocal harmony (a la Beach Boys...) with your brother... It reminds me some great souvenir... Great work, i think all your fans will love this cd.

Yes i went in Alsace too, its beautiful, i really love Colmar, very nice town, and some little town like Obernai or Riquewhir... It’s at 750 km from Périgueux where i live. (i don’t know in miles... Hahahaha)

It will be great to share a good bottle of wine together with our wives... Maybe one day in United States or France, if you come in France before i go to United States, please tell me...

I don’t know if you know Bill Cantos and his wife Mari Falcone, Bill made a cd in japan in 1995 “Who are you”, great cd and great westcoast sound, produced by Jay Graydon, Bill Schnee, Michael Shapiro, Ricky Lawson with guests like Joseph Williams (ex-Toto), Arnold McCuller, Michael Thompson, Ricky Lawson, Bill Champlin, Abraham Laboriel, Perri Sisters, Kevyn Lettau, Carlos Rios, Deniece Williams, Kirk Whalum among others. In 1997 i organized a concert for him and his wife near Périgueux. They slept two nights at my holiday house in Arcachon during the week-end. And after he made a concert in Paris, Jean-Luc Raymond has organised this show...
Now Bill played a lot with Flora Purim... and made a tour with Phil Collins at backing vocals.

I went in Denmark in 2000 in Copenhagen for an Euro-Meeting (i am at the Round Table, its a club like Rotary or Lions for young men under 40 years). I spent 1 week in Copenhagen, its a beautiful town too., with great garden “Tivoli”... And the little Mermaid....


Hey Jean-Philippe,
Thanks for the background, it does sound like a dream trip, my wife and I (she's from Denmark) took a trip through Alsace, Colmar, Dijon, Strasbourg, etc., but we still have to see the South for some of that good wine, although we enjoyed the wine up there just fine. It's a beautiful country, maybe we'll get a chance to share a bottle someday, your country or mine which ever comes first. I like your taste in music.


Just a few words about me. Excuse in advance for my poor english language...

I’m a head of a printing company, i’m 41 years old.
I’m married with 3 children, i live in southwest of France in Perigord, great country..., near Bordeaux (best wine in the world... Hahahaha). I have a holiday house in “Arcachon” with a great swimming pool, in the southwest of France on the atlantic coast.

Between 1982 and 1986 i had a radioshow at a local radio station named “Sunset Boulevard” and off course Alessi Bros was in my playlist with songs like “What away to go”, “I wish that i was makin’ love to you tonight”, “that’s when she touched me”, “dancing in the halls of love” “Oh Lori”, “You got the way”, and so on... Other artists in my playlist were Bill LaBounty, Toto, Peter Allen, Pages, Michael McDonald, Steely Dan, Donald Fagen, Doobie Bros, Eagles, Poco, Rickie Lee Jones, Patti Austin, Beach Boys, Nicolette Larson, Quincy Jones, Larry Carlton, Airplay, Al Jarreau, George Benson, Linda Ronstadt, Jimmy Webb, Amy Holland, Larry Lee, Randy Newman, Michael Franks, Robbie Dupree, Greg Guidry, Marc Jordan, Christopher Cross, America, Ambrosia, and many others...

I am a good friend of Jean-Luc, i was the printer of “Westcoast Rendezvous” and i made some chronicles on it.

I went two times in the United States the first time in 1992 during 5 weeks in the southwest, we rent a car in Los Angeles (California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico), i went in L.A., San Francisco, Las Vegas, Monterey, Some National parks like Canyonlands, Arches, Grand Canyon. There’s a small town near Canyonlands and Arches named “Moab” in Utah and i fall in love with this little town... great great holidays,, it was a dream for me.

In 1999 i spent 1 week in New York, magic town, i fall in love too with New York, i really love this town, by day and by night...

I hope that i will return in United States with my wife and my 3 children very soon...

“Hot Fun in The Summertime”....
all the best from France



Hi Bobby & Billy,

Nice update of your web page.
Although "Oh Lori" was a hit here in Holland, I think to the most of
us 'Don't hold back' was the first cut, which they say, is the deepest.
It certainly would not be wrong at all to do "Don't hold back" if you
do come to Holland, which I hope will be soon. Would hit the roof!

During the summer months in '77, while we didn't go on holiday at all,
the (only) place to spend our time was the swimming pool in our
little Alphen "city", all seem quite dull, but Alessi music made our days
Imagine us in our younger days, in our molukse wijk, where we live.
When on a sunny day you pass several houses, with the window of the living
or a bedroom window, wide open, you hear they're putting up Alessi music.
And I'm not talking about one house.
Can still hear my friend next door singing, music loud,... wish I had a dime
for every time
I had to hold my feelings back......

Instead of "On a dark desert highway" it was now "I wanna tell you ...",
"You made it clear"

To be real honest, would love to see you also do "Love to have your love"!
Will absolutely not misfit.
Although these are your old songs, but to me they're timeless.

Hope to see you soon,


Hello Billy & Bobby,

It's been three weeks ago that I saw you playing here in Deventer. When i heard that you where coming to Deventer i really couldn't believe it.
It was great!!!!! After 20 years i realized that your music is absolutly timeless.
I'm verry happy with the cd's i bought and that you sighned them. I wasn't able to play your old records for years and finding cd's was even harder!! But now i'm listening with a (very big) smile on my face almost every day to your music.

I'l hope you'll be back (Deventer again??? please, hahaha), Groningen is to far for me (i live in Deventer en i'm working in i can''t make it in a working week)
Love to see you again.(SOON)



I've been a fan since my band shared the stage with Barnaby Bye in Middlebury Ct. in 1974.

I think the new album and DVD are great. You've been a big influence on me over the years.

Could you tell me what Rhodes sound you are using on the DVD of "All for a reason". Is it in the S - 90 or is it Midi'd to another keyboard?


Hey Robert,
I was using the S-90 and it wasn't Midi'd to anything. I had another keyboard (Yamaha PSR-540) up there for sound effects.

Dear Bobby,

What a great surprise to hear back from you....personally.

I have been a big Alessi fan for a fair few years and over time have purchased most of your cds previously available on Japanese import. I love them all but my particular favourites include Long Time Friends and Driftin'.

I was on holiday last week in Amsterdam and came across Hello Everyone which is destined to become another favourite. I really admire the way you have retained the unique Alessi sound but brought it bang up to date. Stand outs for me are 99 Reasons and It's Your Birthday.

I will fax an order through early next week with my card details.

In the meantime - thanks again and good luck with Just Like That


p.s. great website


Dear Bobby:
Just wanted to say it was great to see you all play at Berger Bros. Last year at the Downtown I met Brad and he was telling me what a big Alessi Fan he was (not as big as me of course!!!) and I took him backstage and that's how he met you.
It is so exciting that he is getting you guys to get out there more. I believe in your music and your talent so deeply. Following you guys around in the 70's and 80's were some of the best years of my life.
My son was excited to see you guys play and of course cannot stop talking about your toilet paper joke (I am not sure I should thank you for that one) He said Bobby is the funniest guy ever.
Missed seeing Stephen Marcuccio there (do you know where he was?)
But again you, Billy, Mike and Peppi are amazing and I am so glad you are back together. I will be a fan forever.
Life has been really rough for me lately and it made me smile to see you all and it warmed my heart and for that I thank you. You need to know that your talent and energy is such a gift and gets passed on to so many others.
May all your dreams come true!


P.S. Thanx for singing Oh! Lori. And please tell Peppi thanx for singing The Day Came On it's my little guys favorite, he knows all the words!


Hi guys,hope this email finds you both well (and your families) I would like to take this opertunity to thank you both for the two cds which I recently purchased from you.THE MUSIC AND LYRICS ARE AMAZING (as always) thank you both very much for signing them as I asked,it really meant a lot to me.One track which I can relate to is from words and music:as long as i still have you. My wife and I have grown older together and can relate to the lyrics.we are the couple who named our house AVALON so you can see we are both loyal fans and have been since we met keep up the great work and hope to meet you both someday.Merry Xmas and a happy new year from scotland.
yours sincerely DEREK and ELAINE

I was following you guys back in the 70's and never missed a show! I especially loved all the shows at My Fathers Place.

I turned my whole family on to you guys. I even brought my parents to a show at My Fathers Place (Dr. Dirty opened for you guys..... It was a real experience for my mother!) My mother has since passed, but my father is 75 and still listens to HIS old Barnaby Bye albums. Back in the 70's my parents had a dog named Barnaby, and a cat named Bye.

I was turning my 13 year old onto some of your music and did an internet search on you and was shocked to find out you had a reunion right here on Long Island and I missed it!

I used to wait for you guys to do a reunion like some people waited for a Beatle reunion. I hope you do another..... I'll be watching your website alot closer.

I watched the sample of the DVD and I'll be buying it at Berger Bros. this week.

Thanks for the great music and memories.



Hi Bobby –
     My brother and I really enjoyed the show last Friday. Didn’t expect a BB reunion of sorts.  My brother flew in from Colorado and I came in from Mass. It was worth the trip. The last time we saw you guys was in Westbury.  You know, I realized on Friday just what terrific composers you both are.
Hope you’re planning more shows.
Happy and healthy holiday –


     Just wanted to thank you for putting on such a great show!!!   It was nice to see Peppy and Mike there also.  Like old times. Hope you guys aren't planning to wait another 20 years to play NY.  Keep in touch.


What a night!
Bobby: I'm on my way out the door to a drs. appt. I'm already late for it, but couldn't leave without sending at least a brief e-mail (more later of course.
) It was an amazing show. For once I am at a loss for words, or at least a way to express myself at the moment. So for now, I will simply say to you & Billy, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!


Hi Bobby & Billy,
     You both gave me a lifetime memory...I had a great time, really fantastic (feel my overfloating enthusiasm). It was great meeting you and listening to your music all my life!!
     You're terrific guys, so very kind, so "yourselves" and friendly, and the way you are with all those fans/crowd...
A million thanks for the cd's,couldn't listen yet, because we were at 3
o'clock back home, slept for 4 hours and am working now and repeating the whole evening in my mind....
     You must be exhausted after such a long day and having me hanging around you at the end of the evening....
     Still It was a unforgetable evening. Did make a lot of great pictures, i'll send you some, if you want to see more, tell me so.
Hope you'll enjoy(ed)the days here in Holland,d on't know if you read your mail here in Holland or back home (where do you live?).
Hope to meet again.
Bye bye
Antoinette (a lot out of my head now!)


Hi Bobby,
     Happy New Year! I got the CD...I love it! It made my commute very enjoyable today. Pure & Billy have such heartfelt vocals. (And Darla blends so well with you guys on "Forever Together").
It was really nice to hear you again...Like I said, I've been adding some of the old stuff into my I-Pod, so this is perfect timing.
     Nice to hear Shawn (drums) on there as well.
     Great way to start the year with new Alessi music...I'll let as many people I can know it's out. I leave next week for NAMM...sorry to hear you won't be out there. When the weather gets a little nicer, we have to try to get together.
Talk 2u soon,


Dear Billy and Bobby,
     There have been a lot of concerts I've visited but this was wonderful, professional and so relaxed and still more than worth listening and that's amazing. I saw you for the first time after listening to your albums the last twenty... years.
     My compliments and next time you're in Holand I'll be there, I promise and I'll tell all my relatives!!!!  
Thank you!!!!
Hans BH.


     After 25 years I bought again a CD of the Alessi Brothers (Hello Everyone). Although I have changed in all these years , I am still enyoing your music very much.
     Thanks also for building this bridge to the memories of my youth, in a time where my own children have the age, I had 25 years ago.
     I will let my heart lead the way, peace!
With kind regards,
Tina VN.


Hello Bobby,
     Thank you for your prompt reply to my email. I am pleased to hear we can buy the CD at the show. I have heard a couple of sample tracks from your website and it sounds great, just the beautiful music and high quality we always get from you both.
      I was mentioning the fact that you were coming to Holland to my sister in law in England and she was asking if you were intending to visit the UK. She loves your music as well.
     We were at a Kenny Loggins concert on Thursday last and it was also so good. Kenny rocked the whole place right out of the door.
      If you ever see Christopher Cross tell him to get his ass over here as well!!!!
     I also look  for visits from Michael McDonald but as far as I know he hasn’t been over in a while, I saw him give a concert a couple of years ago in Amsterdam .
      We have also been enjoying the music from Venice who are also very popular over here. They are back in the autumn to promote their new CD.
       We love the music you both make, it really touches us and we play your CD’s non-stop!!! In the car and at home. We are so excited at seeing and hearing you both live.
Take care and until the 6th of July. We will be there.


Hi there Bobby and Billy,
     Have we all grown old. Just to think of having heard your 2nd album, for the 1st time way back in summer '77, when I was 14 at a time when I went to school. 'Don't hold back' was the first song I heard from you. Then same period, on TV, unannounced there was you both singin' this song. I think it was in a studio.
     Anyway, I borrowed your album from my friend (neighbour). 'Big Deal' and 'I was so sure' 'Joanna' and of course 'Don't hold back', Seagull. We moluccan people in Holland all live in kind of communities in places as Alphen a/d Rijn near Amsterdam, Capelle a/d IJssel near Rotterdam,  Assen in the north of Holland etc. and we have relatives and friends all over these places. That's how you and your music got famous amongst us moluccan people in Holland. Alessi Brothers music really touch us and above all, your Voiceeeesssss!!!!!!!
     And then you never appeared on TV again, for 26 years (poor me, can you imagine) untill 2003 (?) you both were at Cor Bakker's show!
Now as I'm turning 42 (gosh), well..... I got the luck to have seen you performing in Nijmegen on 4th July as I just heard the minute I arrived, that you were about to perform. Surprise!!!!! Then, as you opened with 'All for a reason' I found myself in such very comfortable waves of sound and melody, those familiar songs of '77, now performed live by Alessi. Needless to say I let it all out in singin' along.
      Yah man, that is what you do with your songs to us. I really enjoyed your performance. It was GREAT. Unfortunately I wasn't able to buy your CD from your first hand (shooot), but my recordshop owner has ordered it for me. Just heard you on Radio Rijnmond, and of course sang along. Certainly it
must come from two hearts. And you know what, on 'Oh Lori' it is the 'dua dua' those thiny little detail snipers, that really make it.
     Some idea's to help you on future performances in Holland as you did during the Summer Jam Festival in Nijmegen:
- Please do some more songs, for sure 'Don't hold back' cause that was the smash, and still is.
  A friend who saw you perform in Akhnaton, Amsterdam, said it was over so soon.
- Come back on stage if we shout out 'we want more'. Cause when will we get to see you Live again.
- Please concentrate on taking opportunity to do TV performances in Holland or even TV specials. Besides songs, also history of Alessi Brothers, where you live, your talents, did you study music. People are interested. Certainly I am looking forward to see you in Fall '04 here in the Netherlands.
      You've got so much to give to us, moluccan people and it's more than worth to come and do your performances. So, No doubt there is the gap in the market, certainly among us, second generation of the Moluccan people in the Netherlands.
Like to see your reaction.
Kind regards,


  Updated: September 25, 2005.  

Dear Bobby and Billy,


I am a fan of your music from the early days. However, I am not the kind of man who sends emails to

celebreties. But I recently saw the live Radio Rijnmond Radioshow on televison and felt the same feeling again

as I did many years ago when I heard All for a reason. Everytime I hear that song I am going back in time

and think about my early years with my wife. I know her already 37 years(she came living in my street when I was

6 and she was 4). Perhaps it is strange to say, but already very early I could not imagine that she would merry someone else.

(could be a beautiful song). I still am very in love with her and every time I hear one of your songs(especially All for a reason)

this feeling gets stronger.


I always buy cd 's instead of downloading them, but I cannot find the cd I want.

Is there a live cd with all for a reason?


When are you coming to Holland again?


I would appreciate it when you can give me any answers on my questions.


Best regards,





Holland/the Netherlands

Hey Rob,

            That's a beautiful story and yes, it is a great premise for a song. I can't tell you what it means to hear that a piece of music we created has had and still has such a positive effect on someone's life half way around the world. Its an honor you bestow on us. Thank you for sharing it.

            We love doing that show with crazy Hans, he a riot. We never know what he's gonna say or do next and always wind up having much more fun than anticipated. There's a live version of All For A Reason available for download on our web site from the first time we did his show and we also have a DVD with it live from a show we did here in the states last Christmas. We'll be doing a show with Hans at a big theater in August. If you decide to come to see us there or any of our shows, we have a couple coming up in July, please come and say hello, we'd love to meet you and your wife, Mrs. Luns. (we didn't get her first name) 

            Thank you again for making us feel special. I hope someone does the same for you today. Send our love to the Mrs.  

    All the Best,

    Bobby Alessi


         U guys blow me away, always have. I played in bands as a drummer in this area  since I was 17 doing original music mainly off the influence of u guys opting out of the hot copy scene back then. I semi retired 6 yrs ago after spending a decade as house drummer at Easthampton recording studios. My Ex emailed me that u guys were at the downtown in aug so I spent some time at your site recently, it blew me away. Seeing a pic of mike after the years also blew me away. I'm 46 and have worked with phil ramone, mick jones, billy joel, etc. In my eyes and mind after hearing Jessie girl again, Without a doubt hearing u guys sing again made the hair on my body stand. Awesome,  I hope I can make the august show with about a dozen fans from out here in the hamptons. Funny I was playing the clip on your site and calling old BB fans with my cell for them to hear the tune. I work in production on lots of shows now and get very board with the music and musicians now, but after the visit to your site I'm ready for a reunion of my last band lol....... U guys sound great.

P.S. the Montauk video was cool, I spend a week every summer out there. Also I know really know that no one in the business has a better set of pipes than u and billy. Thanks Ray


Dear Bobby & Billy,
DVD arrived today.It's simply WONDERFUL!!!!!!!
Thank you very much.I am dreaming about a VOL 2.
Congratulations for your work and warm regards from Brasil,



I was listening to the “Hello Everyone” CD at the office today, headphones on, and really listened to the lyrics closely on LITTLE ONE. Well, you made my eyes well up a bit! My daughter is 23 now, but you brought me back to the day she was born in the delivery room when I cried.

I played it for one of the Account Exec’s and he felt the same way. He’s going to be playing the song at his daughters Sweet 16 in a couple of weeks. That’s how much it touched him.

Just thought you should know............

Hey Bobby & Billy,

I got them! Oh my God! You have no idea what memories and emotions
listening to those CDs have brought to the surface!

I guess I was about 9 years old when my parents first bought the Room
to Grow album. We probably played it hundreds of times before we wore
out the vinyl and had to buy it again!

I alternately laughed and cried the whole time I was singing along,
surprised that I remembered every single word to songs I haven't heard
in almost 30 years!

Thank you so much, and thanks for signing them, too. It was really
cool! A nice "Touch".


Dear Bobby & Billy,

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU, the CD just arrived and I'm playing it
right now!
Honestly it's even better than I remember. It's fantastic! I"m loving It!
I bought the original album when I was 17 in 1977, and have great memories
of it.
Thanks so much also for signing the CD for me. That was the icing on the
I'll be ordering again soon!

Take care guys,
kind regards from your number 1 fan in New Zealand
Karin xx

Barnaby Bye DVD rave reviews

Guys, I just got the DVD and it's GREAT!!! Man, Brad shot his ass for you guys and it shows. Great camera angles and closeups, and the way you pieced it all together is the icing on the cake! I felt like I was back there again, and this will be a DVD that I'll wind up playing till the laser eats through the other side. Just a wonderful piece of work for people to enjoy over and over again, just a great piece to commemorate the reuniting of a great band! Can't wait till you guys do it again!


Great job on the DVD!

Just wanted to let you know I saw the new DVD. What a blast! I really enjoyed it. I think it was even more special having been there when it was recorded.
The only down side was that it had to end.
Hope you guys will be playing around here in the near future. Can,t wait to see you live again.
The 30 year gap was a little to long.
As soon as you have set, I'm sure I'll find out from your website.
Once again, what a blast!

From a fellow Long Islander!

Hey Alessi Brothers

My older brother Rick introduced me to your music 20 something years ago."Getting old sucks in most ways". Hopefully, you don't I feel it. I sure do sometimes.

Way back when, while attending Carle Place High, I played your music for my high school buddy Rich

Both of us  agree that the vocals and the production of that music you gentleman put out was something we wanted to keep listening to.

Rich just enlightened me that you all have a website. I have enjoyed it.

You still sound great.

We are both from Carle Place.

I hope you're lovin Locust Valley.

They are C.P.'s rival in sports if you didn't know by now. Green and white all the way.

Rich moved to Connecticut and I just recently to North Carolina. Couldn't afford the taxes.

Mine right now are 1200 a year. Just something to think about if you want to enjoy a little fresh air and a great family atmosphere.

Yes, I still  have family on L.I.

Rich and I are both happily married, each with a boy and a girl..

You brothers one of my influences in song writing, along with Ambrosia, Genesis, Yes and believe it or not Amy Grant.

I've always loved music, family, and Long Island.

I never had the balls to go for it in the music business,

even though I studied Music Business at SUNY at Fredonia.

I always thought I needed something to back me up financially if I didn't make it.never did try to make it though.

Now at 43, I'm thinking, what is really making it?.

It's inevitable that we are all gonna go on to hopefully somewhere else. Don't want to get into that right now.

You guys made it.

You bros rule.

Long Island does too.

Anyway, if you are reading this, give a listen to these songs. They are out of a hundred and fifty that I've written and recorded in my personal studio since 1993, and never have tried to sell or distribute Always just for  my friends and family.

The first is a song I performed for my hometown and was called back to perform again. That was great.

The other was the last one I recorded for my 43rd b-day

this past week.

Finally I'm being bold, having someone else listening.

I'm not asking for any feedback.

It's good for me, just has your music has been for Rich, Rick and I.

love ya's,


Dear Bobby & Billy :

I wanted to thank you and your brother so much for sending me the music! I really enjoyed the DVD and the music too! I remembered at least one of the songs from back in Chicago! Can you believe that! I think it was called Driftin. Could it be that my memory is that good? Yikes!

Thanks again!



Morning from Finnish Railroads

Had to view the dvd yesterday nite. It is great !!!!!

I love all of the songs but O Lori is still the ONe.

Take care


Dear Bobby & Billy,

with these lines I would like to use this special chance to say thanks to You and Billy for all the unbelievable music, which You brought to my life.  

From the first note I am a deep fan of your harmonies and I did not only listen to Your music, it had a real influence to my life.

Only one little story:

In the middle of the seventies I drove to Hamburg, to offer there my Songs, which I wrote.  At that time Hamburg was the melting-pot of the German music-scene.  

I've made no dates and hoped for my luck.  Unfortunately nobody wanted to hear my music and in the last evening, before I drove back to Cologne, I walked frustrated and hopelessly somewhere in Hamburg.

When suddenly I heard from an inconspicuous tavern music of Alessi Brothers and it pulled me into the tavern.  No guests where in the tavern.  It sat only one man at that bar and talked with the bar-Keeper.

I put myself somewhere, and listened to the music.  

When I came into the discussion with the man about the unknown Alessis, it turned out that he was a music-producer, looking for artists.  

Short End: He published my first 4 records.

If I had not been catched by Your voices, I would have never entered this Bar, would have never published my first record.  

Its all for a reason!

In all the years I went far ways, to find Your rare records, because some of Your albums were not published in Germany.  

Laboriously I have to bring the records with my computer released from "Crickle&Crackle" to listen it with a best quality.  

Therefore I am glad to enjoy your work on CD now, coming with the next post.  

Two years ago I discovered your web-page for the first time.  

Joy and pain was very large for me, because I had to read that I passed Your Netherlands-Tour just by days.

So tomorrow is the day I will pass You a second time, but I am not sad.

It makes me very happy, that I have the possibility to say now thanks in this form.  

After all the years and in the age of 53, I am pleased now much on your current album and I am myself sure, that it will be a special surprise for me.

Also on the DVD I am very strained.  

Sorry, for my bad English.

With sunny greetings from Cologne



It seems that I have stuck into the 70s music.., maybe just because it was
so good back then, heh.
I was the 1st fan from europe in the F Valli and 4 Seasons fc. I did collect
as much as possible, Philadelphia Intl records, all possible Phillysound,
Salsoul etc.

Most of my record collection is r&b, jazz.

Well.. I have bought so many dvds of the tv shows.. Columbo, Star Trek ( 60s
original but was shown here in the 70s). Henry Mancini's Mystery Movie Theme
song is just brilliant.

Can't say that no good music is made in these days but somehow 70s was the
time when all kinda things were happening in the music business, disco,
jazzfunk came strongly, O Lori was a Hit. No, it is still A Hit. :=)

I heard O Lori 1st time when my US penpal ( of the F valli fanclub) sent me
a c cassette and there was the song.

So, maybe it is just that I am getting old ( 45 yrs in october 23rd..) and
that is why I remember "good ole days", heh.

Got to do some work
Take care


p.s Thanks for signing the dvd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bobby and Billy,


A friend sent me the article about you guys being at the Downtown in Farmingdale.   Wow I can't believe it.   It's been such a longtime since Long Island has heard from the Alessi Brothers.   My sister Cyndee and I meet you about 28 years ago, when you opened for Frankie Valli at Westbury Music Fair.   We had sent you letters to your mom's house and see was so wonderful to us.   We visited her at her home and got to meet your sisters.   We were able to get back stage at Nassau Col. When you toured with Andy Gibb and also backstage with Frankie Valli because of your wonderful mom.   We will never forget that.   Way back when we even named our new kittens Billy and Bobby.   You guys were so sweet to us.   We will keep those memories forever.   I still have all my articles on you guys and the autographed pictures and notes you sent us.   You probably don't remember any of this but we do.


Good luck Friday.   Wish I could be there but babysitting problems are keeping me away.   I will play your albums instead.   Your music will always be very special to me.


Thanks for making my teenage years extra special.


Love you guys.

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to write and say hello. I have been a longtime fan. I remember seeing you a few times with Andy Gibb way back when. I have always loved your music and have all your records. I was so sad when you seemed to "go away" and didn't hear anything new coming in the form of an album. I am so glad to see you are still in the business as I always felt you were both so very talented!

You really are awesome and I am so glad I found you again!

Take care,


(from Chicago)



Thanks, Bobby, for sending out the DVD and CDs. Just got them in one day! Yay.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered an Alessi song I'd never heard before ("Jagged Edge"). How did that one ever get by me??'s awesome!

I don't recall it on any of my albums.

I loved the images from Holland

I really enjoyed the Montauk shots, too. Being a lifelong LI-er, what remains beautiful on this island (since development is running rampant) is really a treasure and what a treat to see all of you having a blast out there.

I loved the home-movie feel of a lot of it. It's such a nice way for you to create an intimate connection without it becoming intrusive.

Thanks again to you and Billy, for being such a presence in my life, creating a light-heartedness much in need these days, and for allowing me in, just a little bit. Such a gift.

Peace and love to you both,


Hi Bobby & Billy,

Many thanks for your promp service!! CD arrived last friday.

As a matter of interest the CD is for my wife who heard the album in
1979/80 and absolutely loved it.I never had heard of you guys as I was
living in Africa at the time. We now live in France actually although I
have to work in London and visit my wife as much as possible. She heard the
song "Oh Lori" on the French radio station called "M FM" the other week
which stirred her memories and she asked me to try and get it for her.

We have Amazon and HMV on line over here in the UK and neither of them had
any of your albums except the latest one. When I started searching for your
Website, my colleague in the office saw what I had found and when I asked
him if he had ever heard "Oh Lori" he said of course, they loved it so much
that they named their youngest daughter Lori after it.!!!!!!

When I told my wife Lee that you had both signed the CD as well she was
most pleased and said you would never get that with artists over here!!

I am going home on 9 July and Lee is so excited that I have the CD

Thanks for being nice guys and good luck with the new album


Kind Regards


Dear Alessi Bros,

This may sound very daft, but I am struggling to find out the year that “Oh Lori” (One of my all time favourite songs) was in the charts.

The song evokes the most incredibly strong, emotional feelings that I have ever experienced with a song.

The story in my life that goes with the song was back to when it was in the charts.

I believe I was 9, and as a young tear-away (aka hoodlum), I used to leave my house every day in the summer and go to a holiday camp that was near to where I lived. In the UK they are places where people on tight budgets might take their family for a holiday. My father was a policeman working in Harwich, Essex, England where there was a Warners Holiday Camp. As a policeman they were given a free family pass, which entitled the whole family to enter the holiday camp and do everything in the camp except eat in the cafeteria. With me so far…..

Whilst there I used to get involved in all the kids and adult games, activities and competitions. Swimming, Snooker, Pool, Table Tennis - you name it I did it.

One time, during the day at the camp I met a little girl who was only 4 years of age. Always loving children as I did and still do, I did not mind playing with her – despite it not being cool in front of my friends. However, there was something very special about this young girl – she was deaf. She was the prettiest thing you have ever seen, and she was deeply loved by her family. But even at my tender age I could see that they struggled to communicate with her, and would often ignore her pleas – purely through their own exhaustion of having to look after their “disabled” daughter.
With their support and permission, I offered to play with her during the day and keep her occupied and entertained. I spent 2 of the happiest weeks in my life (as a child and prior to having 3 of my own children) playing with this 4 year old beauty. I took her everywhere in the camp. I got her involved in all the activities, and I made sure everybody understood what she wanted, and made her understand what was going on. I gave her the most valuable thing a person can give at that age – Time.

One of the things I used to enjoy was attending the Childrens Film Club which was run nightly. It was a chance for adults to dump their kids with the camp staff and have 2 hours freedom from their nagging. Because I was a regular, the staff used to let me join in. Despite her deafness I offered to take her to the nightly film club. At the film club they used to show cartoons and possibly a Disney movie, or at least something spectacular that all the kids would enjoy – even myself, having seen it repeated several times a fortnight.

During the film club the little girl would sit mesmerised by the action and entertainment on the screen. I would try to convey what was happening, and also try to share in her excitement in what she was seeing – but not hearing. Her excitement came in the form of squeezing my arm and digging her nails in to my flesh. It was excruciatingly painful – I recall – but I knew it was her way of making me feel something. At the film club they would also always play some pop music which was current at the time.

This is where “Oh Lori” comes in.

It is this song that has, for the past 30 years, reminded me so fondly of the time I spent looking after that little girl (with whom I sadly never kept contact).

I would love to know what year it was released in the UK charts and how well it did.

I have recently managed to get a copy of it in a compilation album – and just can’t stop playing it. My kids don’t quite appreciate how much I like the song – Especially when they are more attuned to Nine-Inch-Nails and Eminem!

The words are still as meaningful today as they were back then. It is a timeless masterpiece that I will always treasure.

Thank You.

Kind Regards


Hi Simon,
Thank you for sharing your heart warming story. It seems 'Oh Lori' has become a 'trigger' for your mind and heart, helping you to relive that special time in your life. It's a magical feel happy and sad at the same time..I know it well. 'Oh Lori' was released in February, 1977. Billy and I we're in London that spring to do Top of the Pops and the record reached number two on many of the UK charts. We were right behind the 'Sex Pistols'
It was fantastic experience for Billy and I and we are flattered to receive beautiful letters like yours today still from around the world. I hope you find her someday. It might be comforting to think that there must of been something that became her trigger for that special time, maybe every time she sees one of those cartoons she thinks of you.
We're honored to have our song be the magic that takes you to that special place. Thank you again.
Bobby Alessi