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"Exercise Bye Walking"

"Rock a Bye Plane"

"Do You Feel It"
live at Brookhaven

Brookhaven Ampitheater

'Just Like That' Live

featuring Erwin Van Ligton

"I'll Remember"

Do You Feel It
live in Hoofddorp,Oceans Tour


Oh Lori Dance
by Soundfighter



Barnaby Bye live-a video sample of our 10/7/06 show at
BB Kings in NYC

Oh Lori-Top Of The Pops
Sad Songs-vintage video
"Just Like That" a video from our March'06 Holland trip with a sample of our latest CD
"Just Like That"
an audio sample of our latest CD
"Bluegrass Christmas"

our holiday greeting
"Barnaby Bye Sampler " , August 19th. Barnaby Bye @ The Downtown.

"Jessie Girl" , a recent reunion performance by Barnaby Bye @ The Downtown Dec.2004

"Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Bob", a short comedy skit by Bobby.
"It's Over" , a video collage of our new vacation song about Montauk.
"Live Clips" , a video collage of live clips from our "Blue Skies" tour.
"Under Blue Skies", a video collage of our "Blue Skies" tour.
"Radio Rijnmond," one of our radio interviews in Holland, featuring performances of All for a Reason and Oh Lori.
"Christmas Song,"
a Holiday wish from the Alessi Brothers.
"Here's a Song We Wrote on the Beach," a short song recorded by the Alessi Brothers on vacation.
"I Like Your Smile," a song sample of a possible Hello Everyone track.
"Forever Together," a song sample of a possible Hello Everyone track.

Jenifer on Dirt bike a short movie, Billy's cat rides dirt bike.


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"Oh Lori," original draft.

Stage diagram of the setup for a former tour.
"Oh Lori" sheet music
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