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::Question #1-Who was born first, Billy or Bobby?

--C-Both were born at the same time
--D-No one really knows for sure.

GREAT SUCCESS!! It's true, Lois & Pete didn't know they were having twins and the nurses accidentally mixed up the newborns, when they asked Lois if she knew who was first she took a guess and Bobby was given the title of being born first but the wacky truth is....nobody really knows.....

::Question #2-What was the name of their band that took first place in a talent show in High School in the 60s?
--A-The Beatles
--B-The Nostrals
--C- Alessi & Friends
--D-The Country Gentlemen

Ah-Ha!!! Trick question- They had a band name but were introduced as Alessi brothers and friends which really ticked off the other two guys in the band, later on they also had a band named The Country Gentelmen and recorded their first record with them on Brent Records. The Country Gentelmen were Billy, Bobby, Don Droege on Bass and vocals and Bob Pelicane on drums and vocals.

::Question #3- Who signed Barnaby Bye to Atlantic records?
--A-Elvis Presley
--B-Ahmet Ertegun
--C-Julia Childs
--D-Les Paul