We often receive questions about various projects we've worked on.
Here's an interesting Q & A on our song "Savin The Day" for the movie Ghostbusters.


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From: Alex
To: Alessi Brothers
Subject: "Savin' the Day"

Hi guys,

A friend and I were discussing the Ghostbusters soundtrack today,
specifically how the songs differ from the album to the actual movie. 

Regarding the Alessi Bros. song "Savin' the Day", he pointed out to me

"during the Savin' The Day scene (AS WELL as the end credits), there's
like, a cool horn fanfare in the song that is not on the album version. 

Also, there's some "doot-doo-doo"s and some guitar pickings in the
movie version.

You can hear the horn fanfare in the movie scene RIGHT when Ecto-1
screeches to a stop, before Bill Murray says "Hello New York", and
again in the credits, before it fades to the next song."

So we were wondering if you'd ever released a different version of that
song, which included the stuff that wasn't on the GB soundtrack album.

Thanks for your time!

(and Ronnie )

Hey Alex & Ronnie,

You guys should be musicologists..The reason for the
variations between the soundtrack version and the movie version is that
when we gave Ivan Reitman, (the director) the song which he loved right
away, as he was putting the movie together he'd call us and say, "I
need a 20 second piece with the opening groove of the song so when we
recorded it, it seemed like we needed to add something more to keep it
interesting, Thus the horn section. We also extended the intro with the
guitar to add suspense. Then Ivan would come back to us and say "I need
it to break down for 11 seconds and then come back bigger and more
exciting than before which drove us to making all those subtle changes
you hear. So if I could find the original film score sections without
the dialogue it would be in separate sections. There were 4 versions of
"Savin' The Day" that were recorded for "Ghostbusters". We really
appreciate your interest in our song. I have a program that can dial
out vocals, I'll see if it'll work for the film's dialogue.
Thanks again!

Bobby Alessi