Hello Bobby,

Well, that is a nice surprise. To get an answer from the star himself, very nice!

Yes, if you could both sign the cd, it would make it even more special. You have no idea how long I have been looking on sites like Amazon, etc. to find your cd. It will bring back great memories from my youth and thank you so much for making such great music.

Appreciate the personal touch and wish you both all the best.

with kind regards



We recieved this note from a long time fan in Italy (I mentioned that my wife and I would be there soon:

Hi Bobby,
Thanks for your kind reply!
It would be fantastic if you would dedicate your masterwork to me... 
I keep on following you since your very first album... My favourite song is "How long How much"...
Best regards and best wishes!
Remember: don't stop till your fingers and your souls will work!
Let me know if need some suggestions when you will come in Rome... I would be honored to help you to suggest you the best places to visit...

Hi Giorgio,
            It'll be our pleasure.
     "How Long.." is your favorite song. Interesting fact about this song. I was dreaming that song right after Lori left me and moved across the country while I was in the city working in the advertising / Jingle business. I came home to empty closets, no note, nothing.. just gone... 
...... I'd always have a guitar and a hand held tape recorder next to my bed for when I would dream songs. When I woke up the next morning I saw all these lyrics next to my bed, I pressed play on the tape recorder and there it was....then I remembered waking with the song. I often dream I'm listening to a great song and wish that I had written it only to realize that I did if it's in my dream so I quickly try to put it on tape and paper. "How Long How Much" is one of those songs.
    Thanks for the kind offer to help us in Rome. I will let you know. Maybe we can meet for a nice glass of wine.

You've got a friend, my dear Bobby! If we'll ever meet it will be my best pleasure to offer to you and your wife a glass (or a bottle) of wine! I have a well provided wine cellar full of good wines!
Let me introduce myself: I'm 50, father of 2 lovely boys. I'm a medical doctor, cardiologist, and PhD in cardiopulmonar pathophysiology. I'm a musician for hobby and I play guitar. I'm the proud owner of 2 gibsons, 1 fender and 1 rickenbacker. I love westcoast music, AOR, Rock, melodic Rock. I'm really happy to meet you!
It is wonderful you've shared with me how that fantastic song had come out from you heart... It's a curious thing: the best songs come out when a love has gone, as if our heart would tell to the world how deep is the pain... And words dance together with notes, sad and romantic notes... Flowing in the air like an intensive perfume, smelling of tears and memories...

Hey Giorgio,
Very impressive...I see why you know where the music comes from...you're a heart specialist!

Dears Bobby and Billy,

This is to thank you very much for your reply to my previous message. You know, the life a lawyer living in Rio is kinda crazy!!

I do hope you guys could come to Brazil to perform during the Olympic games in 2016, and I pray that your friend succeed in this task. If you guys come to Brazil I want to be in front seat.

I sure would love to receive e-mail blast informing previously where you guys are supposed to perform in NY. Probably I would go to see you guys performing in the USA. So please, add me in your list.

I have seen many videos of you guys on you tube. In fact, I have two little girls (11 and 9 years old) and you both have already been introduced to them. They know most of your songs. I got one of your CDs inside the radio of my car. Whenever they enter into my car, the youngest one keeps the remote control of the radio with her so as to repeat the songs she likes most many times. You know, I do my best to show to them what is real music!

Your vocal style is great!! Guys, you are the best singers of the world and I was blessed to have been introduced to your songs and vocal style some years ago. Nothing better than to stay easy at home and put your CDs to play with the stereo on 10. My neighbors say: “this is real music”!!!

Be sure, I will always keep your music in my heart, mind and soul and I am passing them on to my kids and most of my friends.

I hope to see you guys soon performing here in Rio. I went to see Christopher Cross twice now it´s your turn to come to Rio. You will see the huge audience you guys have around here. Your fans never forgot you!!

Congratulations for the nice voice and for the lovely songs that stands through the time.

Kindest Regards,


Hi Bobby

In 1977, when I was 17 and everyone else at school was listening to Pink Floyd,
Led Zep and punk music, I discovered your album, Alessi. I have always loved
these songs; the jazzy arrangements, the timeless melodies, and the impeccable
vocals. The songs have been a treasured part of my life, and one failed marriage
later, I'm still waiting for my "Joanna" - like the songs, I am still full of

This is a world class album, and I'm looking forward to hearing the songs on CD
for the first time. I have a valve (tube) class A amplifier called a Separo, and
it makes you guys appear in the room!


Stewart "Mac"

I just had to tell you that to this day, your song, Oh Lori, is still one of my favorite songs. When it came out, I was newly divorced with a 1 year old son. Well, all these years later, I'm divorced again after a 22 year marriage, actually the marriage ended in 2003. This song brings back some wonderful memories from that time. Today, my 3 year old grand son called out to me and instead of saying, "Oh grandma", he said, "Oh Lori", just trying to be cute. The way he said it brought me right back to this song. Growing up there weren't very many songs with my name in it, so I really loved this one :) Anyway, thank you for this song, it brings back so many happy memories.

Lori :)

Hi Lori,
Thanks you so much for taking the time to express how our song is in your life. It's wonderful to hear how a song we've written in our parent's basement all those years ago has touched so many people all around the globe. Lori and I are also divorced but we had many great years and we also have two beautiful children. The song is about being young, in love and looking forward to an optimistic future. Some how "Oh Lori" became a part of the fabric of so many young people falling in love and it still takes them magically back to those innocent feelings. Thanks again for sharing your story. Life is good.

Hi Bobby
Really very good, age and time only makes the songwriting better and deeper. Love the updated arrangement of London (which you know we talked about 18 months ago, works well with a more mature voice and topical arrangement. Waiting for the next one…..
Hope you all getting over the sandy thing by now, must have been traumatic.
All best wishes and again , great CD
HI Bobby

Hey man,I am over the moon. I stumbled on to your web site and realised how much I've missed over the years. I won an album of yours way back in 1977
for dancing like an idiot in front of the D.J. and though I'd never heard of you ,me and my burd (girlfriend) just fell in love with it. I cant believe the personal attention I've received and am heartbroken that i missed your visit to the U.K. The bonus c.d. is magic! And the personal notes ,signatures and Plectrum! Ya beauty! How did you know I was a guitarist ? Ha ha ! Hope you can come back to our island, to Scotland even.

Thank you so much
Lindsay (It was a guy's name long before the lassies stole it .From the Clan Lindsay, ye ken.)

Hello Bob and Billy
I just received your last cd and I know it by heart already. A new album from Alessi Brothers is always an event in my sentimental life. First because it feels like I am 25 again, with same voices and similar harmonies resonating in me like years before. It seems that times does not have effect on you , on the voices level and enthusiamsm for composing and singing. I can perceive more the difference between of voices between Billy’sand Bobby’s now maybe. It was more difficult at the beginning. The most simple english words take a sudden magical relief when you sing them all together. I like all the songs of the album.
You are like two permanent teenagers with a mastery in musical ideas and arrangements and a big experience of studios.
The Beatles cover « two of us » is wonderfully harmonized and sounds all brand new with your interpretation
It is also nice to listen to the new version of « London », one of your greatest songs. Always the same emotion listening to it. I like the two versions and it’s a fact that we tend to wait for the solo guitar chorus of the first version. We amost hear it after the lyrics are sung.
You have understood that I am an unconditional fan !
Thanks again for your musical and human presence
With admiration and musical brotherhood
Saw your show in Islington, London last night - What a treat! Great people,
great music, great fun! It's not often you're lucky enough to see a superb
performance and then shake the hands of the artists at the end. Wonderful!

The tickets were a surprise from my husband to mark our anniversary, what an
absolutely lovely way to celebrate.

Have already added your new cd to my iPod and the fabulous Erwin's too! I loved
the harmonious way you all played, fully complementing each other, producing a
polished but lighthearted performance that was just full of your obvious

Thank you so much for coming to the UK to play. I very much look forward to
seeing you perform again sometime.

Best wishes
Hi Billy and Bobby,

I don’t know if you remember me but I had the pleasure of talking to you guys at The Living Room Show in Rosmalen. I really want to let you know how much I enjoyed your concert. It was fascinating from the first minute to the very last. After all, the human voice is the greatest instrument of all, and yours rank with the greatest voices ever heard, I assure you. Great songs too, there wasn’t a single one among them that didn’t thrill me.
I regularly go to concerts but I tend to avoid the extremely huge stadiums or halls –even by Dutch standards- and this living room concert really made it possible to feel your energy or, as you said, feel the music flow from your hearts to ours.
The two cd’s I bought are wonderful. The latest, Two of Us album clearly has your signature (literally and musically). I’ve played it three times now and it’s really warm and inviting. Change of Heart and A Salty Dog will prove to sound as great at concerts as Could’t Have Loved Her Better which you played last Friday.
I realize your job takes hard work for long periods of time. And I know it's even harder when you don't see your family. I only leave my family when I go on school trips once a year (do you remember me telling you I am a teacher ?) and they never last for more than 4 days. I definitely enjoyed the show and love listening to your music in general, music can really touch my heart and soul. That's why I titled my email "thanks for the music", music really means so much to me.. I just want you to know my appreciation is sincere. If you count the hours that your music brought me joy and lifted my spirits I simply can't thank you enough. As for "two of us", I haven't stopped playing it, there are so many things I discovered that I hadn't noticed the first couple of times.
I'm looking forward to your next visit to Holland. I'll follow your tour schedule on your website.

Take care,


I hope I’ve been able to express my gratitude for the great music you make, it really means a lot to me. On top of that, I enjoyed talking to you, you are such friendly guys.
I am enclosing a picture of myself, my wife and kids when we visited New York the first week of May, so maybe you’ll remember who the hell is writing this email.
Lots of success at the upcoming London and NY concerts,

Take care,

PS I’m sorry the outro of this email is by far less impressive than the one on your album!
Dear Billly and Bobby

As a young teenager I considered myself to be your biggest fan, I adored you both and had all of your albums. I would sit for hours on my rocking chair in my room singing along to both ! My friends and family couldn't understand it as they had never heard of you, but its funny how everyone remembers Oh Lori ! Oh Lori holds a special place in heart as most of my family call me Lore or Lores.

I also loved David Essex at the same as did all girls and I had tickets to see him at the Birmingham Odeon in 1977, when the tickets arrived I had seats in row A, I was so excited I had never been in the front row before I could hardly contain myself, but the best of it was Alessi were the support band- well you can imagine it was amazing you both wore beautiful white suits and it was a night I will never forget-Such good memories.

This year I will be 50 (September ) and I am planning a party and was looking for a band, I found one I thought suitable and discussed it with my Uncle he was having a Laugh at me and said that maybe the band would do an Alessi number for me, he was enjoying a bottle of wine at home and looked you up on google he spent the next hour texting me details of your career etc. In the end I went on line myself and before I knew I discovered you are in Concert on 7th June ! within hours I had booked train tickets, concert tickets and Hotel and my Husband had strict instructions to book time off work to come with me . My 27 year old Son got my 5 original vinyl albums out of the loft and has kindly put them al onto CD for me and took great delight in telling how scratched they were whish is just proof of much they were listened to. I do hope you have CD's for sale at the concert.

Listening to Alessi again over the past few weeks has brought me such joy and brought me straight back teenage fun filled years. "Thank You"

I think I may have waffled a little and I'm not even sure that you will get this email, I have never attempted to email a "star" before but I just wanted you both to know how much I am looking forward to the Concert and albeit for a short time I feel a bit like an excited teenager again !

With much appreciation

Dee x


There are only so many notes..... only so many chords..... and only so many words. You and Billy over the years have managed to piece together the right ones in order to make the music I (and a lot of people) love so much. For this I thank you both. And this new collection is no exception. BRAVO! I'm still trying to find my favorite. So far track 8, "Couldn't Have Loved Her Better". Or is it "The Way It Should Be"? No, wait, maybe it's "I See". Oh well, time will tell. But I really enjoy listening to it in my car. Crank it up and play it as loud as I want, almost like being in a show! Keep on making the tunes, guys! fred
Hi Bobby, Good reception of CD "Two Of Us". I expected some good to listen and appreciate, but it's incredible and awesome all these new songs!. That good music to listen to this summer!. it will perhaps not ranked in the hit parade, but in my heart and my mind is already Number ONE!. I love the remix version disco "London" it was dared to do and that's succeeded!. it is imperative that I redeemed this old album "Old For A Reason" in the coming months. Friendly. Yannick.
I just received your new CD "Two of us" and you have done it again, what a pleasure listening to you and your brothers beautiful lyrics. Thanks for your signatures on the the cover.
I just wanted to let you know that I received the cd yesterday and I've listened to it three or four times already and I think it is great.To me it has a great relaxing and soothing effect which is what what we all need a little bit more of nowadays.I just wanted the two of you to know you did a great job once again.Thanks for the music and your talents.
Hi Bobby,

Can't wait to hear your new album. I never would have predicted that 2012 would be a great year for music. But, with "Two Of Us" and a new album by The Beach Boys on the way, I couldn't ask for more.
I first saw you guys at a club in Boston, around the time the first Barnaby Bye album was released. I've been a huge fan ever since. I love all your stuff, but in recent years, the "Just Like That" record has been the most played album out of my large collection of music.
At 62 years old and struggling with some major health issues, there is not much that gets me excited these days. Your music does and I thank you for that. If you just sign the album to me, I'll be very happy. Keep up the great work. It's more than enjoyable, it's essential.
Best regards,
Hi guys ....Just chill-in this morning hanging out on the couch taking care of the ear thing..So, I took out the new CD and put it through the Pauly test on his big stereo..Bobby, Billy this is the best CD you guys made in a long ,long time...It flows in every way possible...I can't tell you how much I am enjoying the Cd ,especially on my system at home...Congrats on this really,really nice harmonic, smooth work of music...This is the one that will get it going...I am loving it ... # 5 - SMILES out of 5 ...Just something about this CD that is different in a way I can't explain..GREAT....Pauly...

I really had thought Alessi had disappeared completely as many times I had tried over the years to find new music by you and Billy, but to no avail. I just decided a a few weeks ago to key Alessi into the Google search engine and up popped all this music and videos. Over the last few years I have tried to obtain as much video as I could of bands I have in my collection. It is surprising what I see on the shelves of the big stores and some small ones around Melbourne. I know that often I will not see the DVDs again and pick them up immediately. So I was really pleased to get the two DVDs in these packages from you and especially to find there were some old videos of you from 1977/78. I think I first heard Sad Songs on August 14, 1977 on London's Capital Radio when I was living out at Bovingdon (near Hemel Hempstead). I was there for nearly a year while working on a computer project. I used to record Your Mother Wouldn't Like It - a night time radio show by Little Nicky Horne, and some daytime shows on Saturdays and Sundays - especially those with this crazy DJ called Kenny Everatt! It was here I learned you were twins in perfect harmony who came from the north of England from a house without hot running water! I think that those comments even more than me liking the song, encouraged me to buy your records. I think the first time I came across an Alessi LP was at Gaslight Records in Melbourne some time later. Of course I bought it and then others came my way from second hand shops or record fairs. I've just looked at the vinyl collection and I see that I bought my first copies of Words and Music and Long Time Friends from Mines D'Or, an enormous record shop, in Montreal during a 1990 train trip I did in USA and up to Montreal and Ottawa. 1 And I bought All For A Reason at the Record Expo in Denver in 1990. As it is the only copy of this in the collection, it probably means I never saw it in an Australian shop or anywhere else!. From 1982 to 2003 you do not seem to have released any records. However I watched on the New York Mix DVD the line of advertising jingles you were involved with over the years and I would think they would have made you very busy. Of the new CDs you have, I do think the Just Like That is the most creative. Hall & Oates are taken to be the most successful duo in rock history, and I do have all their records and CDs. Just like so many musicians their music became better and better every time a new album was done. I think the same has happened with you, and you should be classed as one of the best duos in history, even if you have not sold anything like the volume of Hall & Oates. I found each of your records was better than the ones that preceded it. The CD Just Like That seems to have captured so much in musical arrangement and messages in the words that it really gripped me from the first time I played it. It is the album that I think shows best the jump you have made from the eighties to the modern era. I kept thinking of other groups who had suddenly jumped through hoops to produce masterpieces in recent years. Two of my favourites for this have been Styx where Tommy Shaw just took the band to new heights in Brave New World and Cyclorama, and the modern English band Razorlight where Johnny Borrell has moved so far forward from the Up All Night CD to the brilliant words and music on Slipway Fires. Another band I loved for moving forward in their musical expression and use of the English language was The Dream Academy whose final full CD, A Different Kind of Weather, was way out in front of the others, but did not seem to sell a lot. Of course, Nick Laird-Clowes then spent two years in Tibet and came back with the still brilliant Trashmonk CDs, which I think sold even less! And I also think of those three great albums by Moon released in the 70s in England. Loggins & Messina was another great duo in your era with many albums that are in my collection. And in the 70s and 80s Lindisfarne's records were great as well, with the quality in the songwriting falling off after the death of Alan Hull. I have been listening to the CDs on my rather quaint speakers we euphemistically call the 'hernias' because they are so big and heavy to move! They belt out a good sound, especially on the top floor of my three story Monolithic Dome house here in Ballan, just 50 miles from Melbourne. I have taken up this letter some three weeks after starting it. I am listening again to the CDs and find more in them this time round again. 2 I am also in the process of learning how to use my Macintosh's iMovie, GarageBand, iDVD to make Podcasts and movie style presentations of the 400 hours of video I took of about 135 Melbourne bands in the 1990s and a few in later years. I have managed to make up two sets of Podcasts and movies so far. I will get the podcasts up on the net soon, and will start adding at least one a week to the collection. I will send you the link when it starts going. I followed the link you gave and saw a lot of your YouTube videos. They are very good. I can see I have a lot to do with my videos. Yours all look like they are done on a Mac too. I have had the software for a few years now, and it is only now I am learning how it all works. I think I should send this note now. I spoke to my twin brother Gerry about the music and he sends his regards. All the best to you and Billy,
Tony (Austrailia)
Hey, Bob ! Congratulations !!! My expectation for everything that cames from you is always high, but the dvd mainly exceeded all the expectations, it is magnific , very well recorded, the sound is great ...You are in excellent shape, form, your voice is very clear and warm like always, so do Billy´s as well. The music, !!! Perfect !!!! I´m very suspect to speak about your music,,,,,but you bring me tears on "What way to go" one of more beautiful pop music of all time., this girl made a great job on the great Patti Austin´s part, so the sax´s guy do the Ernie Watts´ solo (I think is he in the record, isn´t he? , is almost thirty years) . I think Long Time Friends, a perfect album, one of the best of it´s time....I miss " As far as I corcern" and "Long time friends" in Dvd. but I know it is a personal taste. I loved the Oh! Lori´s history, remindes me something that happened to me when I was 18, 19 years old...Oh, boy! ...good times !!! The cd is also great like always, great pop music, perfect arangements, lovely vocals,, I ,liked "I´ll remember" a lot. (I am a music fan that had more than 5.000 cds and 2.000 vynils and keep listing and buying music a lot...then, what i´m talking about your music is from someone that had music for hobby, and know a lot about good music. and again, " you´are great" ) Thank you, my friend, for your music , that fills our souls and minds, and makes our life much better.. God bless you, Bob Alessi !!!! (as well, Billy) for the pleasure you keeping giving us. Cheers, Waldir Ps; I was listen your old cds, while waiting for this new one arrived, and do you remember a song called "Space" from Drifitin´ album ? After that futuristic keybord sound opening the song, the first line you sing ' Excuse me sir, i think you know a lot about astrology" ( something like that), is one of the most breathe taking first phrase of pop music....not by the lyrics, but for the way your vocals and melody sounds after all that begining, when i heard it for the first time around 35 years ago, i became shocked, I listened more than a thousand times that vynil......and until today it makes me fly away......' Excuse me sir, i think you know a lot about astrology" ..........(Excuse me sir, but i think you know a lot about music..).
Hey, Bobby

How are you my friend?  I don´t know  if you remember  me , your fan of Brazil (Amazonas, ), we have talked my e-mails by five years ago, and you have sent to me your new cds at that time, and other of your catalog i din´t have yet.  I have all of them since then. You sent all with a great mensage of yours  along with Billy and your autograph. I usually  visit your site to see the news and I found  moments ago that new dvd/cd combo.  I ordered in a flash pushing the "buy now" bottom. I very ancious to receive it,.
I´m very pround of you to keep making music, and like I told you once, one of the best pop music I ever heard all my life of music fan for at least 40 years, along with Bee Gees and Elton John.  You´re all time top three for me.
Great can be in contact with you again, and make sure I will be here for your great music always, to show my fiends of a Music´s club we have, and that knew you since seventies and love your music too, that I feeded them with all your new releases.
 A took a litle long to find this new dvd/cd because, I always check you on Amazon in a hurry, just to see if have any news. And had more than a year that i did not have visit your Web page, I had read, I don´t remember where,  that you mainly are doing jingles at this time. So yesterday i went to your site and saw this great surprise for me.
Yes, please put my e-mail  adress on your list to be able to receive all the news about you.
I ´m listeng a lot of music like always, there good stuffs out, The new Chistopher Cross are great, like always, you know the man  better than anyone, he is your friend and partner...I like too, very much (against all odds, ....ha ha)   the new Barry Manilow Cd, I think that guy is a genius musician and a great composer.
Do you know a Scotish band named " The Trashcan Sinatras" ?:  man, they are great, they record since the 90´s , it is a great pop /  alternative sound, very good, indeed. And so many things... and anxious to receive your cd/dvd.  I went to web and saw many good reference to it in many blogs and sites, of course, you´re great, and  had never loose the touch, this is amazing.....and your music is a releive to souls and hearts of anyone that love music of excelence.

Great embrace my friend,

We keep in touch


Hi Bobby, My CDs arrived today and it's great to be able to hear these albums again. Thanks for the signing and the message on "All for a Reason" - I must admit to finding myself a bit choked up while hearing the title track (the bit where she puts the phone down goes right through you, it's timed so brilliantly!) and Avalon, which always used to get me! It's a good thing we can look back from a safe distance, enjoy the good memories and have a laugh over the rest!! You must be incredibly busy, so I hope you don't mind me asking you something: I was always curious about the final track on "All for a Reason", and wonder whether you or Billy have any particular religious convictions. Anyway, thanks again for the music; there's so much I like about it - your guitar playing in so many different styles, Billy's use of synths (he gets some nice sounds which I appreciate, being a keyboard player myself), and the vocals being all over the stereo space (so many producers just stick them all in the middle!). Long may you continue! all good wishes,
Hi Brian, Thanks for the compliments, I hope you won't mind my putting them on our "Your Kind Words" page on our website. When we wrote "Here Again", Billy and I, (although we did go to Catholic school and were alter boys) are not very religious. But we did like the thought that possibly when we die our energy passes into a new life, it's a comforting thought to believe that life is eternal and not death. If you're gonna believe in something why not something positive. No one knows for sure where we go but we were taught that if we weren't good Catholics we were going to burn in hell! We choose not to believe that so I guess the song was exploring other possibilities. Thanks again for keeping our music in your life Brian. Cheers,
Thanks for your thoughts on eternal life! I think everybody has got this feeling somewhere that there must be more to it all than what's seen between the cradle and the grave, and I'm sure there is! I agree with you entirely that it's better to believe something positive and it interesting that when we talk of anything permanent, we describe it as being "for good" - it must be so engrained in us all that permanence and goodness are linked. I couldn't possibly believe in eternal damnation - I'm sure that eternal life is a process of improvement. Here's hoping, anyway!! All the best,
Hi Bobby:
It was another wonderful evening of rock & roll and a great day for the 5 guys from Connecticut.  We’re old and tired so didn’t get to make it to the after-party, but we said hi to Pepe as he was heading into the stage door before the show and saw Billy as we staggered out of Smokin’ Al’s after stuffing ourselves silly. 
 I enjoyed hearing a few bars of Laneya and I picked up a another line…”I’ll even let you wear my favorite jeans”, which either you or Billy threw out there.  My brother was ecstatic with “Bein’ a Star”.  And the technical glitches just added to the spirit of the show, especially when Pepe was having trouble getting his guitar plugged in.  All good.  I get to a number of concerts each year and you guys put many bands to shame with your musicianship and amazing harmonies.  Plus the bonus of Glen Cornish showing he can still wail on the guitar!
 Attached is a photo of us geezers on the ferry over to Long Island.  Thanks again as always…see you next year!
Hey Don,
Thank you, it was great meeting you, don't know if I actually met all the geezers, funny, we were in Smokin Al's too but I've learned not to eat or drink too much before the show, don't want to be burping BBQ'd ribs while trying to finesse the melodies, tell the guys next time I'll make it to the chorus on Laneya and we'll do Feel For You, I actually thought Billy was gonna do at least a little of it (I made them practice it) but he did Forever instead.
Thanks again to you the the boyz from makin the trip. It was a beautiful day for a ferry ride.

The best Alessi/Bye show I have ever seen was last night ...Great sound.. Mike B was off the hook with his guitar playing...Mike is a fabulous addition to the band...He makes a difference ....Great night for all....The crowd was on it's feet all night screaming their heads off non stop..Gene was awesome and a really friendly person spending time with everyone who asked to take a photo with him..You all rocked on good lovin, ya took it to the house all night...We want more..Paul

Hey Fellas....

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for an amazing couple of sets last night. Thru all the years, I've never seen you having more fun, playing tighter and the harmonies were spot on.
Next time tell Gene to crank it up :-) Smitty

Since 1976 I am crazy about your music and still looking after new music from you guys, enjoy so much listening to your great music and lyrics, I grew up with London, seabird,sad song and now I am listening a little sorry and adore that song.
You guys are so prolific. Your voices have something magic.
Thanks for the pleasure you have giving to me and still do.
All the best and keep enjoying us with your music and in France you have a lot of people who follow your career and lots of fans.

I was in high school when I first heard Alessi on 92 WKTU "Mellow 92".
Then the station went disco.  That door slammed shut. I lost track of them.
I recently found some videos on Youtube, and that led me to the websites.
I was happy to learn about the Alessi brothers great success.
They look great and I'm thrilled they're still making great music together
and with Barnaby Bye.
Just curious, which CDs are currently available?
Oceanside NY
answer:all of them!
I guess when you reach a certain age, you really love to go back to what made you happy all those years ago. And music, of course, does it big time. You play a certain song, and you can almost smell things that you did when you first heard it, or when you played the hell out of it. A time machine for the mind, if you will. Heck, I can still remember buying drinks at My Fathers Place and smelling smoke when you & Billy played there. And going home almost almost deaf from hearing The Illusion play at The Action House (OK, so maybe standing in front of the 6' PA columns wasn't such a good idea). Damn, long live the good times! They'll be in your head forever thanks to good music!!!!! There's a song from the summer I graduated high school (1970) that comes on the radio once in a while. I can't remember it right now, but I swear I can smell the sun tan lotion and ocean air at Jones Beach driving into the parking lot. These things can never be taken from you...they're all  behind closed doors in your mind, and open when you need them the most.
Hi Bobby, Thanks very much for your email and support of the Hutton's Shearwater and our film! We really do love the Seabird song it's great :) We are in the very early days of putting together our rough edit of the film and we still have a bit of filming to do. So we'll be looking at music a bit closer in a couple of months and have more of idea where the song will fit. Thanks for looking at the website and we'll keep you posted on the film and thanks very much for the offer of help. Cheers, Claire
Hi Claire, I'm sure our representative contacted you already. We'd be honored to have Seabird in your documentary. I checked out your web site and I can totally see the relevance. If there's anything else you need from us to help make this work please don't hesitate. Thanks for helping our Seabird live on and look forward to hopefully helping inspire the protection of the Hutton's Shearwater. Cheers, ~bobby
Hi Alessi Brothers, I love your song Seabird and was wondering if you'd be interested in allowing me to use in it a documentary film I am making? I am from New Zealand and I am studying for my Masters in Wildlife Film Making. I am making a 25 monute documentary about a endangered seabird in NZ called the Hutton's Shearwater. Every year it flies away to destination unknown... but this year we will know where it goes due to new tracking devices. This film is about the journey - where do they go? And hoping to raise awareness and help conserve the bird on its migratory route. I have a website here www.huttonsfilm.com ; Your song Seabird and the lyrics are a great fit for some of the footage. The film will premiere in New Zealand in November 2011 to a audience of 2000 people and I will then enter it in film festivals around the world. If you'd be interesting in having your song in the film that would be awesome.
Kind Regards, Claire =
Thanks, Bobby! I was a DJ in Muncie, Indiana playing your A&M recordings. I was the Music Director and programmed your first three lps into heavy rotation at the time. I would be honored if you would sign it, and give my best to your brother , Bill, if you would. I've been looking for your body of work for a long time, and am totally happy to have found your website. We also had Gino V's first 3 albums in heavy rotation, and Solution's: Cordon Bleu in the same rotation. Thanks so much for your offer, and am anxious to replay these great memories and listen to your sweet harmonies once again. Best of good fortune to you both, always, Peace, Jeff
Hello Bobby,

I had to send you a quick email to say how great the DVD and CD are. I sat and watched the DVD and then replayed it immediately, and I enjoyed it so much. It was great hearing the older songs, - I especially loved hearing and watching you sing Sad Songs, and the second version of Oh Lori at the end was simply the best! Now I'm getting to know the new stuff, as the CD is in my car for journeys to work!! Thanks also for signing it for me - it's cool !
Best wishes to you all,
Dear Bobby and Billy,
I would like to say how i enjoy to listen your last album, it's so Alessi Sound, like i was listened in my youngerness.
You have an enormous talent together, and i was so happy to see you have dedicated to me.
When i was 18 years, i don't imagine it, to have it, so after 30 years and internet, my dream became true.
Your DVD is just fantastic, i wanted to be there too,  listening your classical songs (joanna, avalon, seabird,what a way to go...) which means a lot for me, it's marvellous!
I love also your last songs.
Thanks again.
Continue to compose music for your fans
In my very early 20’s when I wasn’t earning much money I manage to buy a second hand copy of the album. In my teens, my very early influences were ABBA, Earth Wind & Fire & early Prince. From the first time I heard your harmonies they have stayed with me forever & I remember playing the album to my friends in my twenties by which time we had progressed to become ‘Soul Boys’ & watched, not surprised as they picked up the vibe from your music!!!

What a brilliant live DVD, all encompassing. Never really know with your Guys
songs whether in my dream its Art imitating Life; or my Life imitating Art;
Chantal was my Lori. Must be the best Live recorded performance, on so many levels, I've ever heard.

Hi Bobby, I just ordered two more items from your shop and I just wanted to thank you for your e-mail -- and your music! I've been a devoted fan since 1977 when I first heard "All for a reason". I have a record collection of about 3000 CDs and vinyl records and your first three albums are among the 20 records I most frequently come back to. I simply love them. In 1977-78 my favourite artists were Alessi, Bruce Springsteen, The Clash and Elvis Costello... Thanks again for your wonderful, wonderful music -- it definitely brings back lots of good memories! Autumn Greetings from a sunny Stockholm, Mats PS. My wife Lisette would love if you could dedicate the DVD to her.
Thanks for the photo Barb!

Hi Bobby, The album is total pop genius. I discovered a vinyl copy last year and wanted it on CD. For me, it doesn't bring back any memories (I was only 4 years old when it came out), but I'm enjoying the hell out of it in 2010! I can't believe you guys were only 22 when you recorded it. Sick! Take Care, Brian
Hey Bobby !!!!!
I never thought it would be you who would read and reply my email.
I´m an Alessi fan since your first album in 1977. I still have all your vinyl records
in excellent condition.
Surely I´ll be buying the DVD soon.
You have lots of fans here in Argentina. I know we´re a bit far away, but maybe
sometime you will consider touring South America.
Anyway, your music will always be on our heart.
Best regards for you both, and we´ll stay in touch
*Love this !! Great to hear the 'First' Alessi album tracks played live, 30 yrs later. It is STILL one of the BEST ALBUMS of the last 40 yrs !!!! Thankyou fellows... Gary T.
old memories from argentina bobby, billy: today, by accident, I found a bad with old stuff from my early high school days ! this one is the last pages of my califications book from 1983 ! I guess it shows perfectly what an eclectic musician I was going to become in the future... AND LOOK FOR THIS SPECIAL NA
ME in it ! hug !!! Martin

Hey Bobby, we've never met, but gotta tell you ~ after you recorded Oh Lori, my bf at the time, reconfigured an alarmclock, and instead of the time, it blinked Oh Lori, after your song. That was a memory ~ I've had the pleasure of seeing you & Billy a hundred years ago ~ doy you still perform live? gotta luv FB Lori
hello guys from a long long time fan in buenos aires argentina thanks so very much to the amazing voice and wonderful music across this old years the best luck to everyone & wait from here someday. i'm work on fm radio station and alaways plays your song god bless you
I am a 50-something Londoner of Jamaican parentage, so possibly not typical of your fans' demographic. I've always had eclectic tastes when it comes to music and "Oh Lori" has been my favourite song, head and shoulders above second place, since I first heard it back in the seventies. In recognition of this, Lori became my favourite name for a girl and I vowed to use it if ever I had a daughter. I never did and after my mother and then my father passed away in 2004, I decided to visit their birthplace in Jamaica for the first time. There, in a rural community of Maroons buried in the valley between the John Crow and Blue Mountain ranges I discovered I had a teenage first cousin called Lorie (with an E) who, possibly by virtue of your song, has become my favourite cousin. I have to confess that on my second visit I made a gift to her of a cellphone with the chorus of her (your) song as a ringtone. I hope I don't owe you any money! She was delighted, though I understand you have since been replaced by some rap artist (insert your own 'C' where applicable) . . . . Oh the folly of youth! Alan . . . . . UK
Hi Billy and Bobby The CD/DVD arrived safety -A Big thank you and i am listening to the CD as i write this e-mail to you. I will let you know next week which are our favourite tracks from the CD. I loved the Concert(unplugged style)it sounded and looked great on my Projector/Hi-fi system it filled the room with a vibrant sound. Edwin is a Fab guitarist and Julya a great backing Singer/Distraction HAHA Maybe you could do another one with the Barnaby Bye ? but it would be difficult to Top this. Best Wishes Chris Faith Heather Lance and Carl.
"I love your First Album, I consider it the best kept secret in the Rock world...The words & the music are unlike any music there is period....Nothing else exists like it period....."
Dear Alessi, we're two brothers from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and we've been fans of your music for a long time now!!! Your LPs were hard to find, but we managed to buy them all. The only LP that was released domestically was "Long Time Friends" (here it was called "Viejos Amigos"). Then, we lost track of your whereabouts... but your music stayed on. Even now, some of your hits can be heard in some local FM stations (one of the most popular Alessi songs in Argentina was "I Wish That I Was Making Love")... This past weekend a mutual friend of ours showed us your new cd/dvd, which he had ordered from you... We couldn`t believe it!!!! A dvd with lots of classic songs!!! And a cd full of new songs (excellent songs by the way!!!)... It triggered lots of fond memories from our younger years (or was it "our twilight years"?) :-) So, here we are, ready to order our copies of "All Our Life/Pure Alessi"!!!!!
Hi Bobby and Billy, Just wanted to thank you for the signed copy of the Just Like That album, although a little late and to say it's been playing in my car non stop. The tracks I particularly like are Just Like That, Living With A Broken Heart, Hold Me Close, Stow Away (great harmonies at the end), Louieville and No Goodbyes (the chorus has a Bee Gees feel). You and Billy haven't lost your touch for a great song and fantastic harmonies. Just watched a video of Barnaby Bye doing Just Like That on You Tube and it sounded great live. Hope to catch you at the Hackney Empire in October if I can get tickets! Thanks again, Cliff
Dear Bobby & Billy, I introduce myself: I am Gabriel, 22 y.o., economics student from France. I am a HUGE fan of your wonderful music, I possess all of your discs. You are my two favourite singers... And also my models in the musical business, as my main hobby is to sing jazz standarts in clubs and restaurants. Thank you very much for what you gave to the music... with such hits. This is a honnor to write you this email. To those who reproach me to sing songs with jazzy arrangements I always mention you big hit of 1977 "Oh Lori"... and they always agree. Can I send you one or two CD covers to ask you to sign and personalize please? It would be great... Thank you very much for reading this email! I wish you all the best. Greetings from France. Gabriel
-This from our new friends from Indonesia, great club, thanks Sukwoto-

Hello Bobby, I was received the dvd's and cd's. It's a highly value stuff....fantastic live show and a great new album. I watch at a big screen in my home theater and I'm imaging to be there...my wife love much too...bravo. Thank a lot and always continue your am
azing talent.
Warm regards Sukwoto and fam Classic Rock Cafe Bandung, Indonesia www.classicrockcafe.co.id

Hi 'Alessi Brothers' -


'Seabird' had haunted me for many, many years until one day last August, out of the blue, I found it on You Tube.  It's a song I've simply longed, yearned even, to hear again and there it was.  I couldn't breathe until it played - and yes, it was as utterly, heart-stoppingly exquisite as I'd remembered. Why on earth I hadn't rushed out to buy it the first time around I'll never know - I don't think I realized that it had, in fact, actually imprinted on me like a baby duck to its Mom.
I've seen the Feedback on your website - all sorts of people from all over the world who have also been joyfully zonked by your music - and I hope you two will go on creating for a long, long time to come.
Honestly, 'Seabird' is one of those songs that's been in my conscience for such a long time.  I'm thrilled that you both were never just a One Hit Wonder - easily done when you've produced such a beauty and it just shows how real your music is. 

With very best wishes,

Got home at noon for lunch and saw the Alessi pkg in the mail.  Had to watch the DVD over lunch.
What a band.  What a show.  What a setlist !!  Fantastic!
The musicians really seemed to be into your music, which made the two of you even better.  I really got a kick out of the encores when during "Just Like That" there was spontaneous dancing, singing and happiness.
I've had a rough go this year.  I think I told you my Mom was terminal.. she passed away 3 weeks ago and today was her birthday.  I'm amazed how your music has helped me through the past year.  It was a good omen to receive the DVD today and enjoy it as much as I did.  We're not dwelling on the past.  My wife and I will go out to dinner and toast her memory tonight.  My mood is much better now thanks to your music!
Back to work for now, and I'm looking forward to hearing the CD portion of your fantastic new effort.
Best regards..  Charles

PS... one of these days I have to see you guys play live...

Saturday I received the package. I loved both the DVD and the brand new CD.
I really had a wonderful time listening the CD and watching the DVD.Everything sounds perfect to me  in both works: the songs, the band, the arrangements and the amazing vocals.
Congratulations to you all for that beautiful work. If you decide to came to Rio please let me know.
Warmest regards


Thank you so much for your email.
I am very surprised and pleased to receive it directly from you "Alessi Brother"! In Japan, the music of Alessi brothers have been loved for years. Especially, Long time friends album is very famous and I could get the CD comparatively easy. I was very glad to know that I could purchase all of your CDs from your site. Then I ordered your first album as  Alessi Brothers at this time. If possible, I would like to have your autograph on the CD which I ordered. Thank you again for your kindness. Please give my best regards to Billy.
With best regards,


last Saturday I received the package. I loved both the DVD and the brand new CD.
I really had a wonderful time listening the CD and watching the DVD.Everything sounds perfect to me  in both works: the songs, the band, the arrangements and the amazing vocals.
Congratulations to you all for that beautiful work.
If you decide to came to Rio please let me know.
Warmest regards


Hi Guys,

Just listened to the Pure Alessi cd for about the 100th time(my wife is about to kill me:-).
Keep on making your great music.
Is there much of a chance of you fellows playing the Atlanta area?
P.S. This was my non stalker like version,I had a lot more to say:-)



I understand the difference between real song craft, and just regular old pop music. Your songs and arrangements were really high quality, technically and sonically superior to most of the other music that was around then...but what I really loved about your music was that, despite the fact that it was technically and sonically great, music is really about what it makes you feel. I never thought about the technical end of it, or "how do you play that, what are the chords?", when I listened to your music...I just enjoyed how it made me feel. The music was just great, and it is timeless. I could never figure out how A & M couldn't deliver a hit single or 2 out of all those great songs. Hall and Oates, Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs, AWB...they all had hit after hit. Your stuff was like Brian Wilson meets Hall and Oates ( I think Hall and Oates are highly underrated by the way, so I mean that in the most complimentary way...I know most people would not put them on a level with Brian Wilson, and I am not, but they have written some great songs, and Hall is an off the hook singer).
I watched the clip that is on your web site. The quality of what I saw was amazing...sympathetic, talented musicians, and you guys sound fantastic vocally...it was great. I can't wait. Thanks for the offer to sign it. It has been a really good day.
Take care, and be well.



I have received the dvd and cd and I really enjoyed them. The concert on DVD is fantastic. Very very professionnal shooting and there was a very friendly atmosphere this day. Watching it, is like being there, sitting at the first place. It is so good to be able to hear and see you sing all those songs which are in our minds since years . The sound and the images are perfect .
And what musicians ! All of them are extraordinary . Erwin Van Lighten, such an impressive precise virtuoso on lead guitar, Julya such a voice and beautiful soul, and all are so good. Not to mention both of you, who are young forever. Maybe you sing in a lower tone than before sometimes, but the magic of Alessi is unbroken
The new cd is really pure Alessi. I could make enthousistic comments about every song , as each one is like a movie carrying beautiful harmonies and emotions with so refined melodies , orchestrations . The mastery of your two voices together is unique. As a musician myself I really deeply appreciate your work.
Hope to see you playing Ibiza this summer.

I heard the CD and watched the DVD carefully. A "must"!!! It's unbelievable how your voices can be the same after all these years. Thank you very much for the authographed masterpiece. Of course, I'll be waiting for the next. You are one of the most important pop groups in my country since "Sad songs" was included in a soap opera compilation LP and everybody knows and loves Sad songs, Driftin' and All for a reason. My favourite one is Put away your love and I can hear it everytime and never get tired of. My kindest regards, Eduardo

I would love it if you would sign it, you and your brother made some breathtaking music, it would mean a lot to me personally...I play 3 or 4 instruments, and I have written a few songs, so I understand the difference between real song craft, and just regular old pop music. Your songs and arrangements were really high quality, technically and sonically superior to most of the other music that was around then...but what I really loved about your music was that, despite the fact that it was technically and sonically great, music is really about what it makes you feel. I never thought about the technical end of it, or "how do you play that, what are the chords?", when I listened to your music...I just enjoyed how it made me feel. The music was just great, and it is timeless. I could never figure out how A & M couldn't deliver a hit single or 2 out of all those great songs. Hall and Oates, Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs, AWB...they all had hit after hit. Your stuff was like Brian Wilson meets Hall and Oates ( I think Hall and Oates are highly underrated by the way, so I mean that in the most complimentary way...I know most people would not put them on a level with Brian Wilson, and I am not, but they have written some great songs, and Hall is an off the hook singer).

I watched the clip that is on your web site. The quality of what I saw was amazing...sympathetic, talented musicians, and you guys sound fantastic vocally...it was great. I can't wait. Thanks for the offer to sign it. It has been a really good day.

Take care, and be well.



Thanks much.. I'm actually a "new" fan. I don't know how I missed you guys the first time around in the 70's.. I'm a huge Brian Wilson/BB's harmony fan and collector. A guy I corresponded with in the UK told me to check you guys out. Heard the shows on Wolfgang's Vault.. and I was HOOKED. Managed to get a hold of the first CD just by luck at a used record store. So.. that and the live material is about where my knowledge is !! I'm 58, so I'm in your "older demographic" of fans I think!Your material sounds so fresh, even today. I played it for another newbie friend and he couldn't believe it was from the 70's..Looking forward to "Just Like That." I have a feeling that it will be in my CD player alot this summer..Thanks again.. Charles

Hi there. I just felt like dropping you a line and introducing myself. My name is Jimi Hey and I'm 31 years old and I live in

Los Angeles. I'm a musician/songwriter/artist myself. I became a fan of yours through the act of looking for cheap used records, which is something I've done since I was a little kid. It began with finding both Barnaby Bye LPs, which are great. I love Blonde especially, but there's a bunch of others that Ibounce back and forth with as being favorites, depending on what's going on in my life and what kind of

mood I'm in. Then I found the first Alessi a bit later. I just have to tell you that I think Seabird is one of the most incredible, beautiful, and moving songs of all time. The production is impeccable as

well. That Bones Howe sure had a magical understanding of your tunes I must say. I DJ out here as well at bars and dance clubs, and occasionally on college and internet radio, and I've managed to hip quite a large number of people to your work through this, many of whom weren't even born when you guys were really doing your thing initially. Among my circle of friends and acquaintances, it's as if you guys may as well be a new

contemporary group the way people respond to Seabird when I play it for them. It never fails to really stop people in their tracks and forces them to shut the fuck up and listen every time. I've had packed to the gills dance floors dancing religiously to that song many times in the last few years. So I just thought I'd share that with you and express my gratitude to you for the work you and your brother did. It's made a lot of folks very happy and inspired.

Take it easy man. - Jimi Hey

Hi Jimi, Thanks for taking the time to reach out and shower us with

compliments, I'd like to add your words to our "Your Kind Words" page on our web site if you don't mind, of course I won't print your last name. Thanks also for promoting our music to your generation. I

feel obligated to tell you the true story of how "Seabird" got on

the first Alessi LP. This is the abbreviated version. We recorded the song as we wroteit in my parents basement, we had a makeshift studio there. Later when we were in LA signed to A&M records recording our first album with Bones Howe producing, Bones had

picked the songs of ours he wanted to produce and Seabirdwasn't one of them. We

told him that the song meant a lot to us and really wanted

it on the album, he promised that "if" there was time, after we

cut all the basic tracks with the band and only 'if' and 'after' he would

let us cut the song. Billy and I even made up chord sheets for the band because MikeMelvoin, the arranger, knew nothing about the song. When they finished the last of the basic tracks Billy and I began handing out the charts for the 'extra song' Mike Melvoin

said, "what's this' and Bones said, "sorry guys, we won't be recording Seabird" About 3 months later when the album was finally all completed, mixed and sequenced, Bones gave us the finished product to bring to Kip Cohen at A&M the next day. That night while we had the completed reel to reel, 7 1/2 speed 1/4 inch tape of the finished Alessi album in our possession, we spliced our demo

of Seabird onto the end of the album. We delivered the album to A&M so they could review it. A couple of days later we got a call from Bones telling us that they loved the album and only had one small change

they wanted to suggest. We were asked to come to the A&M lot for a meeting with Jerry Moss, Kip Cohen, Roger Birmbaum, Steven Borkum and Bones Howe. They said, "guys, we love this record but we really feel that "Seabird" (that's when we saw Bone's eyebrows shoot up as he looked at us) they said that they felt that "Seabird" was such a strong song that they wanted it to end side one of the LP as opposed to ending side two. Bones was too much of a professional tosay anything other than, "no problem" and then gave us a look as to say, "you guys" and smiled. So you see the version of "Seabird" is the demo we recorded on a Teac four track tape recorder in my parents basement. When the story reached Teac corporation they asked us to endorse their products so we got free set ups from them.

The moral of the story I guess is 'always fight for what you believe in' (and have some splicing tape on hand.)



Ah ha! No wonder it sounds so lo-fi and cool. Well then my hat of to you

gentlemen. Hat off and out the fucking window in fact. It did seem so different

than the rest of the album but I just assumed Mr. Bones had become especially

inspired and had some unique, intimate, edgy, low fidelity thing in mind for

that one. But you guys are to blame. Fucking hell, you two are geniuses. You

should record all your stuff that way. Or maybe not. But that approach certainly

serves that song extremely well anyway. I think it's helped it to age especially

well. I can't imagine it sounding any other way. Bones blew it big time not

recognizing the magic upon first listen. What a douchebag. Just kidding. It's a

testament to the power of that particular tune that such a melancholy sounding

number can make so many people dance joyously, which as i said before, is a

phenomenon I've witnessed numerous times in the last 4 years or so when I've

played it in my DJ sets at

clubs and bars. It's one of those jams that doesn't require a whole lot of time

to sink in. People just get it right away. It's an instant classic. Some clever

music supervisor needs to use that in a movie. I have no doubt in my mind that

if that were to occur, it would surely take off as a hit of today providing that

the movie wasn't total crap. I mean check out those Wes Anderson movies like

Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums using groups/singer songwriters like Love, The

Creation, Peter Sarstedt, and Nick Drake on the soundtracks. As a result, so

many more young people know and love these groups who wouldn't have otherwise.

Okay well enough of my babbling. Thank you kindly for the reply and anecdote. I

feel privileged. Take good care Bobby. - Jimi

Oh man. That would be the coolest. That's kind of mind blowing that there is a new Barnaby Bye CD. When did you guys start doing that again? Or did you never stop? So you know I checked out some stuff of you guys on youtube like the Barnaby Bye show from recently, and the interview that someone did. Loved the Seabird story. That made me laugh about how one of you were so concerned for the bird not being able to

land anywhere. Where was that show? East Coast? Do you think it would ever be worth it to play out here? That would be a serious treat. It's so rare that I see shows that move me anymore these days. I see one like once every two years that actually inspires me, and it's almost always a band or artist from the 60s or 70s. And that footage seemed pretty damned satisfying. It's just that the youngsters don't know how to do it anymore because the art of writing and performing has been lost to the ages somewhat due to all of the brainwashing from MTV and music media and clueless record labels putting all of their weight behind the worst, most soulless music in existence. But I'm not bitter. As long as there is the old stuff, and there seems to be an endless supply of that to discover, I'm good to go. I have a ridiculous amount of records. Like 5000 LPs and maybe 1000 45s. I'm obsessed. So back to the show on youtube, Seabird sounded wonderful. With all the little synth details and subtle touches left intact and the voices still have the goods. I take it you guys didn't smoke a million cigarettes over the

years. And your between song stage banter was really natural and funny. You guys seemed very at ease on stage. So many bands get back together after a number of years and do versions of old songs that just do not hold up to the original recordings whatsoever and that doesn't seem to be the case with you lot at all, which is refreshing. The songs still sound vital to my ears. It's not just some blast from the past kind of thing. So yeah, I've dug emailing with you and please send me some music. I appreciate the gesture very much. - Jimi Hey


Dear Bobby and Billy,

Last monday at Wakker Eemnes was wonderfull, for the first time in years i saw you both perform.
I had a feeling like 22 years ago when i was seventeen knowing all the lyrics and being there listing to my younger years
Your music gives people energy hope i can hold that untill august 29 when you both come back to Wakker, hope to see you then en drink a glass of wine on what life brings us all


Hey geminis,
Dear Bobby,dear Billy,
...so near with your music,...so far away, maybe on tour,...so charming and gently!
Thank you for this unforgetable evening we have had! You are better than ever !
We hope to see and hear you again!
We wish you all, that you will return healthy back home to your familys!
We will be staying in contact til we see us again, that is for sure!
Big Hugs
Ulla & Helmut
Hi Billy & Bobby!

You guys are a part of my life and are etched into my happiest memories ! You're fantastic! One of the songs that I play at the start of my show has always brought me happiness and luck ' Oh Lori '. It reminds me of one of the great summers that we had in the UK and one of the reasons that feel good factor made me become a radio presenter / dj. Sad Songs is another classic I play all the time on Radio Tircoed 106.5 FM in Swansea, Great Britain, same city Catherine Zeta Jones, Anthony Hopkins and Richard Burton were born, I've worked for many years on various stations and was wondering whether you would be kind enough to make a quick voice over from the Alessi Bros mentioning my name and saying here's another of our classic hits.

Best Wishes
and love from me and my family

Hello Bobby and Billy!
How are you?
I'm Japanese your fan.
I love "All for reason".
It was an import record to have bought your album for the first time.
I still have the album carefully. I can know your activity at this place and feel very glad. Please continue music activity to a body carefully.
Thanks for reading.
Love from Japan

Thank You
Bobby , Wanted to let you know that Oh Lori has got me through so many tuff times and brought me out the other side . I lost five family members in a short space of time and i can say that listening to you song had a major calming effect . For this i thank you from my heart and if i can ever repay this debt to you please let me know


Words From Ulla & Helmut,
Hey Bobby,Here we're again! Is this message coming overseas or you living next by in Netherlands or both? Isn't it nice, that We're able to contact us all over the world and music is the Translation, the www is only a bridge! Next coming our photos and we're decided to come to Armesfoort/Tulip Inn. Have we to reserved two cards for your show, please tell us some details! We know, that you have to work, we have to travel to Zandvoort&Amsterdam! During the last days, we have seen your interviews and videos, yes the time goes by, but you're still having fun, one can see it, better than ever, because today we've more to tell, there is a past, maybe with children or old parents! We`re so young, so jazzy, it would be nice to meet you, I'm German & dancing teacher, Helmut is working in public relation, so we're! Let the sun shine, all the best til the next...! Big hug from Ulla and Helmut

Greetings from Mexico

Hi Mr Alessi, i just want to tell you my big surprise to find you on the internet.
I was born in 1971 and i remember Oh Lori since i was a little boy, I still have the 45 vinyl record with Lori in one side and Seabird in another side. I send you my very best wishes to you both guys. How i wish you could perform in Mexico city. I am musician, i play bass guitar and i play Theremin too, so if you have some free time please visit my web page: www.ernestomendoza.com.mx and MySpace: www.myspace.com/ernestopolanco
here you can listen some music that i record.
God bless you.
Ernesto Mendoza.

Dear Billy, Bobby, Peppy and Mike--

My name is Jon Antis, and I grew up in Plainview and Hicksville during the mid-'70's and saw you at many of the old haunts. I was really happy to see you all got back together--and I've been keeping up via the Internet and your websites. I haven't had the chance to catch you live as I now live Upstate near Ithaca NY (although that might be changing later this Spring!)
Anyhow, I'm writing to tell you about a website called www.wolfgangsvault.com. This is a joint venture by the estate of the late, great promoter Bill Graham and the old King Biscuit Flower Hour radio concert show. I have no personal or professional connection to it, except as a lover of music.
They have an archive of over 2000 concerts available for free on-line streaming and lo' and behold--I recently came across 2 shows by the Alessi Brothers recorded at The Bottom Line on 2/25/78. I LOVED IT!! Thought you might be interested to check it out and share it with your fans on your websites and myspace pages.
Best regards from an old friend,

Hi Guys,

I'm a musician from Dublin, Ireland and just felt compelled to write and share a few thoughts.

Every once in a while one of your songs gets an airplay here on Irish radio and it always makes me feel uplifted, enriched but also a little dejected. I think we now live in a time where there is little integrity and quality in music. Your music has that something extra special about it and has its place among some of the greatest songs and recordings that came out of that seventies period. Long after much of the meaningless stuff of recent years has come and gone your music will continue to live on, it has that timeless quality. I wish I had a little of your talent!
Continued success and best wishes to you both.


Hi! My name is Suzette Gerges,. I'm 47 yrs old, married, and currently residing for seven years in LA. I am originally from the Philippines. During my teens in '77, I was crazy over your hit song "Oh Lori" which played on air every so often. I lived in a small Island in which case my only form of recreation was listening to the radio.There was no electricity in the whole Island. But we made sure we loaded our radios with batteries to be able to hear the news and listen to music for our main entertainment. It was such a simple life but I had fun growing up in a paradise Island.

Just a few days ago, the day before my birthday ,( Sept.24) I was feeling extremely sad and lonely recapitulating my life as a whole. But of course we must all count our blessings, and as I journeyed back in time in my thoughts, I remembered my childhood and how I loved the song " Oh Lori" as a teen-ager. I realized I can go to the Internet at youtube.com and just type in Alessi brothers and I did. I listened to all your songs and saw that interview with Billy. One of the questions there was " what is the story behind the song "Oh Lori"? And I was so delighted with your answer. It is touching to know that most of these love songs were written by inspiration and dedicated to somebody special.

The reason why I'm writing to you is to let you know that having visited your website and knowing that there is a band by the name of Barnaby bye is the best Birthday gift I have ever received. You have no idea how happy I am having found your group.I count this a blessing.The fact that I can now be updated on your future concerts, I am hoping that by chance you have some concert plans in California. If not anytime soon, that's still ok I can wait.

Thanks for reading my e-mail and I wish you can acknowledge this by writing back whenever you get a chance.




Dear Alessi Brothers -- 30 years ago me and my friend Cathy would sit in her room in Flushing, Queens and listen to your voices and stare at your album covers waiting for the day you would come for us and take us away. I guess you couldn't find the bell? All's forgiven! I haven't kept up through the years but thanks to the internet and this webside -- it looks like life has been good to you both. Who has it better than you? That tree house, those cars and beautiful summer days on the beach with such beautiful families. Since a proposal is out of the questions these days, we'll settle for a chance to come and listen to you "boys". Will you be playing in the City or Long Island anytime in the future? I'd like to suprise Cathy with tickets when they are for sale. I see that you'll be playing in Europe at some point but I was hoping it could be someplace I could drive to. Let me know. Thanks for the beautiful music -- Love, Gail
Hi Guys,
Just wanted to thank you for the signed copy of the Just Like That album, although a little late and to say it's been playing in my car non stop.
The tracks I particularly like are Just Like That, Living With A Broken Heart, Hold Me Close, Stow Away (great harmonies at the end), Louieville and No Goodbyes (the chorus has a Bee Gees feel).
You and Billy haven't lost your touch for a great song and fantastic harmonies.
Just watched a video of Barnaby Bye doing Just Like That on You Tube and it sounded great live.
Hope to catch you at the Hackney Empire in October if I can get tickets!
Thanks again,

Hi Bobby and Billy,
Wow! Twice in one year! Can you believe this?
When David and I met you in the hotel at Arnham, Holland earlier this year and we talked to you about whether you guys were ever going to come over to England at all we never thought it was going to be just a few months later. Excellent! So thanks a million for that, guys. Absolutely brilliant. We have the tickets already and will most definitely be there (with a shorter journey this time we're only about 70 miles away from London even though we live on the coast). Looking forward to seeing you both again and enjoying more of your great music.
All the best,
Sarah & David